#Outlander, Episode 11 Re-cap ‘The Devil’s Mark’ featuring Mr. Clean, another Twilight vampire and my cat, Gus.

Rarely have I seen anything as mystical and ethereal as the birds flying in beautiful patterns over the loch, then I remember my kids used to love to watch a large flock do a similar thing at a much less appealing destination a few miles from our home.

Claire and Geillis are unceremoniously dropped 15′ or so into the thieves hole since nobody cared enough to go find a ladder.  They begin to argue because Geillis blames Claire for her predicament and thinks Claire blabbed all her witchy secrets.  Claire tells her even after she realized Geillis poisoned her flatulent husband, she didn’t say a word cuz she thought his murder would be both a public service and an ecologically sound decision due to the amount of contaminated methane Arthur released into the environment.

A guard drops down a stale heel of bread and it lands in the dirt.


Geillis picks it up and offers half to Claire who declines.  Geillis whispers they won’t be there long because Dougal will save them.  Claire finally pipes up that he and Jamie were sent out of town by Colum and no one is coming. ‘That information would have been nice to have toward the end of last week’s episode!’ sneers Mistress Duncan.

It’s the morning of the witch trial and Claire wakes up shivering.  A ladder is lowered into the hole (FINALLY), they climb up, their wrists are tied and they’re pulled through town past the WBP Witch Burning Platform. I am astonished to see it being assembled by a man who’s a favorite of both Mrs. Fitz and myself as he has helped us keep our kitchens spotless for so many years.
The court room is packed with dirty, hairy people who look like they might be rejects from a reality show about gators if they had TV back then.  Suddenly Ned Gowan pushes his way into the courtroom. Our Ned may not look like Jamie, but make no mistake, the man’s a hero.  It takes balls the size of grapefruits to take on this crowd.  Gowan is brilliant and lays on some fancy footwork bringing nods of agreement and burst of laughter from the gallery. He does all this because he’s still grateful to Claire for her actions way back in Episode 5 when she relieved his asthma and gave him his best buzz since Woodstock.


Court is in session and we are presented with witnesses for the prosecution:

1) Jeannie, the maid.  She says she saw both women involved in numerous evil activities including gathering herbs and grinding them into medicines. #IsItOppositeDay?  In addition, ‘Mrs. Duncan sang ominous incantations that caused her kitty to run from the room’.  ‘So, now we are supposed to take the testimony of a cat?’ asked the lawyer, implying that all cats lack intelligence and sensitivity and causing my cat, Gus, to be offended.


2) Lady With Spooky Eyes Who Left Her Sick Baby in the Woods.  She testifies she left her sick baby in the fairy tree and Claire interfered with the entire changeling scenario and it all quickly went to hell in a handbasket.  Ned listens and pretends she’s not Cuckoo for Cocoapuffs and counters with, ‘perhaps, we should thank Mrs. Fraser instead of condemning her.’


3)  Next Dude:  Describes seeing Geillis standing outside in a storm, calling down lightning, turning into a winged bird and flying into the sky. Is it me or does this guy sound like he might have gotten into Claire’s ‘thornapple’ stash.

Claire and Geillis stand for hours at a time….just staring at the crowd, not knowing what will happen, alone in their thoughts.


Court’s finally adjourned and Ned quickly hides a flask in Claire’s pocket to keep her warm during the night.  She and Geillis settle in for the world’s most depressing sleepover as the cable’s out and all they’ve got is the whisky.


Claire asks if Geillis was after Dougal’s power and his money. ‘No’ she proclaims.  She stole over 1000 pounds from Arthur and only wanted Dougal due to his passion for the Jacobite cause and his overall hotness.  Claire points out he’s a womanizer and Geillis says she doesn’t care.  Other than occasionally murdering a husband or two, Geillis might be every man’s dream.  She’s hot as hell, has plenty of dough and doesn’t give two figs if you cheat.  She probably watches football all weekend on the flatscreen and thinks it’s endearing when her man leaves Cheetos and spilled beer strewn over the coffee table.


Claire and Geillis wake up the next day with something akin to mutual caring and friendship after the previous night’s bonding.  Claire gently places her hand on Geillis’ stomach and Geillis bends and kisses it.  Claire shouts up to her captors for a couple of necessities that they’d appreciate before their day begins.


