#Outlander, Re-cap, Epi 208, Jenny’s Still a Pain, Simon Says Stupid Stuff and Jamie is the Jamiest Ever!

Scotland looks so gorgeous in the opening scene, I can hear the National Tourism Board members weeping with joy all the way from Texas.  Jamie, Claire, Murtagh and Fergus have returned to Scotland and are nestled in the bosom of Lallybroch with Jenny, Ian, Mrs. Crrrrook and the rest of the Fraser-Murrays.  Jamie and Claire hope they’ve done enough to stop the war, although between you and me, they shouldn’t hold their breath.  Claire, the psychic potato planter, is back just in time for the harvest and the family has gathered oohing and aahing over the crop while Jamie and Claire make-out on the dining room table probably causing more than one young family member to barf in their mouth.


The mail arrives and there’s a letter from Aunt Jocasta ….foreshadow, Louise de Rohan and Cousin Jared with this episode’s buzzkill news that crazy Prince Charlie forged Jamie’s signature on a document that states he’s a Jacobite supporter.  In one stroke, they morph from happy farmers to traitors to the Crown.  Claire suggests places where they can run to hide and Jamie whose feet are planted as firmly as the potato crop, points out all the flaws in her plan.  Jamie is the Jamiest I can remember seeing him; it’s as though he’s popped straight out of a Gabaldon Toaster into my TV set.


Their plan?  Jamie and Claire will go see Jamie’s grandsire, Lord Lovat, to try to convince him to send his men to fight.  Murtagh will bring the Fraser men and meet up at Kinguisse in two weeks.  That little ray of sunshine, Jenny, mocks her bro saying it’s a dopy plan.  If I had to live anywhere near that know-it-all, I’d be stockpiling Tums, as she gives me permanent indigestion.  Later that evening, Jamie tells Claire his father is illegitimate and the child of an assignation between Lord Lovat and his kitchen maid.  He’s embarrassed and Claire’s all ‘Dude, that’s so 1740s and who gives a shizzle?’  Jamie shows his wife some Lallybroch Lovin and a large amount of the fandom goes looney with lust.


Claire wakes to discover unlike most men, Jamie doesn’t sleep like the dead after le bonkadebonk instead he’s on the couch holding one of Jenny’s 12 babies.  I swear if I owned a working uterus, I might spontaneously impregnate watching Jamie Fraser, with his cute toes sticking out of his plaid, jabbering to a baby.  Jenny, who REALLY needs sensitivity training, goes on about her baby even though Claire lost hers a few months ago.  I might borrow a frying pan from Mrs. Crrrrook and smack her over the head with it.


Jamie and Claire are leaving and Jenny gives Jamie her wooden rosary #foreshadow  Adorable Fergus shows up on a little donkey thing and says he wants to go with them.  Everyone says no except Jamie who says Mini-me is coming with them.


They arrive at Beaufort Castle and discover Column Mackenzie is there too. Colum denies he had anything to do with Claire’s witch trial and says Laoghaire did it and he had her beaten as punishment cuz that’s an acceptable thingLord Lovat enters the room setting a land-speed record by insulting Jamie’s mother, father and wife within 30 seconds.  Claire strolls around the castle when suddenly who should appear but Half Pint from Little House on the Prairie, no wait that’s Laoghaire Mackenzie who drops to both knees to apologize and beg for forgiveness.  Claire declines to forgive her, and instead rips her a new one.


Claire tells Jamie about meeting with Laoghaire and that she feels better but Jamie’s not having it.  He says Claire can come to dinner since she’s a hot, trophy wife but she’s not allowed to talk which earns him several eye rolls.  At dinner, Jamie gives an impassioned speech to rally the crowd but Colum’s drippy sarcasm makes it clear he’s not going along with him.  Young Simon chimes in with his support but his father publicly ridicules him.

Next day Claire meets Lovat’s ‘seer’ Maisri when he throws her out of his office onto the hall floor. I’m considering using this technique with people I disagree with.  Jamie meets privately with Lovat who says he’ll lend his support if Jamie gives him Lallybroch. When Jamie says no, he gives him Plan B which is ‘he’ll lend his support if his men can violate Claire.’ Jamie brings out the La Dame Blanche-White Lady story again to protect her but I wish he had something different in his arsenal.  Jamie’s actually considering giving Lallybroch to his grandfather and I gotta call BS on that one.  No way in hell book Jamie would do that.  Claire hatches another plan and suggests using Leghair’s flattery to boost Young Simon’s confidence so he’ll stand up to his father. Claire approaches Half Pint while she’s snorting Jamie’s shirt like some demented wackjob and presents the plan.

