My Favorite Surprises in #Outlander Episodes 9 & 10

For Outlander fans, this show is pure brilliance. From costume, casting, writing, direction, editing, sets, lighting….it is ALL there.  For Outlander book readers, we know what’s coming, but still Ron D. Moore has managed to keep even us on our toes.  And for me, this is where he’s done it in episodes 9 and 10.

This dude.  In the five or six times I read Outlander, I imagined the British deserter as a dumpy little weasel of a man.  I never, ever pictured #Horrocks as a sexy, Irish dude.  Along with everything else on this show, casting is brilliant; they sure don’t waste any opportunites.


This dance.  When we saw the druids dance in 1945, they almost seemed like my book club only slightly cuckoo.  Geillis took it to an entirely different level in the cold, creepy woods dancing around her little scary bonfires.  (Tartan pasties optional)


This Duke.  Again, the casting of the Duke was pure brilliance.  How can we like someone who protects Black Jack’s sicko behavior and looks like the Cowardly Lion?  But we do.


This art project.  Listen up Laoghaire. I’m not afraid of you or the cub scout project you bought from Geillis…..just stay away from Jamie, ye wee fool!

Meme-MichaelsCrafting Fail

…and last but, not least.

This scene.  Or rather the one right before this scene.   Yes, I know there’s lots of Mmphm in the books, but holy hell, that was hotter than a Texas summer until Uncle Murty* banged down the door.  *Thinking about copyrighting the heck out of that  name.  Uncle Murty! *smacks forehead and laughs* Just kidding….


I sure hopes Starz previews the episode early again this week.  It seems so verra cruel to make us wait any longer. #Sob


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