Outlander Re-cap, ‘Both Sides Now’ aka ‘Motion Sickness’, Episode 8

This re-cap is entitled ‘Motion Sickness’ which is how my stomach felt with all the jumping back and forth.  In this re-cap as we ‘jump’ centuries, I’ll include the word ‘Jump’ so we can keep track of where we are .

We rejoin our friends at the Inverness Police Station as the officer in charge takes a meeting with Frank while drinking whisky from his grandma’s tea cup.  Immediately, three things become apparent.  The PoPo are sick and tired of Frank Randall coming around, they’re never going to solve her disappearance and since we last saw Frank, he has grown a pair.


Jump: Jamie & Claire are gazing into each other’s eyes, like lovesick teenagers, when Jamie asks her if it’s usual for couples to share so much passion. She tells him “No, it’s rare and only happens when one half of the couple is Jamie Fraser.”   #ShesExperiencedButNotTheWhoreofBabylon

Suddenly an arrow flies past and they fall to the ground, Jamie flips into highlander mode, grabs the arrow and then begins to smile.  (He can identify people by their arrows?!?)  It’s his old pal, Hugh Munro, a fellow ginger who looks like he may be Sam Heughan’s handsome uncle.  Years ago, Hugh was forced into service on a ship and as often happens, they cut out his tongue.  He and Jamie are able to communicate with hand signs and gestures. He introduces Claire as his ‘wife of two days’ and Munro gives her a ‘Dragonfly In Amber’ from their Target Gift Registry  thus signaling the title of next year’s Outlander series.  Munro, who even without a tongue, seems to be Bureau Chief of the Highlands CNN, brings us an exciting news update!  A redcoat deserter named Horrocks  (gestures towards Claire, holds two rocks) witnessed Jamie’s escape from Ft. William and knows who killed the guard.  Jamie wants to meet him to see if he can clear his name so he can FINALLY head back to Lallybroch and chillax.


Jump: The Rev shares a cockamamie theory illustrated with his ‘Beautiful Mind’ poster board how Claire was swept down river and has been hiding in a cave eating fish and frogs.  Frank asks him what he’s been smoking and will he share.  Just then wee Roger Wakefield comes into the room and every #BookReader gives a collective sigh at the adorableness of young Roger along with the knowledge of what’s to come.  Frank mouth vomits at all the cuteness and heads to the local pub where it appears that ‘everybody doesn’t know his name’.  A woman ‘CallmeSally’ sits on the adjacent stool and says she can take him to the highlander in the photo.  Frank looks her over and sniffs at her with his Black Jack DNA and makes a plan to meet her later.

Jump:  The men are lounging around a campfire like the Boy Scouts as Rupert regales them with stories.  Jamie and Claire are sitting together whispering “You’re the cutest”, ‘No, YOU’RE the cutest!”, while bopping each other on the head with balloons. 


The horses start to whinney and the Highlander GI Joes realize there is someone beyond the darkness and they begin to surreptitiously move towards their weapons as Jamie whispers to Claire to take his knife and at his signal go hide.  Suddenly all hell breaks loose and everyone goes into Scottish ninja mode with violent fighting until Ned fires a shot proving the old adage that one must ‘Always Bring Their Accountant To A Knife Fight.’  No one was hurt and the only thing stolen of value was a horse which ticks Dougal off because he’s worried about the bills.


Jump: Frank meets up with ‘Notsally’ wearing a trench coat and a fedora looking like Peter Jennings reporting ‘Live from London!’   He’s walked straight into an ambush which seems scary until we’re reminded how much DNA has been passed down from Black Jack.  He beats the holy hell out of them, one man in particular gets repeatedly kicked reminding us of Grandpa Jack and those fun stories from back in the day……..   ‘Notsally’ freaks out and the next thing we know, Frank almost chokes her to death.  Genetic receptor apple meet DNA tree.    Next day he tells the Rev what he did and the Rev tells him it’s time to move on, don’t let the door hit you on the way out…send me a postcard from Oxford.

