Outlander Episode 115 Re-cap ‘Wentworth’ or ‘Re-capping With The Volume Turned Down’

I decided to try to watch “Wentworth” late Friday around 2 a.m.  So far Ron Moore and his team have done an exceptional job and my curiosity to see it, overcame my fear.  With the help of my snuggly dog,  a pillow covering two-thirds of my face and the volume turned down for many of the scenes, I made it through.

A lot has been said about Tobias Menzies’ performance and he was very good bringing depth to the evil Black Jack.  But for my money, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe stole the show.  The nuanced performances they needed to bring to this episode along with emotions, actions and feelings were delivered in full and were nothing short of miraculous.  By the way, do we know if in fact they are real human beings?  Has this been verified?  I. am. in. awe.  I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest right now that the Academy throw everyone else off the ballot and just drive a truck on over to Scotland, back it up at the studio and unload all the awards because, let’s face it, nobody can do any better than Sam, Cait, Ron, Maril, Terry, Matt and the entire team.

There’s no way I can even attempt to write my usual madcap/zany re-cap because there’s nothing to laugh at when the innocent are being slaughtered.  Also, with the volume turned down, there’s a pretty good chance I didn’t get all the details correct or in the right order and there’s no way I’m watching again. So, sue me. 😉  Here we go.

The episode begins, and I’m grinding my teeth.


Though, seeing Ira Behr’s name makes me smile for approximately half a second until I see the scary thing.


The men are lined up outside a prison and Jamie, who’s usually so upbeat, tries to find the sunny side, but can’t.


Jamie wants MacQuarrie to fight and go out like men, but he says no. Jamie watches him go to the gallows and how I wish there were no chains on him cuz, Dude could do some damage.


Claire and Murtagh are at the prison and I’m confused as I thought this guy lived in America.  I didna ken he was in this episode and consider turning up the volume but decide against it.  He invented electricity y’all!


Claire and Murtagh go to a tavern and Rupert and Angus make new friends.  I wonder what that’s all about, but I’m still not ready to turn the volume back up.


Jamie is in a dark, scary room when thugs bring him the extra large, deluxe wrap from Chipotle. I’m really getting confused.


Claire and Murtagh go back to the prison. It does not look like a happy place. She finds Jamie but Randall is there.  Claire looks upset and is shouting for help.  These redcoats come running and they look upset too.  Unfortunately they left their balls in the locker room when they dressed for work, so they don’t help her.


Claire makes it down to the dungeon and there’s Igor’s doppelganger from Young Frankenstein. He doesn’t look nearly as friendly as his twin.


Lots and lots of horrible, scary things happen.  I saw only bits and pieces as it scared the bejesus out of me as I really feel the feelz especially when they’re scary.

Randall drags Claire away from Jamie, shoving her through the corridor.  She stops sobbing long enough to give him a major piece of her mind.  Luckily, she’s brilliant and has a lot to spare.  She looks and acts fearless even though I know she’s not.  I love Claire…and by extension Caitriona Balfe.  I really, really do.


Then Claire leans in and says something to Randall and I think he soiled his undergarments which are probably silk, high cut if I had to guess.


Claire makes it back to her clansman and they look like they’re arguing.  She shows her pearls to a hunky, middle-aged man. (Question: Is Scotland packed with hunky men? If so, I need to tell my single girlfriends about this phenomenon.)  When the man leaves his house, Murtagh follows him outside and sees the cows.  Murtagh loves the cows.  He wants to kiss the cows. And I know why the cows make him happy because I read the book, so the cows make me happy too.  For the first time, I’m a little bit happy and hopeful too.


So, I did it!  I re-capped the 2nd scariest episode.  I’m slightly proud of myself.  Man, I’m never watching that again. Sigh…..

NOTE: We’ve got two weeks till the final episode and that is the weekend my sweet, gorgeous, wonderful daughter will be visiting.  That re-cap will be several days late as I plan to spend every single moment staring at my girl, spending ridiculous amounts of money on her, creepily watching her sleep, asking overbearing and intrusive questions about her life and being totally content. This is my girl hugging her 88-year old grandpa last year and she’s gonna do it again in two weeks. Oh man, we’re all gonna do the happy dance!!



  • Auntie Lamb
    Posted 0Likes

    Good for you, Melissa! You showed great bravery and still managed a few funny observations. And I totally agree with you about Cait’s and, especially, Sam’s performances. We’re so proud of you!

    Have a wonderful family weekend!

    Your friend,

  • Nancy Skellenger
    Posted 0Likes

    Melissa, I’m so glad you were able to make it thru this episode, since I really enjoy your recaps! It was harrowing. Tobias did a stellar job, but I totally agree that Sam & Cait stole the show with their nuanced performances!! Villians have the meatier parts, but to convey the depth of emotion here – with just their expressions!! Heartwrenching!! Emmys for all!! Bravo.

  • LCPrincess
    Posted 0Likes

    I hadn’t caught up on my emails this weekend, so I just left comment on your other post about you not watching! I’m glad you got through it! I so agree that Cait and Sam stole the show. Everyone is bragging on Tobias, and don’t get me wrong, he was great, but Sam didn’t even need lines. He should get an Emmy for his expressiveness with every muscle of his body. I saw the jaw muscles working, the Adam’s apple bobbing, the tear in the eye, the blank stare, just everything about him! And Cait made Claire break my heart. Fantastic. Not looking forward to the flashbacks with the really, really dark stuff. Also not looking forward to Season 1 being over. Droughlander again! Arrrggghhhh. Have a great time with your daughter!

  • Susan
    Posted 0Likes

    Thank you, Melissa. I do not share the thrills for BJR/Tobias. I got sick of his licking and slobbering over Jamie and hope that’s done but probably not. I think #16 will be worse with the flashbacks….Starz won’t omit those! Sam was so expressive in his anguish AND his toughness at the beginning and I loved that Cait sobbed and cried over Jamie like a real woman, no little crocodile tears for her. I missed the farewell lines from the book, though. God bless you for having the courage to semi watch it. The nail pounding went on too long, BTW. Dread #16. I may need the pillow for that one.

  • dot65jean
    Posted 0Likes

    You, my friend, are indeed one of the brightest lights of my life. I thank you, as always, for your brilliant wit and way with words and captioning stills from the series. Long Live Scotland the Brave!

  • Deborah Lynch
    Posted 0Likes

    I seriously had to wait for Monday morning to get up my nerve and watch it in the daylight hours. Brilliant performances, i cried buckets. LOVE this whole cast

  • OSuzyQuilts
    Posted 0Likes

    Though very dramatic and rough, I was okay until the nail. Covered my eyes the first time and cried then. Finale will be just as if not more intense!

  • Peigi
    Posted 0Likes

    Brave Lass – good for you!!

  • Peigi
    Posted 0Likes

    And another thing…any smiles written by you for this episode are VERY welcome!

  • Glory
    Posted 0Likes

    Thanks Melissa! I am gonna try to watch it tonight. You gave me courage. XO

  • Maria
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    Reblogged this on Like a scream but sort of silent and commented:
    “I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest right now that the Academy throw everyone else off the ballot and just drive a truck on over to Scotland, back it up at the studio and unload all the awards because, let’s face it, nobody can do any better than Sam, Cait, Ron, Maril, Terry, Matt and the entire team.” <– THIS!

  • Bobbi
    Posted 0Likes

    Wait, What? You said the SECOND scariest episode??!!?? I dona think I can handle another epi worse than the last.

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