Amorous Horses, A Lustful Deer Head and an Eager Virgin–It’s My #Outlander, Episode 3 Re-cap!

Howdy my Outlander peeps, it’s been a while and it’s not my fault.  Geez it takes a long time between seasons, so lets get to it!

Roger has sold the manse to Fiona and her bae and I wonder what he does for a living cuz that place ain’t cheap.  The writers considerately re-cap the amount of time he’s talked to/seen Briana since last we met and Rog says he’s heading to America for Briana and a Scottish Festival probably in that order.  If you ask me Fiona is still pining for Roger and who can blame her?IfOnly_meme.jpg
For obvious reasons, Jamie and Claire have had enough of River Run so they’re loading up their truck and they’re moving near Woolam’s Creek to find and settle their own land. Aunt Jocasta gives Jamie his mother’s silver and he’s very touched by the gesture.  Young Ian gives Jamie an excellent argument for staying in America and I for one think he should stay and Jamie finally agrees. Glad that’s settled.  Jamie, Claire and Young Ian head out to Woolam’s Creek with John Quincy Myers as their guide.  I’m not sure I wanted to see his naked man parts on the dining room table although now that I think about it, the writers inserted two unnecessary surgeries and left out a hilarious one, so there’s that.  JamieJohnQuincy_meme
Briana meets Roger at the airport and they set out for a looong road trip to North Carolina without wearing seat belts and I’m wondering if Roger slept on the flight over cuz he seems awfully perky for someone who just flew across the ocean in 1970.

Meanwhile on the Pre-Revolutionary Road Trip, Ian’s a curious cat himself asking John Quincy loaded questions about Indian women and Claire’s all 100% when she hears Cherokee women decide who they sleep with and who they marry. Jamie and Claire exchange pregnant glances and knowing smirks and I’m all on board with it.  (I wonder if the writer is a woman cuz she nailed that scene so I check when the show is over and yup, it is.) The scenery as they travel is breath-taking and Myers says he’ll be gone for a day to trade with the Indians and will meet up with them at Woolam’s Creek and wants to take Ian with him.  Jamie reluctantly agrees.  Smirks_meme

Jamie and Claire ride through the country with Clarence the donkey who’s carrying all the crap that won’t fit on their horses reminding me of Family Day at the water park when my husband and kids dumped all their stuff on me cuz I had the back pack.  I feel ya Clarence.  I really enjoy seeing Jamie and Claire able to relax and talk like a normal couple for once without half the county shooting at them.  Their relationship and conversational shortcuts are what make them the couple we know and love and come back to time and time again, and we’re seeing it!!  Jamie’s horse throws a shoe, so they stop so he can fix it.  Jamie-HorseDinner-meme

Jamie gives an impassioned speech straight from the books about how if he was without Claire he’d be living as an outlaw and something bout something chewing his bones and I glance down the trail to see if Josh Horowitz is galloping up behind them for Couple’s Therapy cuz, I agree, Jamie can be a little intense.  All’s clear so we’re back to the show!  Clarence is startled by thunder and lightning and runs off and despite Jamie’s warning, Claire rides out after the donkey.  ClaireTherapy_meme

Meanwhile back in 1970’s North Carolina, Roger and Bree’s road trip has ended at the Scottish Festival.  The first thing I did was look for an Outlander booth cuz those are fun and last year I bought a non-Sony endorsed coffee cup and shopping bag with Jamie and Claire on it!  Then I remembered I was 50 years too early.  I got a kick out of all the 70’s plaid clothing in the crowd and wondered if Terry Dresbach bought it on eBay or if they sewed it or a combo thereof.  Roger and Bree get their portrait made and I think we’re foreshadowing so she can take it back in time without getting burrrned at the stake like if she brought a Polaroid camera.

Back in the 1700s, Clarence shows back up, but Claire doesn’t.  She’s lost and lightning startles her horse and he throws her, knocking her unconscious. 

