1) The numbness is wearing off and I’m looking around at what’s left of America.
2) Was it always this racist?
3) How did I miss that?
4) Why did I spend so much time befriending Republicans?
5) Because I live in Texas and that’s mostly all there was.
6) My Republican friends are some of the kindest people in the world and they voted for this.
7) I love them, but may never talk to them again. So sue me.
8) Trump loves to sue people.
9) Don’t sue me, I need to save my money.
10) I don’t have much money.
11) We’re nearing retirement, but the first crash took all our money.
12) My husband lost his job and we had to cash out the rest.
13) He’s in his 60’s and will work forever.
14) We were counting on Social Security that we’ve paid into for a combined 80 years.
15) Social Security will vaporize.
16) I’m so worried for my children.
17) I’m so worried for my grandchildren.
18) Will I even have grandchildren?
19) Will there even be a planet?
20) Because Trump has the nukes.
21) God help us. Trump. Has. The. Nukes.
22) Speaking of God…
23) Where do I go to church?
24) My church is filled with Trump supporters.
25) They are the nicest people in the world.
26) I’m NOT kidding.
27) Did they not read the fine print?
28) I still love them.
29) I don’t respect them.
30) I’m grieving about that.
31) TRULY. Grieving. About That.
32) I taught Sunday school for 15 years.
33) I have nowhere to go.
34) I have NOWHERE to go.
35) Why ‘christians’ why?
36) I can’t stop sobbing about this.
37) It’s the worst betrayal.
38) Would black people welcome me in their church?
39) Why should black people welcome me in their church?
40) I wouldn’t welcome me in their church.
41) Do we need secret handshakes?
42) I’m not kidding.
43) LIBERAL white people need a signal to show that we’re a safe place.
44) Not ALL white people.
45) Just SOME white people.
46) I’m terrified for African Americans.
47) I’m terrified for Muslims.
48) I’m terrified for the disabled.
49) I’m terrified for LBGQT.
50) I’m terrified for women.
51) I’m a victim of sexual assault/sexual harassment in the workplace.
52) I reported it.
53) I was threatened with job loss.
54) I shut up because I needed work.
55) What about health care?
56) What about pre-existing conditions?
57) I have pre-existing conditions.
58) I am so screwed.
59) What about my gay friends who’ve been with their spouses for 30 years?
60) Are their marriages invalidated?
61) Invalidated is a long word.
62) Why do Trumpers hate long words?
63) Why are their SM rants filled with spelling errors?
64) Why are their SM rants filled with punctuation errors?
65) Why are they so angry?
66) Trump Whites have it ALL.
67) Trump Whites HAD it all.
68) Trump Whites are getting ready to lose it all.
69) Why? Why? Why?
70) I’m afraid to publish this
71) I’m afraid to publish this in America.
72) America!
73) I’m a middle-aged, white lady in America and I’m afraid.
74) I’m afraid. I’m afraid. I’m afraid.
75) God. Help. Us. All.

PS  A message to the Trump supporters: Your misspelled, poorly punctuated hate is being laughed at and deleted. You’ve just proven numbers 63, 64 & 65.

The Numbness Is Wearing Off and I’m Asking Why America? Why? Why? Why?

19 thoughts on “The Numbness Is Wearing Off and I’m Asking Why America? Why? Why? Why?

  • I am grieving…it is like there has been a death in the family. Yesterday I didn’t get out of bed till noon…too afraid to face the reality of a racist nutcase in the White House.

  • I too, am afraid. And I have women friends who voted for Trump. WHY??? Forget his bullying, anger issues and disastrous policies, why would you vote for a man who so degrades women and is on video saying, “I grab them by their pussies.” WHY???? My young adult daughter is in Spain this year and is apologizing for her country. Our country just went headlong off a cliff.

  • The first time I actually said the words “President Trump” out loud, the gravity hit me so hard I thought all my teeth fell out.

  • We are all afraid. I and my family are Jewish. We KNOW what can happen. Today I (finally) only cried a few times, but I still feel sick to my stomach and I’ve had a headache since Tuesday night. I’m also incredulous and,yes, furious, at the white women who couldn’t be bothered to vote or worse voted for Trump.

    And 49%. In the final analysis 49% of our electorate didn’t vote and let a minority of 25% elect a would be dictator to our presidency. Do the 49% hate our democracy that much? Are they that uneducated that they couldn’t understand the danger Trump posed to all of us as well as the rest of the world? 49%. I don’t think I’ll ever look at that number the same again.

