Irritated Indians, Interrupted Sleep & Imitation Bears, it’s my #Outlander, Episode 4 Wacky re-cap!!

Jamie meets with Governor Tryon to sign the fancy, official papers that give him Fraser’s Ridge.  They discuss the political situation and drink a toast to Jamie’s success.

Meanwhile back in Wilmington, teen mom, #MarsaliRhymesWithParsley has morning sickness and misses her mama.  Claire gives her motherly advice and is exceptionally kind to her, considering that the B Leghair tried to kill both Jamie and Claire.  Baby daddy, Fergus is searching for Highlanders and Ardsmuir Prison men to help settle Fraser’s Ridge. (I hope they find a certain somebody I’ve been missing verra much!)



The Fraser’s with help from my favorite mule, Clarence pound in stakes marking their land.  Ian is hyper with excitement hearing about the animals in their part of North Carolina.  Scottish-Lassie barks signaling visitors.  No, Tommy’s not in the well, it’s the Indians and they’re not happy.  Question: Is there anything hotter than Jamie saying “Claire, put the knife in my hand and get behind me.” ??  No, I didn’t think so. 


At Oxford, Roger’s nerdy officemate, wants them to cruise for chicks, but he’s still pining for Bree.  Instead, Austin Powers, heads out alone as Rog  takes a peek at the North Carolina history book and reads about Fraser’s Ridge a place settled by the Scots.  Back in NC, not just boys are chopping trees, Claire’s helping in her hoop-ish skirt and I don’t understand why she doesn’t roll it up and shove it under her mattress when she does manual labor or at least take off her butt bump.  The Indians return and throw the stakes on the ground, they’re really not happy this time and who can blame them.  


Back in 1971, Roger receives a perfectly typed letter that my teacher Miss Urban would mark with an A+.  It’s from the author of the North Carolina history book with more intel on Jamie and Claire. He calls Brianna on his 20 pound phone and her roommate Gail makes goo goo eyes at Bree and I wish we’d see more of her cuz she cracked me up in the book.  Roger tells Bree about her mom and they have a conversation packed with more awkward pauses than when Gerald Pansatori called to ask me to the middle school dance and I didn’t want to go cuz he picked his nose and passed gas every. single. morning in Social Studies.


Jamie and Claire are snuggled in their cozy cave-ette discussing how they should handle the Indian situation.  They decide to make a gesture of good will…I’m thinking one of those cheese baskets from Hickory Farms would be nice but they’re going to ask Mr. Myers for advice instead.   Colonial Lassie barks and wakes them up.  Their horse has been attacked by a bear. 


Jamie pays a call to Mr. Myer’s who says the Indians told him they’d been visited by an evil bear.  Myers first offers a bag of tobacco for Jamie to give to the Indians and tells him to say ‘She’s old, deny her’ as a greeting which seems rude.  He then says he’ll deliver it instead in case Jamie screws it up.


Claire and Ian are cleaning fish guts and knitting around the fire and if you guessed Claire was the knitter, you just won a face slap from Gloria Steinem.  Nope.  Young Ian can click it and Claire’s into fish gutting.  After he returns, she and Jamie do a little target practice which sounds like it’s code for something, but isn’t.  KnitsSocks_meme

Later that night Rollo wakes them up again and it looks like Ian and Jamie slept with their boots on and after the week they’re having, I would too.  Poor Mr. Myers has been mauled by a bear.  Claire and Ian stay behind to fix him up and Jamie heads out to find the bear.  Meanwhile the indians are passing the pipe and bearly dancing as Jamie finds and fights the bear.  But wait, it’s not the bear in the books, it’s a man dressed like a bear.  (I wondered why they changed it, then immediately realized they couldn’t have a stunt guy inside a bear costume cuz that would look ridiculous.)  After Jamie kills him, I look at the mauled parts of his body and wish Claire had a little bit of that penicillin left over that she brought through the stones for him and Mr. Myers.

Jamie drags the body to the Indians and they explain why dude was living as a man-bear. Jamie tells the boss-indian he wants to live in peace.  The Indians look doubtful and I think they’ve got excellent instincts.


