#Outlander, Epi 305, Mini Re-cap, ‘So Many Secrets and Let’s Find Jamie.’

Dr. Randall is showing the men how it’s done in the O. R. at the same time Brianna is at Harvard and we learn she’s failing and her dad’s friend wants to know what’s wrong. She declines to elaborate. BriannaCollege_meme

Dr. Joe [who is EXACTLY the Dr. Joe in my brain], as the Casting on this show uses crystal balls, knows something’s going on with Claire and thinks it has to do with a man, so he goes all Columbo on her to try to find out what’s up but she gives him a VERY abridged version .


Back in Boston, Roger ‘Bad Timing’ Wakefield, arrives at the brownstone just in time to hear the Randall women going at it yet again. God bless him for his persistence though.  Claire’s losing her shizzle because Brianna’s dropping out of school.  After a very brief hello, Bree storms out and Roger tells Claire he solved the mystery she has worked on for 20 years and found Jamie and instead of thanking him she goes a little bit nutty.  RogerConfused_meme

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Dr. Joe Abernathy shows Claire a female skeleton which she senses is a murder victim from over 150 years ago. She also tells Joe that the Scottish Mystery Man is Bree’s father.  Bree invites Roger to Harvard where they’re honoring Frank with a Fellowship. Frank’s sidepiece Sandy gives Claire a ‘what for’ and takes off and I feel bad for all of them although the mistress should never confront the widow cuz it gives everybody the ickies. Claire tells Brianna the truth about Sandy. Then she tells her that Roger found Jamie and Brianna tells her to go back to him.


The hospital staff are watching the Apollo 8 Mission to the Moon as Claire thinks about her journey that went even farther. Bree and Claire soul search about whether she should go to Jamie and the fact that they may never see each other again.  Brianna tells her to go back and tell Jamie she’s alive and my Grinch heart grows 3 sizes more and I can’t take much more of this cuz I’ve got a daughter too. Claire is afraid that Jamie may have forgotten her and not love her and Brianna assures her he’ll never forget.


Claire asks Joe if she’s attractive…sexually and he asks if it’s a trick question.  He tells her she’s ‘skinny, white broad with too much hair and a great ass’ and I think he’s pretty fabulous and now I love him and have begun planning our imaginary wedding.


The little Christmas elves Brianna and Roger buy Claire some antique money, a Scottish history book and a topaz necklace.  She’s taking scalpels and Penicillin and she sews a dress out of raincoats and I think it’s such a frakkin brilliant idea, I’m inspired to make a home-made Emmy out of my son’s old baseball trophy and a Tammy doll (not Barbie!) and mail it to Terry Dresbach in Scotland to go along with the real one she already has. I also wonder if they blindfolded one of the regular seamstresses so the dress wouldn’t look too good.


Claire examines herself in the mirror and is unhappy with her grey streaks so she calls on her friend Miss Clairol to help a girl out.  Claire gives Ellen’s pearls to Brianna and I’m starting to sniffle.  Brianna and Roger exchange gifts and he looks at her with unmasked love and I get why everyone’s all hot and bothered over Richard Rankin.  Yup, he’s hot.


Claire exits a Boston taxi but its really a Scottish carriage, a nice homage to the beginning of Season 2 and the airplane exit to Jamie’s hand. She heads down the cobblestone street towards Carfax Close and the nearer she gets, the harder my heart pounds and I reach for a box of Kleenex and try to remind myself it’s just a tv show but my heart forgets.  As the bell tinkles on the Print Shop door, I’m terrified that the episode will end but NO, God and Ron Moore love us and the scene continues.  Jamie’s voice calls out to Geordie and Claire answers that it’s her. His body stills and he slowly turns and looks up at her and I can’t believe it’s happening(!) and then he faints just like the book and Claire’s expression is  wonderfully shocked and the episode ends.


This episode, in my opinion, was just about as perfect as it gets, but this show is just about as perfect as it gets, so it’s hard for me to tell which episodes are the best.  What I do know is that it’s the best show on television and I’m thrilled to be able to see it.

PS  The sets, music and set decoration have been COMPLETELY BRILLIANT this season but there’s no place to put it in the re-cap but I want to make sure I said it just in case an anvil falls on my head tomorrow.


  • Brenda Morgan
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    Oh my, my heart was beating so fast because I also thought the epi would end when Claire opened the door!!!! I was shocked it ending with Jamie fainting but I should have expected that! What a great episode!!

  • LCPrincess
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    I love “A Marilyn must never confront a Jackie!” LOL perfect meme! I agree with everything you said here. I, too, am in love with Dr. Joe and Roger Mac! I love eps 301-304 and each time said they were my favorite, but 305 was everything! OK, it tied with 304. I was so afraid the bell over the door would be the last shot and was so verra happy that they showed Jamie’s reaction. Cait absolutely glowed in the last shots! Best cast, best writing, best sets, best costumes, best series ever!

  • Leslie Edwards
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    Your review was spot on as usual! It was verra nice to see Claire begin to glow again when she heard Jamie’s voice. From the moment she stepped out of the carriage, she seemed to have shaken off her grief. She was home! I laughed so hard when Jamie fainted. Sam’s facial and bodily expressions tell you how he feels without saying a word! But I heard him hyperventilating before he fainted and Claire’s reaction was priceless!

  • Joyce Johnston
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    Oh Beth i was so weary after our Thanksgiving (Canada) and my daughters bday dinner. We had dinner at noon as usual took me the rest of the afternoon and evening to do the dishes (with the dishwasher) I did stay up to watch it on the W Network here in Canada. i was so worried that we would not see Jamie as i believed as you did we would not see inside the print shop! A really wonderful episode and as always wonderful recap by You Beth! Will watch again to soon!!! Now the 2/52 week wait ! Does anyone remember how many times they filmed the fainting scene???jj

  • Jackie Reed
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    I am so tech challenged I forgot to forward the email I wanted to share

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  • Laurie
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    As someone who hasn’t read the books (don’t hurt me), I’ve only heard about the print shop scene via social media. So as a TV viewer I was drawn in by the Claire’s actions as she made her way to the shop. Cait knocked it out of the park with her expressions and voice inflections, Sam’s Jamie was wonderful too. I thought for sure they would end the scene at the bell ringing over the door so I was very happy it went even further. Joe had me at “too much hair, great ass” and Roger with his Happy Christmas. Great recap again and love the memes

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