    I don’t know exactly what to do yet but I know I have to do something. I have to somehow be there for those who are more visibly threatened than I as a white woman am. I will start by being a watchful in public and stepping in or calling for help if I see someone being hassled or threatened because of their skin color, or dress, or sex.

    In the meantime I send out my love and hugs and support to all Americans who need them. We must be here for each other and we must find a way to stand up against what is to come. We are woman and we are strong and we will be there for our country in its time of need.

  • I, too am a bit shell shocked. I process things fairly quickly, mull things over, digest them and then move on. Well I’m stuck. I’ve had wonderful conversations the last day or two and have found ways to channel my anger, sadness or whatever you want to call it and will donate to causes that will help those affected by this mess. All I can say is read differing viewpoints. At least try and understand the why’s. Yes I admit I did that and still don’t understand but I don’t want to remain in my little bubble. I live in the liberal San Francisco Bay area. I will try and make my circle a little wider. I don’t have any Republican friends…I will try my best. As they say…Peace and Love

  • I will continue to fight for the issues that matter to me, women’s rights, the environment, climate change, etc. I can’t speak to any Republicans because I don’t trust myself to not curse my head off at them. In the days to come I will try to do as Hillary and Obama ask.

  • I, too am shell-shocked. I was verbally assaulted today, by a Trump supporter. I was terrified that he would harm me. I am a middle-aged middle class straight white woman. My heart is terrified for the people in my community, and our country that do not have that privilege. I have many, many family and friends that are in more vulnerable position than I. I came home, and cowered. I can’t keep doing that. If I do, the bullies that he has riled up, win, just like he did.
    I am going to wear a safety pin. I will stand with those that are vulnerable, and fearful. I will be a safe place. Even if I am scared, they must be more so.
    Let there be peace. Let it begin with me. <3

  • Join Our Revolution, Flush the TPP, run for local, county, city or state office, become involved and active, write and call your representatives D or R on issues you feel strongly about. Realize not all Trump supporters are racist. Realize they sent a message to the establishment, even if misguided, that Americans are tired of the status quo. Personally, I believed Trump could be bought to become an establishment guy, or that he was lying and only in it for himself. Just a bit of time will tell if, and I’m not the only one who thinks this way, I am right on all three. Change may happen with Trump, it may not, it may not be good change. Use your voice, stay involved. And never lose your sense of outrage.

  • I am SO with you! Know that over half the nation is too. Chin up – let this debacle fuel your passions for kindness, and causes you believe in. For sanity, listen to NPR when you need a dose of reason, and Comedy Central for comic relief. As for your friends and acquaintances, I guess this is why folks in the south say, “bless their hearts…”

  • God bless you, Melissa, and your bravery. You said every word I’ve said over the past few days. I have never been afraid in America. I am now. My tendency was to stay in bed, avoid the news, stay off TW and FB. I cannot stand the hate, violence and vitriol being spewed by the cretins who didn’t read the fine print….or if they did were too ignorant to understand it. If they think they are angry….I am 10 times more angry than they ever were. I remember the 50’s with coat hanger abortions, with segregation and the KKK in its heyday, when women’s rights were laughable, when the queers and fags were berated because they dared to love someone, when the Catholics were stockpiling guns in their basements to take over the world, when the different were suspect, when bullies ruled. We cannot go back to that. All we can do is fight back. I’m scared to fight, but I must for the future of us all. So here’s my not so secret handshake. Part of it involves waving my middle finger at Republicans, bigots, supremacists, ignorant, gloating pig faced SOBs that I used to call my friends. The other part is a special hug to those who are not. So here’s to you and the rest of us who are in mourning…..who can’t believe that the President elect of this country is a misogynist, lying, cheating, moral whore and the VP elect wants to electrocute the “gay” out of people. Won’t it be odd when American citizens seek polical asylum in other countries? Oh, I’m ranting again, sorry! Thank you for this article, my friend!

  • Thank you for this I just got it and am going to print it out. Debbie

    On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 1:43 PM, melissasobservations wrote:

    > MelissasObservations posted: “1) The numbness is wearing off and I’m > looking around at what’s left of America. 2) Was it always this racist? 3) > How did I miss that? 4) Why did I spend so much time befriending > Republicans? 5) Because I live in Texas and that’s mostly all there was. 6) > ” >

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