Next witnesses:

4) Laoghaire.  Mean Girl admits she went to Claire to buy Love Potion No. 9 to seduce Jamie but instead Claire took it and stole her one true love.  She whines that ‘Jamie should’ve loved me and his rejection’s got nothing to do with my being a selfish, self-absorbed, ignorant twit!’  Claire shouts, ‘She put a flipping ‘Michael’s crafting fail’ under my bed and tried to steal my husband!
5)  Father Bain makes an entrance like it’s his first time doing summer theatre in the Poconos, chewing the scenery as he glides down the aisle.  He calls Claire ‘the whore of Babylon’ and yammers on about how he prayed for God to curse her yada yada, but since she saved Thomas Baxter, he’s gonna hand in his notice because he really blew that job.  Rupert’s homely cousin stands and says that only Satan could drive a man of God away, ergo, Claire is Satan.  Bain turns his head smirks at Claire and walks back to his seat with a parting shot.


Ned calls for a time-out and takes the ladies to the Green Room (it’s furnished with some lovely antiques and collectibles!) and tells them he can only save Claire and she must renounce Geillis and let her burn at the stake. Ned explains there’s no other choice, cuz since she’s come to town, Geillis has all but ridden a broom down the aisle of the Cranesmuir Stop & Shop. Claire says ‘but neither of us is a witch’. ‘It’s not what you are, it’s what people think you are,’ he replies. Truer words have never been spoken, Mr. Gowan.  Also, Geillis Duncan is screwed.

Meme-Geillis Today Sucks

They are taken back to the courtroom and Claire stands to speak.  But she cannot throw Geillis under the bus because she has integrity of gold and ovaries of brass. They are sentenced to burn and Ned pulls his gun on the crowd and some men grab him and toss him over the rail as though he’s light as a feather. #HowFarAreWeGonnaDeviateFromTheBook?  Two men hold Claire’s arms and and they rip her dress open and whip her back as she screams and cries out in pain.  Laoghaire leans into her face and sneers ‘I shall dance upon your ashes’ making it very difficult for me to defend her in further re-caps.

FINALLY, Jamie appears and pulls both his sword and dagger.  Cranesmuir has an open carry law and everyone else pulls their swords and daggers too.  Jamie says he’s sworn an oath before God to protect her and if the crowd ‘thinks their authority is greater than the Almighty, then I must inform ye that I am not of that opinion myself’.  Dude can sure think on his feet. 


Geillis seeing no other option, tears off her clothes exposing her Dougal bump and her vaccination scar calling it the mark of the devil and I thank the Lord nobody in the room is savvy enough to take a peek at Claire’s arm….or mine for that matter.  Geillis goes on to confess to the murders of Arthur Duncan, JFK and Jimmy Hoffa as well.

Jamie and Claire have escaped and are in the forest by a river and he’s cleaning her back with a cool cloth.  ‘Are you a witch’? he asks ‘I’ve seen the scar on your arm too.’ Claire explains what vaccines are, how they work and why she has the scar.  I’m relieved Jamie is an ‘educated man’, every other guy in town would have her on the next bus back to Cranesmuir. When he realizes she ran away to try to get back to her husband and he beat her for it, Jamie’s eyes show so much pain I begin to cry and also wonder how I can possibly be funny after this.

Jamie takes the news like a champ and says he believes her. My husband gets cranky and asks more questions  when he discovers we’re out of milk for his morning cereal.  But not Jamie, he’s the King of Men.


Claire reminds me of the time the yard guy accidentally ripped a hole in the side of our pool and all the water gushed out. Girl cannot stay quiet and the words pour out and her relief is palpable as she’s been holding it all in for so long.

That night Claire is sleeping under the stars and Jamie is memorizing her face because he’s already begun to say goodbye.  The fact that she doesn’t yet know that, does not help keep the tears from shooting out of my eyes so hard I think I’m going to need to stop the DVR and go get a beach towel.

She wakes up as he’s Mmphm’ing her and he’s so tender with her and it’s so tragic and he’s trying so hard to stop thinking of her as his wife, but as Frank’s wife instead that I want to contact Diana Gabaldon immediately and find out what sort of spell she has cast on me.  But since I’m not insane, I restrain myself.

The next morning he guides her to look at the view and she is stunned to see they are at the foot of Craigh na dun.  They climb to the top and Jamie smacks the stones a few times and nothing happens.  Claire hears the buzzing and almost walks into it when he pulls her back.  He says he’ll be waiting back where they camped the night before to make sure she has made it safely.  She sits all day and ponders and that night after dark, she comes back to him and he’s laying by the fire with his eyes closed and he’s crying and when he wakes up and realizes she has chosen him, I lose it even more.


I’d like to know what you thought my friends.  Did you cry so much your face swelled up and you frightened the livestock?  Did the changes drive you slightly cray-cray? Please let me hear from you…..and see you all next week!


  • szoomski
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    I want to say this is Jamiefangookingtabulous! Hahaha. Can I share your beach towel?

    • Pat Bridges
      Posted 0Likes

      I’ve watched it three times already and I cry harder each time!!! Pat B.