Bree’s watching Roger sing and play guitar and she’s feeling all the feels as we finally get to hear his voice which is great.  They head back to their cabins and Rog is a gentleman but Bree isn’t letting that fine man go without a fight so she lures him back to her cave to have her way with him.  Sadly for her (and us) he won’t sleep with her without a commitment making him a unicorn among men.  (Note:  When Richard Rankin was cast as Roger, I thought he was a good choice, but I didn’t understand why everyone (I’m looking at you Kathy Elliot) was going nutso over him…until. this. scene.  Young Mr. Rankin should bottle and sell his tortured soul/sad puppy eyes look because if that isn’t a panty loosener, I don’t know what is.)  RogerDeerTap_meme.jpg

Jamie’s riding his horse through the storm like Heathcliff on the moors looking for Cathy/Claire and she’s found shelter under a fallen tree where she discovers a gem stone and skull with a crack down the back of it.  She speaks to the skull trying to find out more about it (harkening back to Dr. Joe and Geillis’s bones.)  Suddenly during a flash of lightning a Native American man approaches her, then disappears then re-appears. Non-book readers, his name is Ottertooth and hopefully we’ll see him again. Otter_meme

Back at the Calling of the Clans, Briana tells Roger that she’s not ready for marriage or maybe she doesn’t believe in marriage and tries to return the bracelet he gave her but he won’t accept it.  One thing’s for sure, Claire and Briana are strong, independent women who don’t need a man to define them and it’s confusing to the men in their lives, but too bad.  We’ve been confused by men since the beginning of time and I approve their Fraser women badassery.  

Claire awakens and her boots are gone.  She gathers up the skull and stone and follows muddy footprints until she finds Jamie sitting by a stream with her boots.  It’s truly amazing how much Claire sacrifices for Jamie’s love…I don’t know if I could do it, but then again, I’ve never spent the night with him.  Claire shows Ottertooth’s skull and the gem to Jamie and and she sees Ottertooth’s filling and realizes he’s a fellow traveler too.

They continue on their journey until they arrive at the top of a mountainside where they look down at the view of a river with rich land for farming and Jamie realizes he can finally be the Laird he was born to be. He looks at the land the way he looks at Claire and for the second time in his life, Jamie Fraser is in love.  I’m in love too because I’ve been waiting for YEARS to see Fraser’s Ridge.  I gotta tell you, I love the books and I love the show, but watching THIS EPISODE, the two melded into one for me.  I started squealing and shouting, startling my husband out of his Lazy-boy, about how I was losing my damn mind and whenever that happens during Outlander, he thinks he’s about to get lucky, but nope I had a re-cap to start on!  Thanks to the Outlander TV gods (Maril, Ron, Matt, Terry, Gary, etc.) for creating this miracle.



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    You write with wonderful wit and humor. Love Outlander and love to read your re-caps

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    Enjoy your observations sooooooo much! Thank you!

  • Connie
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    Ah, lass, it’s good to have you back again! Lots to work with here, and you made me Laugh Out Lander (see what I did there?). SMOOCHES!

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    Loved it! Thank you so much. Panty loosener.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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    Outlander is back! Melissa’s Observations are back! All’s right with the world!!!

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    Made me laugh, made me smile, thank you! And could not agree more: writer/actors/producers et al nailed it on this episode. But then I love the books and the series!

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    Melissa, you’re back and I ‘luvbs’ it!!

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    Loved your recap – Thank you. Lots of funny insights.

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    LOL! Husbands must LOVE Outlander night!

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    Love your recaps, stealing your pics so I can print them and hang them around – and who wouldn’t pick up a skull in the woods? That mantel would look bare without its centerpiece, dontcha think? 🙂

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    Yay. I always enjoy your take on the episode as well as your humor. It’s all new to me since *whispers* I haven’t read the books.

    • I’m always curious about non book readers. I wish I could know what that feels like. The changes bothered me in the first season until I understood about adaptations. I dinna give a wee crap anymore about the changes, I like them both. 😁

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