Emulsion Auction Anniversary, Connie Sandlin’s B’day, Julie from the Love Boat & My Shattered Cell Phone

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since our birthday girl, Connie Sandlin, Queen of Outlanderia (my favorite pretend vacation destination) helmed the very successful Austin, Texas screening of Sam Heughan and Suki Singh’s indie film ‘Emulsion’.
I ‘met’ Connie on line and immediately fell in love with her genuinely sweet, caring personality along with her never-ending passion for all-things Outlander.  Since Connie lives in Costa Rica, there were a few things she wasn’t able to accomplish long distance and I was happy to be her Aide-de-Camp on the ground in AustinHunky Director, Suki Singh generously donated the wool trench coat and fedora that Sam Heughan wore in the movie to auction on eBay and Connie and I spent weeks scrounging around for more things to raffle before and after the event at the theatre.

Sam Emulsion Costume

It took an intense amount of publicity, organization and crazy Twitter shenanigans to pull off the event.  Connie and I were in touch 3 to 5 times a day for two-ish months, but I’m happy to report it was a big success with a total amount of $5048.00 donated to Sam’s charity Bloodwise.org.uk!

Several things happened before and after the screening, auction and raffle:

1)  Fans traveled to Austin from around the state and the Country for the event and many new friendships were made that are still going strong today! Hey gurls!! 🙂

2)  Sam tweeted a photo of my girl, Gracie, holding up a sign with the grand total.  I’d left my cell phone on the night table and due to the craziness that occurs when Sam Heughan and Outlander Twitter fans connect, the phone vibrated off the table, hit the floor and shattered the screen. #Oops


3) Last but not least, we all got to know and love Connie. Connie is a walking Outlander encyclopedia and Head of the Fan Recruitment Division*. (*Totally made up job.) If Outlander was the Love Boat, Connie would be Julie, the Cruise Director.  So now Connie and I are friends and Connie and You are friends.  And aside from raising money to help beat cancer, that’s my favorite thing of all.


So Happy One Year Anniversary Connie and oh yeah…one more thing.  Today is Connie’s birthday she’s approximately 42-ish today so please join me in wishing her a fabulous day!  And while you’re at it, let’s surprise Connie and ask Sam to wish her a happy birthday too!

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    Thank you, my dear dear friend!

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