#Outlander Premiere Week or “All The Fun’s In The Big Apple so Why Am I Not There?”

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock or are a ‘normal’ fan….which I’m not, you may not know that this is Outlander Premiere Week or as I like to call it, “Why Aren’t I in New York Sipping Gin and Tonics with the Cast and Crew Gossiping About Outlander Shizzle” week.

The first time I wanted to steal a car and careen ‘Thelma and Louise’ style to New York was when I saw the tweets rolling down my Twitter feed this past weekend, seeing all the fun girls hopping on planes, trains and automobiles and heading to the Big Apple.  I literally wanted to kick my own ass for not going except I’m not that flexible.  Note to self: Sign up for yoga.  Note to Self #2: Don’t curse in public.

The second time I wanted to ‘Thelma and Louise’ it was when I saw everyone lined up for the premiere in New York on Monday night. Who cares if it’s 30 degrees and freezing? Not me!  I just want to be there hanging with my fellow Outlander fanmily, speculating and guffawing about the possibilities of the new season.  Yes, I read the books 1,000 times, but it’s gonna be a little bit different and I wanna know how different or at least talk/guess about it!

The third time I wished I had a private jet parked outside my house like John Travolta was today when I watched the Television Academy Outlander_Starz Event and saw the coolest kids ever on that stage confabbing about all things Outlander.  Fun Fact.  I left my television career (writing, voice overs, hosting, producing, etc.) 20+ years ago to stay home and be a mommy to two incredible, tiny, curly-haired humans.  I never missed it… until today.  TODAY was the first time I thought ‘Hmm, that would be fun.’  The money sort of sucked at the beginning, the hours were incredibly long, but the laughs and the feelings of accomplishment were pretty spectacular.   Anyway, back to John Travolta’s plane.  He’d dress in his pilot costume, warm up the engine, fly over my house, lower a rope and away we’d go to New York.Travolta's Plane.png

I think today’s Television Academy panel was my favorite event so far.  We already know everyone involved in this show is brilliant and we’ve heard them interviewed before, but today we saw deeper into their process and saw a more human side to their personalities, and I loved it!  AcadEvent

Also, Terry Dresbach is a freakin peach.  I’ve said before I want to start a Caitriona Balfe Fan Club with decoder rings, but I’m thinking, I should start one for Terry too but this time we’d have secret handshakes!  Terry is smart, funny, brave and brilliant….stop me when I begin to fawn. Oh. Too. Late.TerryandRon

The Terry and Gary Show.  Alright there’s no such thing, but after today I really think there should be.  Jon Gary Steele is the Production Designer, or the guy who can make 1740s France out of crappy plywood and look like a superhero while doing it.  I sat here with a big goofy grin on my face watching him interact with Terry and thinking about how rare it is for two incredibly talented people to work together for so long and be best friends and how blessed they are to be making television history together.  And also, I kept thinking, why is that guy so good looking?  Even his name sounds like a superhero….‘Gary Steele!’  I can hear Don Pardo in my head….

GarySteeleThere’s so much more happening this week with Cait on the Today Show on Wednesday, Thursday is the Saks Red Carpet Event, FridaySam is on ‘Kelly and Michael’ which oughta be a hoot, although I bet you $5,000 somebody is gonna ask Sam the kilt question, and then the Tartan Day Parade on Saturday.  If you’re able to go, for heaven’s sake go!  If you’re not, then watch from afar cuz that’s fun too.  Premiere2

And if you’re not on Twitter, what are you waiting for?!? It’s so fun and you can start by following me. Here’s my handle: @Gracesmom48, yes it should’ve been Outlander Recaps Etc, but I put the names in backwards cuz that’s how I do… I’m also on Facebook now at Outlander MelissasObservations.comFacebook Banner.pngSo, in conclusion, (this is turning into a book report and my middle school English teacher, Mr. Cacatorre, would be so proud), get involved!  Never have I ever seen the Showrunners of any show past or present give back so much to the audience, it’s all there for us to be involved in and to enjoy, so JUST DO IT!!   And look me up while you’re doing it. Waddya got to lose?!?


  • Linda Lowe
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    I wholeheartedly agree with your description of Terry Dresbach. She was so charming on stage last night and what a performer! I have never been so beguiled by someone other than Sam or Cait before in one of these events. I also appreciate Terry’s interaction with fans on social media. It’s great to hear something new. I and a host of others, I am sure, are fairly tired of hearing the same old questions, answers and bon mots. They’re really only interesting the first time.

  • sassenachdoctor
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    Wishing I was there too! Perhaps for season 3!

  • Glory
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    Great post Melissa! Loved the panel with Terry and Jon Gary Steel. Glory

    On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 10:08 PM, melissasobservations wrote:

    > Melissa B posted: “Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock or are a > ‘normal’ fan….which I’m not, you may not know that this is Outlander > Premiere Week or as I like to call it, “Why Aren’t I in New York Sipping > Gin and Tonics with the Cast and Crew Gossiping About Outlander” >

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