Lord John Grey Announced! Heughan, Dresbach & Steele Respond! I like exclamation points!!!

Outlander Starz today announced the casting of Australian actor David Berry as Lord John Grey causing formerly dead ovaries to re-launch and breasts to move to the auto lactate zone in a phenomenon reported by the AMA and other Medical Associations around the world.  NASA is also looking into possible connections with tidal flow interference along with planet rotational hijinks although that’s just a ‘working theory’ according to their spokesperson.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 1.52.56 PM

Sam Heughan who’s hard at work shooting Season 3 of Outlander was reached on set and bellowed, ‘Jesus H Roosevelt Christ’, this new guy’s right hunky and God willing can finally take the heat off me. ‘Somebody find Davie Hollywood and tell him to skedaddle out for a $hit TON of donuts, give some to the cast and crew and save SEVEN boxes for me! Also, cancel my morning work-out cuz the big guy’s sleeping in!’  Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 1.44.12 PM

Costume Designer, Terry Dresbach announced a contingency plan which involves placing expandable fabric inserts into Heughan’s costumes to allow for ‘celebratory girth’ and Production Designer, Jon Gary Steele (who never seems to use his first name but continues to hang onto it for some reason) immediately ordered carpenters to widen doors on the sets and said, ‘we plan for these types of things, so no need for panic!’ although his voice rose sharply at the end of the sentence so it’s anyone’s guess what that’ll do to budgets.

Here’s a paparazzi snap from behind the scenes of Heughan taken this week. It looks like someone pulled a ripcord on an inflatable raft!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 1.43.09 PM

But now back to a few actual truths vs. the drivel I’ve been pawning off in the previous 4 paragraphs.  David Berry, a hunkalicious Australian, IS the actor now known as Lord John Grey and according to his IMDB page, he was a singer and violinist in his early years (Holy crap, me too. For realzies!!) .  He later studied at the NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) and graduated in 2010 where it looks like he immediately booked lots of gigs due to his acting skill, experience and the aforementioned hunkiness.  You can check out his page here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4885081/Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 1.54.38 PM

Them’s slim pickins kids, but that’s all we know right now except that with a tiny bit of on-line digging, I’m sure we can find lonely lasses whining that he’s not blond enough, doesn’t have an ‘aquiline nose’ or other such yammerings.  But as for myself and the other 99% sane Outlander viewers, there’s nothing but happiness, rainbows and smooth sailing ahead with today’s announcement.

Note:  The first four paragraphs are humor or ‘parody’ as it’s sometimes known.  No harm is meant or implied.  Void where prohibited.  If you have an erection that lasts more than three hours, please contact your doctor or the Guinness Book of World Records. Namaste.




  • LCPrincess
    Posted 0Likes

    LOL!!! I love your announcement! If I had ovaries they would be exploding, but I don’t think he will take all the heat off of Sam. He is a cutie, though.

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Even if he takes only 10% of the heat off, that’s at least 8 uninterrupted meals wee Sam can enjoy in public!?

    • Yvonne Simpson
      Posted 0Likes

      Well, I can recommend this fine actor. He is currently in an Australian series called A Place to Call Home which I believe has been on PBS in the USA? He plays a closeted gay man in the early 1950s. It’s a great series, series 4 about to launch here, and I only follow two programs on social media, this and Outlander. There’s great consternation in the APTCHers social media that David won’t be able to continue on as he’s very pivotal, so we are all hoping he can film both in the hiatus for each! I’m sure he’ll be a wonderful LJG and I’ve already seen fan art with him with blond hair – looks pretty good.

      • Lord John will probably only be in a couple eps so I bet he can coordinate it, but who knows? I need to find some of his other work and watch a bit. I’m interested to see how he looks!

  • Connie
    Posted 0Likes

    The intensity of those eyes! Swoon-worthy! THUD!!!

    • dot65jean
      Posted 0Likes

      This actor looks spot on as Lord John Grey to me! Hope the months fly by fast so we can get into the televised “Voyager” Season 3 of our beloved series! Good to hear from you, dear Melissa. I do miss your commentaries during this time without our wonderful story!

  • jeancard
    Posted 0Likes

    Thank you!! I needed this today! 🙂

  • Chrissie
    Posted 0Likes

    My Lordie – I’m Australian – how have I not heard of this man? He looks divine. Time to research him me thinks !!

  • emariemacblog
    Posted 0Likes

    Hilarious, Melissa! This Aussie cupcake will be a welcome addition to the show. But Chubby Sam is the stuff of nightmares, & a potential contributing factor to widespread shriveling ovaries! P.S. – another bone of contention for the 1% to huff about:: he is Australian, not British!? Dear God!!)

  • celticdreamz
    Posted 0Likes

    He’ll do!! ?

  • Zoomskiu
    Posted 0Likes

    Love this….my question is, “If you have 3 one hour erections in stead of 1 three hour erection, do you still have to contact the doctor?

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  • Zoomskiu
    Posted 0Likes

    By the way, I prefer exclamation points!

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  • Jayne Coleman
    Posted 0Likes

    Loved the article Melissa – so funny and hits the button at the same time. My thought yesterday was I hope Sam has warned him about what to expect from the Outlander fandom. The squeeing on the twitter release was enough to break all the windows in a five kilometre radius! His wife had better be the understanding type!!! Will be fun to watch the whole show both on and off screen.

  • Theresa Brandt
    Posted 0Likes

    I read this right after it dropped into by in box. I laughed out loud due to your wonderful writing. Is this young man the Lord John I pictured? No, but I’ll deal…he’s a doll. Lord John is one of my favorite characters and I love the relationship between he and Jamie. The Scottish Prisoner is one of my favorite out of the entire series.

    • Thanks so much Theresa. I love making people lol all over themselves. The Scottish Prisoner was my favorite LJG book , but it was SOOOO sad.?

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