Outlander, Episode 114 Re-cap, The Search or ‘Looking For Mr. Fraser’

As soon as they discover Jamie has been captured by the English, Claire and Jenny hastily gather supplies for the search and within minutes are galloping away from Lallybroch following a map hastily drawn by Ian.

They find the ambush spot and Jenny goes from man to man saying the Prayer for the Dead over each body. They continue on their journey tracking the men as Jenny calls a time out and jumps off her horse to express her breast milk.  She’s such a bad ass, I forgot she had a newborn at home. (Laura Donnelly is a gifted actress but I doubt even she can lactate on command and I look forward to learning how this process works as it looks completely realistic.)  They’re galloping through the forest when Jenny pulls up, jumps off her horse and checks the temperature of the horse shit in their path, finding it still warm. Warm shit = redcoats.


They locate the redcoats gathering place, and see one of the men leaving and capture him to learn Jamie’s whereabouts.  He won’t spill the beans, so Jenny burns the bottom of his feet with a hot poker.  They discover he’s a courier so Claire looks in his bag and finds a message that says Jamie escaped. Jenny and Claire argue whether or not they should kill him, but as they argue, Murtagh has quietly snuck up and slit the man’s throat.

That night they dine on tree bark gnawed directly from a fallen trunk washed down with Jenny’s breast milk hastily pasteurized over the campfire.  In the morning, Jenny, our pint-sized badass, must return to her baby and as she hugs Claire goodbye, Claire tells her when she returns to Lallybroch, she must plant potatoes, help generations of the Fraser clan save their teeth by brushing with twigs* and invest in Microsoft.  With Jenny gone, Murtagh explains his plan to find Jamie. They must draw attention to themselves so Jamie will know where to find them.  At the next town, Murtagh makes a fine attempt at a Lallybroch Riverdance performance and Claire tells fortunes all while secretly questioning the audience for clues.
They decide they need to ‘jazz up’ the act and Murtagh finds his inner Jay-Z and becomes the Producer as well as the opening act.  The final result is Claire at her most madcap and adorable with several spoonfuls of terror thrown in for good measure.
At the next village they discover that gypsies have stolen their act and are performing their song.  They confront the gypsy king and ask him to stop his woman from performing it.  He says songs belong to everyone and you can’t own words. In a rare blockhead move, Claire attempts to bribe the gypsy king by giving him ALL their money.  A disgusted Uncle Murty explains that the song would’ve drawn Jamie to them, now two women will be performing and he won’t know where to go. He tells her to go back home and he’ll find Jamie on his own, but Claire pulls rank saying he’s pledged to the Laird so he must follow her orders.

They continue riding from village to village until one night they’re camped in a breathtaking seaside cave and their argument reaches a boiling point.  Claire has borrowed Jamie’s ‘Jump To Conclusion Mat’ and sneers at Murtagh saying he’s never lost someone he loved.  Murtagh, using more words than he ever has at one time, tells her he was in love with Jamie’s mother but she loved someone else. Years ago, to prove himself worthy, he killed a wounded boar with a dagger and had bracelets made from the tusks as her wedding gift and Jamie is like a son to him.


Next night the gypsy king comes to Claire and says a man left a message for her at their show and gives her the location of a meeting place.  She and Murtagh rush there, but sadly, the man they meet is not our Jamie but Dougal, who has created quite a cozy lair/bat cave for himself.  He tells them that Jamie was captured, tried and sentenced to hang at Wentworth and there’s no way to save him.  He keeps speaking of Jamie in the past tense and if there was a way to jump through my TV screen and punch him in the nose, I would have.  Dougal proposes she marry him and as War Chief of Clan MacKenzie he will protect Claire, Lallybroch and the tenants.  Claire counters by asking how many of the MacKenzie men are with him and he says 10.  She asks for a chance to convince them to help rescue Jamie and if she fails, she will marry Dougal.
She and Murtagh go to the MacKenzie men who at first mock their plan, but finally young Willie steps forward saying Jamie has always protected him and he’ll go.  Soon our favorites Rupert and Angus grudgingly say they will go and help rescue Jamie too.


That’s all for this week’s folks. This one wasn’t as scary as I’d thought, so we’ve got a bit of a reprieve until next week. You can read my Survival Guide to the last few episodes in the link below along with a Spoilery comment. I’d love to hear what you thought about this episode. I LOVED it, especially Claire’s young boy costume, bad ass Jenny and every single thing about Murtagh.



I can’t wait until Claire rescues Jamie, but I really, really don’t want to see what happens to him until she does. I’ve confessed to using the ‘skim and cringe’ method when reading about Jamie and Wentworth and I’ll probably use it again when viewing.  I’ll attempt to re-cap the next two episodes, although I truly have no idea how that’ll work.  Until next time…. The following may help you survive the final episodes: http://www.melissasobservations.com/2015/05/07/the-top-8-things-youll-need-to-survive-the-final-three-outlander-episodes/

* a little treat for the book readers


  • Laurie
    Posted 0Likes

    Got to say I chuckled when Claire told the first lady that she would have a happy and long life but her hubby would not. The woman’s expression was priceless. I knew when Claire kept telling Murtagh he didn’t know about love that he would set her straight. Poor guy. Not that Dougal wasn’t a scowling scoundrel, but I’ve kinda missed him. LOL.

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      I know what you mean Laurie…depending on the episode, I love/hate Dougal! That lady’s expression was so fabulous, so glad Claire threw her a bone…it gave her hope!!

  • Connie Sandlin (@Yr_Obt_Svt)
    Posted 0Likes

    Ha ha! Dougal’s secret lair/ bat cave!!! I thought Sam/Jamie had the bat cave ownership cornered. I also worried about the tide coming up in the oceanside cave where Mr. Godfather Eyebrows and Lady Broch Tuarach took shelter for the night!

  • Melissa B
    Posted 0Likes

    It was such a cool lair! I’ve heard people mention young Mr. H and a bat cave, but don’t know what that’s about. Confuzzled. I hadn’t thought about the tide coming in, you’re an excellent worrier, my friend, possibly better than me, lol! 🙂

  • dot65jean
    Posted 0Likes

    Along with Jamie and Claire, YOU are also now one of my heroes! I simply love your commentaries!

  • Melissa B
    Posted 0Likes

    Wow, what a great compliment! Let’s see how you feel next week when I’m at a loss for words as I may spend most of the episode under my couch or hiding behind my husband. #ImAfraid 🙁

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