Outlander Fans & The Ornery Tweeters Among Us

I love Outlander.  I am an Outlander fan.  I am an Outlander fan of ‘Rainman’ proportions.  I was Outlandish before Outlander was cool.

So, during the last week as ‘Outlander’ premiered in San Diego and NY, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time reading articles, blogs and reviews, as well as watching previews of Outlander and interviews with the stars, creators, producers etc.  I’ve also spent a fair amount of time reading Diana Gabaldon’s  Facebook and Twitter pages as well as the Twitter comments of my fellow fans many of whom are as passionate or more so than me.

Most fellow Twitterites are excited about and supportive of the mini-series.  They cheer on the comments and support the ideas that come from Terry Dresbach, Ron Moore, Diana Gabldon, Maril Davis, Sam Heughan, Caitriona Balfe and even those very funny Outlander drivers. The Outlander cast and crew have caught our interest just like Bobby Sherman and Davy Jones did during our teen years. But interspersed among this incredibly supportive group of fans,  there are other people.  People who seem to find pleasure in saying mean things.

Here’s the thing I don’t understand.  With the incredibly busy lives we lead with work, family, homes, etc., how can any sane person deliberately go to a Facebook or Twitter page of a complete stranger just to make negative or mean comments?  In this instance do they think the producers will slap themselves on the forehead, fire the cast and writers and start all over just to please them?  Do they think this seasoned group of film makers wants or needs advice?

The following are things that most baffle me.  Why would anyone who has read Outlander think Jamie should be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger topped with bright carrot-colored hair.  Nowhere in the books does it say that Jamie has hair like an orange popsicle or the bulging biceps of a professional body builder.  The mini-series will not be spoiled for me if Claire does not have whiskey-colored eyes.  Have the naysayers seen the previews? Caitriona Balfe is Claire.  And if by chance you disagree and feel you must express yourself, please say it nicely.  What is your motivation in negatively badgering Facebook pages and Twitter feeds about it?  What are you trying to accomplish other than to hurt someone?  If that is your intent, I truly feel bad for you because you need to know right now that you’re wasting your life.

I read recently, and I can’t remember where, that there are small machines that most people in the world possess that can instantly access all the  information known to mankind. These machines are your phone and computer.  And millions of people use them to anonymously provoke and fight with strangers on the internet while others watch videos of cats. I wish I knew who said it, because it’s brilliant.

I don’t know how Diana Gabaldon does it. If I were Diana, instead of being patient and explaining things ad nauseum, by now I would have climbed to the top of New Mexico’s highest mountain and flung my laptop over a cliff.  I could never be her or Sam Heughan or Caitriona Balfe.  I don’t have the thick skin and at my age, I’m probably not going to acquire it.  My intent in writing this, I suppose, is if even one person who reads it, could then pause, think, take a deep breath and decide not to post a mean comment on-line, then I’ve done something positive with my day.  And maybe, just maybe, the next time they want to say something negative about Sam Heughan’s height, hair color and musculature or Caitriona Balfe’s eyes, instead they could take a deep breath and go watch kittens play with yarn on Youtube.  They will be much happier people and the world will be a nicer place.  Or better yet, this Saturday night, sit down with an open mind and prepare to be amazed!

And P.S.  For the life of me I don’t know how anyone could find anything negative to say about Sam Heughan’s appearance; because that is one gorgeous young man. He is better looking than 99% of the population and I hope one day he meets and marries my daughter and gives me beautiful grandchildren who wear kilts and eat haggis.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask for….on second thought maybe it is 😉


  • Kris
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    Well said! I deal with people and their their rude, condescending behaviors on a daily basis at my place of work. And we often joke about how nice it would be to have a lever to a trap door that we could pull so that they would drop through the floor! I for the life of me can NOT figure out why some people have to be so negative, rude or condescending. It seems like such a precious waste of energy. One thing for sure is that the must be really unhappy and that’s really too bad…because they are missing out on all that is wonderful in this life and Outlander is just one of those things! Tulach Ard Y’all!!!

    • Oh, I really want one of those trap doors. Could it be portable? Because, truly, you never know when ornery people are gonna show up.

  • Rebecca Anderson
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    I totally agree. If Sam bulked up like Conan the Barbarian he’d put me totally off and Jamie would only be able to waddle thru heather and forests because his thighs would rub together! Cait is lovely, warm, and has an ethereal and natural beauty at the same time. I love her voice. My only fear was she might have been in LA too long but she hasn’t lost her real Irish soul or ability to appear English.
    I liked what Cait said in an interview that the series can be seen as a “companion piece” to the books because the books are so vast and detailed they can’t duplicate everything on screen. And I bet if Diana went back to edit what she wrote 20 years ago some things would be cut and others added. Dougal on screen doesn’t have long auburn hair and I wouldn’t want him to- wouldn’t change a thing about him. Essentially, Sam, Cait, et al. are perfect. And tell the naysayers, “It’s not about y’all, y’all!!”

    • I loved the ‘companion piece’ comment too. I’m reading MOBY for the second time, and I don’t see Sam or Cait. I thought I would, but realized this week that I’m seeing the people I had in my head years ago. They’re baaaaccckkk. I LOVE ‘Outlander’ the series, but these books are HUGE so everything can’t be in there, the series is just an amazing added ‘extra’ addition to the experience. I also agree, Diana might change some stuff after 20 years, I know even in such a short time writing these re-caps, I cringe at some of the stuff I wrote two months ago. Thank you for writing, I admire your brain 🙂

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