Outlander is my first Fandom experience unless you count me and the Stachakunas twins passing notes in Mr. Lombardi’s Social Studies class about who was cuter Bobby Sherman or his ‘brothers’ on ‘Here Come The Brides’ which I don’t. That being said, I’m 100% sure that Outlander fans have lucked out with the Team that brings us our show.

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Correct me if I’m wrong (please don’t), but after last night’s Love Fest known world-wide as the Golden Globe’s, I can’t imagine another fandom where the Show Runner, Executive Producer, Costume Designer, Writer and Stars are ALL non-stop tweeting photographs and updates of the evening and sending best wishes to the Fans from start to finish.  From the limo ride, Red Carpet, dinner plates and after parties, they included us every step of the way.  They have from the very beginning and that makes us the luckiest fans in the world.

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After the show, I tweeted to Caitriona Balfe that I couldn’t have been more proud if she was my own daughter, yes I’m old enough to be her mother, if I was mildly slutty 😉 and I meant it too.  I realize I open myself up to ridicule with tweets like that, but I dinna give a flip…I’m an older woman, so sue me!  (But really, prior to now, I’ve only ever been this excited watching my daughter bring down the house with her dance solos or my son hitting home runs and making the All Star Team.)  Cait is such a class act and with her style and sweetness brings so much positive attention to our show.

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Sam Heughan’s enthusiastic hunkiness brings so much happiness to the Outlander fanmily.   My Twitter page was blowing up with love, best wishes and happiness directed towards the Outlander cast and team, so, I know I’m not alone in my excitement for all of them.  I wish there was some way we could’ve had one GIANT WATCH PARTY but their including us all on Twitter was the next best thing.

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So thank you to Ron Moore (sharing the experience like a ‘Boss’!), Maril Davis (sharing and looking like a movie star herself), Terry Dresbach (tweeting from the middle of the night in Scotland), Diana Gabaldon (being her usual wonderful self) and Sam & Cait waving, smiling and being the wonderful class acts that they always are. We are very, very lucky fans.

And one more thing…in my heart of hearts, I will always believe Bobby Sherman was cuter than David Soul and nobody, I mean not even the trampy Stachakunas twins will ever change my mind!

Outlander Golden Globes, World’s Luckiest Fans & The Eternal Hunkiness of Bobby Sherman

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