More #Outlander Zaniness With My Favorite Moments from Episodes 11 & 12

If you’ve read Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’, you know that Witch Trials are no joke.  That book scared the bejeesus out of me and the scary memories came flooding back.  This episode just might be my favorite, especially since we got to see more of the lovely, Lotte Verbeek.

Their relationship in the Thieves Hole was bumpy at first, but then our beloved Claire, stood up to the witchy Geillis, and they began to form a bond at the world’s most depressing sleepover.


I love that Ned Gowan is a strong man of principle.  He puts his career, reputation and life on the line and I’m pretty sure he defied the MacKenzies by doing so, but the man stands up for what’s right and he’s adorable doing it.


After two nights in that rat infested hole, I was worried about their grooming and toiletry accommodations which, by the way, my husband pronounced ‘insane’.  But, I’m with Claire on this one.


When our hero finally showed up and saved the day, I could hear the screams and squeals of relief echoing around the Outlander world. I also wonder when our favorite couple are gonna catch a break.


Finally Claire reveals her secret to Jamie and damn, if he doesn’t believe her. My husband has more questions if I forget the coupons on ‘Double or Nuthin’ day at the supermarket.


After four long years, Jamie arrives home to discover his sister has given birth to his young nephew.


But poor Jamie keeps jumping to the wrong conclusions and this does not lead to homecoming happiness with his sister.


What it does lead to is the world’s most awkward cocktail party where even the dogs are taken aback.


We’re forced to have more Black Jack flashbacks. You know you’re evil when the furniture thinks badly of you.


Jamie’s sister is angry and she refuses to let up, not giving them a moment of peace.


But finally all their problems are solved and Jamie and Claire go on to live a peaceful and long life at Lallybroch.


This is what’s known as wishful thinking and is completely untrue.  As we all know, the Scottish mafia were unwanted guests at breakfast and who knows what’s going to happen now?!?  Stay tuned and find out folks, I know I will!


  • dot65jean
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    Your humor brightens my day. Thank you for your wit and humor! Love each post!

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Wow! Thank you so much; I appreciate you taking the time to write!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • OSuzyQuilts
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    If they lived happily ever after, there would have been no need for sequels!

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