      • Melissa B
        Posted 0Likes

        I am also afraid to watch it again due to the last 15 minutes…they tend to cause excessive hysteria and tears…. and that’s just my husband! I kid. He loved the episode, but did not cry. I, on the other hand, was a mess.

    • szoomski
      Posted 0Likes

      Good, we’ll need it! Does it ever stop? The crying?

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Yes, I’d be happy to share my beach towel with you. It’s freshly laundered and ready for the next Outlander viewing! 😉 😉 😉 Thanks for writing!

  • celticdreamz
    Posted 0Likes

    Great Recap Melissa! The changes didn’t bother me. I cried so hard I couldn’t breath. And I can’t figure out why on earth I EVER defended Leghair either!!! Move over on the beach towel…I’m comin’ in!

  • terstriep
    Posted 0Likes

    Sam’s acting was fantastic! His eyes and reaction tells it all. He didn’t need dialogue….just 30 minutes of looking good and memorizing her face..Cat’s face when she is looking at Craigh na dun looks so lost and unhappy and totally fearful.

  • Heather
    Posted 0Likes

    Oh I cried and cried. The scene in the courtroom where Jamie stands over here kills me. Nothing proves your wedding vow to love and protect like jumping in front of a lynch mob. I loved the changes they’ve made with Geillis. I don’t think was as likable in the book as the show, but I’m not sure how it will change things. The only change I missed was when he put Claire’s hands on the stone and saw her start to go and pulled her back. He REALLY believes her then. I felt like that was important that he had no other option than to believe everything she says is true. Where in the show he may believe, but he doesn’t know it for himself. It also ruled out Claire being able to take Jamie with her to the future since he was holding on to her and she was slipping away from him.

    Otherwise my new favorite episode.. 🙂 and I’m sure I will watch it at least 1 more time before next week (having already watched it 3 full times and 1 favorite scene recap)

    • Fandom Musings
      Posted 0Likes

      I totally agree with you. Great ep except for him not seeing her start to go and then pull her back. IMO that is pivotal. Its like when he spanks her and says (paraphrasing), its one thing to say you understand, its another to actually “know” something deep down. I think his not witnessing something diminishes his full belief in her. Also I think it makes him look gullible to anyone who hasn’t read the books.

      • Melissa B
        Posted 0Likes

        I completely agree with you Barb. I wish they’d shown it. I know CGI is expensive, but that’s one place where they really needed it.

  • susangaj
    Posted 0Likes

    Spot on! xx

  • Laurie
    Posted 0Likes

    Since I haven’t read the books I can’t compare book verses show.
    Yes, when Jamie took her to the stones is pretty much when I started tearing up. I must say Jamie has a fine way of waking Claire up. I loved his smile. Sam did a great job with the subtle facial expressions. When he sees her at the water it went from, she makes me smile, to I will be saying goodbye, to my heart will be ripped out soon. When he pulls her back because he wasn’t ready yet broke my heart. You know he truly, deeply loves her because he was willing to let her go. His single tear when he sees that she has chosen to stay, well lets just say I’ve watched that scene about 15 times by now.
    As for Geillis, the acting was first rate. You knew something was up with Geillis when she made the comment after Claire quoted “I have but one life to give.” Plus her F’ing barbeque line was one of my faves.
    Honorable mention to Ned. Way to pull out the pistols. Sucks how they tossed him about like a sack of potatoes

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Laurie, Maybe you should read the books during the very loooong Droughtlander coming up. I’ve never talked to anyone who read the book afterwards….either they’ve read it before or not at all. That would be so cool! Ned Gowan is my book boyfriend, I love him!!

  • amorley552014
    Posted 0Likes

    Loved the Mr Clean quip!!! Barely registered the guy myself I was so intent on looking at everything & everyone. I felt that Book Jamie & TV Jamie became one in this episode. I was a crying fool from the time the sentence was pronounced by Mutt & Jeff. Ned pulled out a gun…what? Geillis a hero? Flabbergasted. Claire being splayed? Matching backs for the newlyweds? Nononono. WTF. Seeing Jamie realize he was going to take Claire to Craigh na dun…because you could see it on his face. Then his memorizing her face (a lifelong habit). Just shoot me…please. When Claire was so effing excited to go home, thinking Lallybroch, I felt real pain. There was so verra much in those 15 minutes. (Still wondering what he thought he might have to kill with his sword at the stones! And the “here, here I am” smoke signal!) Every single moment on both Claire’s (bewildered) & Jamie’s (determined) face was excruciating. And finally the tears falling down Jamie’s face…well, that was the end of me, as well as the episode. I only meant to write one or two sentences. My favorite episode so far. ?