JUMP:  Claire’s looking for the knife she dropped at the previous night’s festivities.  She proclaims that it’s too long and heavy for her as Rupert shouts ‘ThatsWhatSheSaid!’  Ned says Angus is a great knife fighter (FORESHADOW) and he should teach Claire how to fight with a sgian dhu which is Gaelic for a knife that’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.  Ned says all people should know how to protect themselves (FORESHADOW!) and she should hide it on her body. He keeps his knife (FORESHADOW) near his naughty bits and pulls it out of his nether regions and hands it to her.  Claire daintily cleans it with sanitizing wipes and the YMCA Women’s Self Defense lessons begins.


Jamie and Claire are playing ‘roll me over in the clover’.  (Question.  Why did the line: ‘when does the wanting stop’ change from heart-breaking sweetness to teen-age boy under the bleachers?)  Suddenly a gun is placed at Jamie’s temple because redcoats.  Dammit, these redcoats are getting on my. last. nerve.  One filthy deserter hold Jamie at gunpoint, as the other gets on top of Claire. She waits for just the right moment and plunges the knife into his back killing him (Kudos to YMCA Women’s Self Defense Course) and Jamie quickly kills the other one.

JUMP: Mrs. Graham and the Rev are interrupted from a round of verbal cage fighting by Frank who wants to know what’s all the racket.  Mrs. Graham shares her theory that Claire has not left him, but has only time traveled.  Frank listens, stands up, swallows a bottle of Excedrin and says he must be going.  Wee Roger walks in wearing a tiny, tweed suit(!) reminding this blogger to begin urgent whining for grandchildren.  Frank leaves Claire’s suitcase at the Reverend’s home and heads for Oxford.

JUMP:  Jamie tells Claire they are going to meet Horrocks and she needs to stay behind with Willie.  Angry Claire says ‘I can take care of myself, I’ve proven that’!  #MeanSubtweet   Willie stays behind to guard Claire, but he leaves her alone for two minutes to go ‘auto-compost’ and she sees the rocks of Craigh na Dun and takes off running like a world class track star in long skirts.

JUMP/BLEND:  Frank is sobbing for Claire at the Stones as she’s running towards them.  He yells, she hears it, she yells, he hears it and just as she’s gotten to the rocks those damn Redcoats grab her and stuff her in a wagon and head for Ft. William and BJ Randall.  Cut to Claire seated at a table with Randall strutting about the room playing his usual game of Cat & Mouse.


He’s going to find out who she is by any means necessary when she plays her card,  “How would the Duke of Sandringham feel about my treatment?”  He chokes on his drink as she stands and calmly reties his scarf and she’s almost free of him when he asks her about the Duke’s wife and she steps right into a trap as the Duke does not have a wife. Oh, Claire! She realizes her mistake and runs for the door which is guarded on the other side by Corporal Hawkins who will be featured on ‘Dirty Jobs 1700s Edition’ as there’s nothing dirtier than being Black Jack’s bouncer.  “I’m sorry ma’am” he says as he makes her stay in the room with BJR.  Hawkins is gonna have a lot of splainin to do at the pearly gates.

Randall twirls his moustache, bends her over the table, lifts up her dress and does scary stuff with a knife, when suddenly our hero Jamie appears at the window. “I’ll thank ye to take your hands OFF my wife!”, he declares in his commanding voice, thus concluding the first half of the season and leaving us to hang for 6 looooong months.  Six months seems cruel, however I live in the real world and understand how long it takes to produce a quality product.  I may whine a bit, but on the other hand, it might be a good time to revive our social life, perhaps start up our old supper club, paint the baseboards, join a gym. I can hear real life calling again!  🙂




  • bethwesson
    Posted 0Likes

    Loved it! Laughed out loud! Loved your comments. I too love this production, but have same fears. Keep reminding myself the crew are fans and Diana likes it! Great job!