The Fraser’s are chewing the fat when the indians arrive.  They want to be bffs and they’re gonna call Jamie ‘Bear Killer’.  The menfolk go visit by the fire, possibly snacking on Twizzlers (that part wasn’t shown, but it’s an excellent guess.)  Next the two indian ladies talk to Claire and they’re instantly sympatico.  Nayawenne says she dreamed of Claire and she will come into her full power when her hair is white and I can relate.  I use Clairol, and I’m down to my last nerve and I’m taking charge.  It’s a thing. 


Roger gets his boxes from the manse and Fiona lets on she knows all about time travel and Jamie Fraser cuz she got it from her granny.  I’m loving tv Fiona, she can sit by me. Rog finds out Jamie and Claire died in a fire.

Jamie carries Claire over the foundation of their new home. I’m relieved to see she’s wearing pants or trousers as the Brits say which I know because I’m practically speaking with an accent at this point.  She’s got the most gorgeous long legs and I’m not jealous.  Not. at. all.  Roger calls Boston Bree to tell her and finds out that Bree flew to Scotland to visit her mother.  That can only mean one thing and we all know what it is! Dun, dun, dun!


Wee note:  I loved episodes 403 and 404.  Other than the one ‘herself’ wrote, this is, I think, the first time book Jamie and Claire and tv Jamie and Claire, melded into one for me.  I say ‘think’ because it’s so long in between seasons and life happens and I might not be remembering correctly. However, I LOVED these episodes, to me they were perfection.


  • Joyce Johnston
    Posted 0Likes

    Really really enjoy your work & agree completely.

  • Kay Brown
    Posted 0Likes

    As usually your recap is so funny and I always look forward to reading it. I loved this episode too, but I love them all. I really thought the bear adaptation was perfect.

  • Deb McNaughton
    Posted 0Likes

    I love it! You could work for Mad Magazine (that’s a compliment). I agree that these last two episodes were a real pleasure and I will enjoy re-watching them over and over (like many from season 1). A couple of nit-picky comments about this episode: they did a credible job with the bear-man, but I still would prefer a real bear. Then both the Indians and the Fraser’s would have meat for the winter … plus I really wanted to see Jamie fight a bear. Also, it bothered me that the Indian who told the story of the bear-man had a very modern American accent. Of course, he’s an original “American,” so then I thought how maybe the problem is with me and I’ve just gotten used to the TV stereotype of a Native American speaking halting English.

    • I haven’t read Mad Mag in 30 years, I should check it out! How could he fight a bear? Would they put a guy in a costume? I tried to figure it out, so I’m not mocking you, tho I would if you ask nicely.😂 CGI would probably be beyond the budget of this show. A bear would’ve been great tho…

  • Joan Tinnin
    Posted 0Likes

    Melissa, I bow to you as the Goddess of recaps. Laughed out loud many times. You make these beloved characters even more beloved. Thank you! So much!

  • dot65jean
    Posted 0Likes

    So glad you are back! Missed your reviews!

  • Doina Campean
    Posted 0Likes

    I agree, these last 2 episodes (and even the first 2, if memory serves 🙂 ) have showcased some genius writing/directing/editing. They tell a believable story – *inspired* by some books, with nods to the books in all the right places… We got a surgery on the dinner table, we got a party in the same dining room. We got a fighting-size fish (Claire, the roe doesn’t go with the guts, you should set it aside and make taramo salata). We got a bear. Well, we got the contracted version of a bad spirit and a bear, because the evil spirits of Starz approve less and less episodes per season.

    Anyway, major flaw this season – the episodes are way too short…. A quick break at the 2 hour mark would be appreciated, but I’d be good for a 5 hours episode…

    Or, you know, they could make, episode 4 part one, part 2 etc… hint, hint – any writers/producers of season 5…. here’s your loophole!!! 🙂

    • I almost mentioned about the roe in the re-cap. Surely someone fishes on that crew and could tell her. I was impressed she just went after the guts with her bare hands, I wouldn’t. 🤗

  • Gina S
    Posted 0Likes

    Great recap. Agree totally with you on 403 & 404 – so enjoyable!

  • Lizbeth Rakiec
    Posted 0Likes

    Melissa I always love your observations keep them coming

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