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      I loved when he pulled his sword at the stones too. I had that in but edited out because I’m never sure if people will read if it gets too long. I loved your observations. #Impressive

      • lmmerrill
        Posted 0Likes

        In Ron Moore’s podcast, they comment that they thought it was funny that Jamie pulled out his sword – it was something that Sam just did, it wasn’t written in the script. I thought It was very true to form. Great post as always- love your humor!

        • Melissa B
          Posted 0Likes

          I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, since I watched the Epi on Fri night and worked almost all weekend around the clock on the re-cap. Sam amazes me. That man knows his character inside and out. I LOVED when he did that…it was perfectly executed because JAMMF keeps listening to Claire and responding while he walks, but as he moves, he pulls the sword and when he realizes they’re ‘safe’, he puts it back. Whoever the acting teacher was who told him he wasn’t any good, uhm….they need to retire, as in yesterday. I don’t say that in a mean way, but they must not know their craft.

  • OSuzyQuilts
    Posted 0Likes

    Even though I was tired from an overnight trip with my friend to an awesome huge quilt shop in which on the way back I relayed the story about the greatest love of my life in 54 years lost – in which I cried profusely for a good half hour – the minute Jamie arrived, I burst into tears again and don’t think I stopped crying till the end. And then the second time did the same. Missed the first of three times. But LOVE the night before he was teasing loving her, and he knew it was potentially the last time! And how he said ” there’s nothing but danger here” and her looking at the rings like “what do I do” and the tiny smirk on his face when he realized ” she picked me!”

  • KateLeslie1
    Posted 0Likes

    Actually Melissa…I was cried out & you provided me with a bit of comic relief: “…like it’s his first time doing summer theater in the Poconos.” ????????

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      I love summer theatre and I don’t love Father Bain. So fun to ridicule him!!

  • LCPrincess
    Posted 0Likes

    Melissa, you slay me! I cried and cried during the episode and was so glad I was by myself so I could just let go. I love all of your humor so much, and it is funny to know that Sam just pulled that sword out on his own (thanks Immerrill!) I think Sam’s facial expressions should win him an Emmy. Actually Cait and Lotte deserve Emmys for their acting in this episode! As for you leaving things out because you don’t want it to be too long, never fear, your blog could never be too long for me. This was my favorite episode. Well, it tied with the Wedding. Thanks for never failing to entertain. I need a good cry now so I think I will go watch it again. sniff sniff

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Thank you Princess! I cried too, a lot. My husband (he makes the memes for me!) could not believe it. I’m NOT a cryer. But then I started giggling a little, like when they were in the Thieves Hole, I immediately thought of the ‘worst sleepover ever’ and started making notes. My favorite episode was the one before this….#10. I thought the writing was BRILLIANT on that one. Thanks for writing Your Highness! 🙂

  • Martha
    Posted 0Likes

    I loved it! My husband said right at the end,” I know why all you ladies like him. He’s like Fabio!” Uh! Not quite! Way better looking and amazing actor! The Michael’s craft fail had me laughing for days! Thank for awesome commentary!

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      No! Not Fabio! ? Yes, Jamie’s a hunk but if he didn’t have the morality and intelligence, it wouldn’t matter. Glad your hubby likes it. My husband is hooked too and so is my adult son although I’d never watch any more episodes in the same room with him…cuz AWKWARD!

  • Kat Frances Hight (@alwaystosmile)
    Posted 0Likes

    You sure have a wonderful way with putting things in perfect perspective. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next week.

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Thank you Kat Frances! I’m always waiting to see what I’ll come up with too, cuz I’m just as surprised as anyone else. 😉 😉 😉 PS Writing is a caraazy process.

  • johansennewman
    Posted 0Likes

    Loved your recap!Watched it several times and , yes, they ARE better than Scarlett and Rhett!

  • Raynel Spiers
    Posted 0Likes

    Great synopsis of episode. I think if they would had her taking a few steps toward stones, then her turning around taking a few steps away from stones, followed by her starting to run back toward Jamie, may have made a better impact. Her choice/ decision made. I think this may have created less confusion for majority of those who have not read the books yet. Enjoyed your description.( I say we take up collection to frame Loaghaire for witchcraft and see who comes to rescue). LOL

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      I wish there had been a little more CGI stuff at the stones. I need more!

  • phillygirl1807
    Posted 0Likes

    Just found your website. Love your retelling of each Season 1 episode. I have read the first 4 books, and I’m rereading DIA to get ready for Season 2. Traveled to Scotland last May with another Outlander fan. We dragged our husbands on a 1 day Outlander tour out of Inverness. Had our own kilted “Jamie” as our guide. Just the best! I am old enough to be Sam’s mother – but I adore him for his exceptional talent. He IS Jamie, to me, and his adaptation of the role is simply amazing. Thanks again for your blog, which I will now be following.

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