    • So glad you laughed! The part about ‘bopping each other over the head with balloons’ actually made ME laugh!! The show runners are smart and fans of the books. I believe that ultimately, they will let Jamie be Jamie. 🙂 And if they don’t, I will buy lots of Kleenex and sob for a month or so.

      • bethwesson
        Posted 0Likes

        I promiseto write the largest letter of apology I could muster if they pull it out! Hope I have to write it on a football field! LOL!

  • mshanot2000
    Posted 0Likes

    Well written Melissa and I too have some of the same concerns! Thanks!

    • Thanks mshanot2000! I think they will ‘right the ship’, but why oh why do we have to wait till April to find out?

      • mshanot2000
        Posted 0Likes

        Whoops, don’t check this often ;).
        Yep April where are ya?

  • GinaMarie
    Posted 0Likes

    I laughed outloud! Your blog is terrific. I just discovered it.

  • Amy
    Posted 0Likes

    You are hilarious! I can’t wait to read the books just to compare to the show. Every time your blog says spoiler alert, I prey that i’ll get a juicy tidbit! My only hope is to hole up in my house all winter and read. I’ll be looking forward to anything you write. My fear is your blogs will stop. DON’T STOP!

  • Teasle11
    Posted 0Likes

    Diana has confirmed that we’ll get VO from Jamie in the second part of Season 1, so I think it’s all going to switch around and concentrate on J&C from now on. It was necessary to make non-book readers believe she would want to get back to Frank, as I thought he was too wishy-washy in the book and I was really annoyed with her for legging it at the first opportunity after it was clear that Jamie was completely in love with her.

    • I read Diana’s comments about Jamie’s perspective for second part of the season and did an internal happy dance! You are right, it was necessary for non-book readers to think of Frank as a viable option #NotInThisWorld, and Tobias Menzies would almost have swayed me, except that he’s up against the King of Men and there’s no way, lol! Can’t wait for the second half of the season 🙂

  • stpaulisinger
    Posted 0Likes

    Melissa, I felt the same for the “does it ever stop ? The wanting” line; I remembered it far less sexual and much more romantic…..but well, they can’t be perfect, can they ? It’s only small things, like the pearl necklace in the wedding, I felt that to be too 1970es, and all these cleanly shaved bodies ? But they can’t do a real red Fraser tartan due to authenticity ???? But, all in all they’re doing a great job, and I feel they’re doing Frank justice here….never thought about him much when reading the books. Re-reading “outlander” now and it turns out that Claire at this point of the story is still 100 % in team Frank and clearly still planning to return to him…..I miss the ironical humour from the books, but still – what do I know about how to adapt a book for TV and – en plus – get non-readers hooked on the series. Thanks for your funny recap anyway !!! Greetings from Germany !

    • Most women in 2104, would be turned off by real mens’ hairy bodies. Trying to remember when hairless men became a ‘thing’ 🙂 Except for one episode, I was 99.9% THRILLED with the season…..I mean it’s all I can think about whenever I’m not occupied with real-life. Very grateful to the bigwigs in charge–they obviously love the books too. 🙂 🙂 I’m so glad you liked the re-cap and as an aside, I’ve always wanted to see Germany. The mountains look so beautiful.

  • Julie Sturgeon
    Posted 0Likes

    I completely agreed with your assessment — I was restless with the Frank cutaways. I’d have been fine with just the police station, the theory that she went through the stones, and their hearing each other. I felt the bar scene, the back alley fight, the suitcase, Wakefield’s crazy theories were all to build up a man who isn’t really part of the story. Frank’s role is mental for Claire as he’s a mirror to help her determine her own faithfulness, goals, morals. He’s a 50-page weak character in the story. And all of that screen time for Frank came at the price of showing us the complicated bonding issues between C and J — methinks Mr. Menzies is the director’s pet.

    But hey! It’s one small thing in a 16-episode story. I’m sure I’ll get over it.

