Are you ‘Team Jamie’, ‘Team Frank’ or ‘Team Conflicted’? #Outlander

Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m ‘Team Jamie’.  (‘Hi Melissa!’)  The wee folk’s legend tells us that Jamie Fraser emerged from Diana Gabaldon’s brain, traveled down her arm, went into her computer and landed in a bookstore. He then traveled through the front of your eyeballs and into your brain where he’s been residing for lo these many years.  That Jamie, the one in my head and yours too, is wedged into our frontal or backal lobes and is not going anywhere.  Putting advanced scientific explanations aside, he’s the perfect man. Like Mary Poppins he’s ‘practically perfect in every way’.  He’s kind, protective, spiritual, loyal, smart, witty, loving and a warrior.  The good news is I’ve known men like him. The bad news is they were six separate men and at present, there’s no way to combine them into a single man.  You may be pleased to know that scientists at Nasa are presently working on a way to build a ‘Fraser’ but they tell us it may be decades until one is complete.

For some of you, and they’re usually, but not always, #ShowWatchers, Frank is your man!  But as a 20+ year #BookReader, I’m coming from a different perspective than those who are more likely to be Team Frank.  I’m not heartless though and there are times when I feel just plain bad for him.  At his core, Frank’s a good man who’s been dealt a raw deal in the Love Department and he’s competing against Jamie Fraser and for most humans that’s a losing battle.  Still Frank (wow, it’s hard to write this blog as a spoiler free zone!) does the honorable thing for his family most of the time.  And I’ve got good news for Frank fans!  I wish you a hearty congratulations because it’s not nearly as difficult to find a ‘Frank’ as it is to find a ‘Jamie’. There are quite a few of them out and about.  You can find this species perched around town on a chair at Starbucks, in the bleachers at sporting events and if you’re lucky on a sofa in your living room.  These are good men, kind men, and they can be yours!

In discussing #Outlander with friends, I’ve found there are quite a few Team Frank fans, countless Team Jamie fans and once in a while I even find ‘Team Conflicted’ fans.  Team Conflicted are those of you who loved Frank, then began to love Jamie then went back to Frank.  You can’t make up  your mind and you know who you are!  In order to cut to the chase and quickly identify yourself to your teammates, the hunky @OutmanderArtist and I have come up with a way that doesn’t require decoder rings or fancy handshakes. We call this invention the t-shirt.  No more fumbling for the right words, or remembering your complicated hand movements. Simply apply this t-shirt to the top half of your body, then go about your day.  As you greet other Outlander friends, you’ll be instantly identifiable and will know how to begin the conversation. Happily, these lovely pieces of wearable art may now be ordered through Cafe Press.  In fact you can order them right now and right here!


  • Bobbi
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    So, I was looking for memes and came across one from this great blog of yours and have since shared your writing with my husband. About 7 years ago friend told me of the Outlander books and how steamy and great they were and I made a mental note to someday get them, even drooled over the Amazon page a time or two but hesitated in charging forth. I’ve been too busy writing my own stuff and trying to make it as a writer so I haven’t had time to venture my mind to reading the series. My trouble is I can’t read a chapter a day then move on. If I like the book, binge-reading is my only option. But I digress. So I came across this funny, apropos and totally irreverent blog of yours and shared and my husband and I have become as addicted as we have with the Outlander series. He considers me to be much like Claire only more pretentious and with fewer F-bombs and he is Totally my Jamie. Of course, the actors are way hotter and look much better unwashed and uncombed than the two of us. Nevertheless, whenever one of the characters does something firey or funny or over-the-top Hawt we cast a sideways glance at each other and smile knowingly. So, reading this post from you made me think I should write you. Thanks for making us laugh and reminding us we’re not the only loons who’ve fallen head over heels for those crazy kids.

    • Melissa B
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      Hi Bobbi, First of all…thank YOU so much for taking the time to write this very looooooong and very funnnnnnny comment. I read it to my husband who builds the memes that I create and he said to tell you you’re an excellent writer and obviously brilliant if you like my blog. I completely agree with him. And, yes….isn’t it funny how actors can look so gorgeous when they are unwashed and uncombed and the rest of us just look terrible? They must have magic, sparkly dust they sprinkle on people when they become actors that magnifies their beauty. We all need to find out which store sells that crap and go get several cases. I hope you come back and read more of the blog, it doesn’t appear that I can stop writing any time soon, so somebody sure needs to read it!! 😉 😉 😉

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