    • I really liked this episode and if I wasn’t a book reader, I would have LOVED it. I realize they expanded the Frank character because we have to understand why Claire wants so desperately to go back, other than the fact that the woman time traveled! And Tobias Menzies is an incredible actor–this episode finally made me care about Frank. ……But, I want to see more of the Jamie & Claire relationship development that was dare I say it (whisphers dramatically) in the boooooook. I’m pretty sure when we get back to this in April, we’re all going to be happy.

  • amorley552014
    Posted 0Likes

    It will be OK. Ron & co. Love the books as much as we do. I can tell by the way he talks. He has to remember the people who have not read the books, what fits in an hour, what goes with what, what informs best and where it should be which isn’t where readers might like. The man is good, very good, at his job! So I do not worry at all. My only worry is can I wait til April 4? Damn, that hurts!

  • gingerlovinmind
    Posted 0Likes

    Ok, still reading, but so far my favorite line is: “…sgian dhu which is Gaelic for a knife that’s strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.” Still trying not to laugh so loud that co-workers realize that I am not actually working.” (Correction: reading iIS a kind of work, just not one I have convinced someone to pay me to do, yet.)

    • I LOVED that line too, if I may brag for a moment, lol. (I have no idea why that popped into my head exactly when I needed it, but I’m grateful!!) If you get in trouble for laughing at work, let me know and I can write you an excuse note 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • gingerlovinmind
        Posted 0Likes

        [Insert vulgar Gaelic expletive here.] Yep, you’d better start writing that excuse note…especially since I am still reading. [Insert owl-eyed non-blink here.] I don’t think anyone believes that the pictures of Jamie and Claire kissing that were up on my screen were exhibits to a pleadings. Ahem. However, while we are on the subject of pleading….PLEASE, please for the love of all that is holy, Lords of Television, please have a season 6 of Outlander so that I can see [SPOILER WARNING FOR ANY WHO MIGHT NOT HAVE READ THE BOOKS YET] the scene where Jamie rescues Claire from the bandits and goes all highlander berserk. Kill them all! *Swooooooooooooooooon!* Sorry, I just read, re-read, re-re-read, bookmarked, and recited it again.

  • mzphitz
    Posted 0Likes

    I am officially giving up my lurker status by leaving a comment on this blog. What a treasure Melissa is. But it is seriously dangerous to read this at work. Loud guffaws tend to startle the other inmates. Please add me to your fangirls!

  • Auntie Lamb
    Posted 0Likes

    I’m enjoying your recaps, too (Arthur Duncan = Phil Spector: GENIUS!!!); and as long as we’re mentioning scenes from the other seven “big books” that we hope make it to video,[MAJOR SPOILER ALERT — BOOK SPOILERS TO FOLLOW!!!] I want to put in my plug for the reunion scene from “Voyager.” After all, if we get to see C be sent back to the future by J at the end of BOOK 2 (we KNOW they’ll be filmin’ that one), basic human decency + millions of crying ovaries demand that we get to see C make her way back to J in BOOK 3!! Plus, BOOK 3 bonus!!!: the best sex scene to take place on a ship since Jack Hawkins checked out Charlton Heston’s pecs in the slave galley in “Ben Hur”!! Oh, and if we’re REALLY wishin’ for what we’d like to see in the (much) later books, there are a couple of ditties from the much-maligned “The Fiery Cross” involving hand creams; hearthfires & lion-maned shadows; foot/leg massages & action in the stables; what might happen when C & J are aged 101 and 96, respectively; and what Jamie can do to Claire with the fingers of one hand!!! I’m all about ANYTHING to do with Jamie’s fingers (remember when C says to J “I imagine you have very strong fingers,” or somesuch in BOOK 1)!! Oh, and ditto anything to do with BOOK 6: ABOSAA is fantastic!! EVERYTHING happens in it….

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Impressive that you can remember specific sex acts from specific books. I have no clue what I had for dinner last night! I bow to you….or let’s make it a curtsey. ? P. S. Arthur Duncan’s hair really freaks me out, lol. Thanks for writing. ?

  • Auntie Lamb
    Posted 0Likes

    Now you know what I’ve been doing during “Droughtlander”!

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