Side note:  I think it’s safe to say, I’m the only Outlander recapper who in real life has actually washed Sam Heughan’s shirt.  Two years ago, I auctioned some of his stuff for charity on eBay.  I did not, however, stand in my rainy back yard in an unholy embrace with his shirt, I just washed it in my Maytag.  You can read about it here:  https://www.melissasobservations.com/2015/04/25/sam-heughans-emulsion-wardrobe-items-are-up-for-auction-on-ebay/

Jamie tells Colum he knows the outcome of the Rising and Colum calls him a mad man then tries to convince him to join his side.  Jamie says ‘no dice’ and Colum looks old and tired.  Claire puts her twisted plan in motion and drags Young Simon and his bad hair on a walk where they conveniently come upon Leery looking like an adorable fairytale maiden.  Leery gives it the old college try including a peek down her dress, but Lord Lovat’s heir is truly clueless in the ways of women.  In a chapel, Claire encounters Maisri who tells Claire she’s foreseen events and been able to change the outcome of history which encourages Claire.


Claire and Jamie meet in the darkened stable while he’s rubbing down his horse and by that I mean, he’s rubbing down his horse.  #SoundsDirty  The Old Fox is trying to strong-arm everyone into signing a Neutrality Agreement and he wants Jamie to sign over the deed to Lallybroch.  Suddenly Mistress Fraser turns into bad TV Psychic, Miss Cleo, and begins raving about visions of Lord Lovat’s execution.  Old Simon tries to kill her, but is stopped by his son who grew a pair after taking a gander down Leery’s top at what I can only assume are magical bosoms Lord Lovat announces he and Colum will remain neutral in the war.


Next morning Jamie, Claire and Young Simon are off to join the troops at the same time Leery and Colum are hitting the road.  Claire asks Jamie to go say thank you to Leery for her help.  He reluctantly does so even throwing in a jaunty little bow.  (It reminded me of the time I made my son apologize for calling a boy at school a ‘Fartknocker’  and he did it by saying “I’m sorry I called you a ‘Fartknocker’ even though you are a ‘Fartknocker.’)


As the Frasers and Young Simon gallop away, Lord Lovat and a large group of his men ride down the hill and he announces he’s sending his men to help his son fight, but since he’s also signed the Neutrality Agreement he’s covering his ass from both sides.  A wonderfully devious plan which I’m happy to say History tells us doesn’t work.

Jamie and Claire are so young and strong and hopeful, riding out to do what’s right and trying to save their Country and family.  I have to say Je Suis Not Prest for what’s to come because then Season Two will end and I know what’s going to happen and I don’t want to see it. Sometimes I wish I was a newbie and had it all to look forward to, sadly I’m not.  Until next week, Tulach Ard Y’all!



  • Rebecca...
    Posted 0Likes

    “If I had to live anywhere near that know-it-all, I’d be stockpiling Tums, as she gives me permanent indigestion,”. Ha – I LOVE Jenny. How you feel about her is how I feel about Claire, but don’t tell the original gansta book fans because they might hunt me down… Show Claire is growing on me and I think it’s because Caitriona Balfe is very likable as a human.

    Lallybroch Lovin’… we show fans want to see more of that! Which is obvious from our swooning over the three times we get to see Jamie’s sexy knees in this episode.

    Re: Laoghaire’s laundry – have you seen the chatter about Sam’s shirt in William Shatner’s Charity Auction over on Twitter? Half the fans want it sweaty/used and signed, others only want it clean and signed. It’s hilarious (and a little scary).

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Jenny gives me PTSD from my childhood. All the passive aggressiveness freaks me the hell out. I agree, we need us some more Lallybroch Lovin and there’s not much time left. The talk about Sam’s sweat was the very reason I washed his shirt. Let’s leave the poor guy with a smidgeon of privacy. Oy vey!?

  • Connie
    Posted 0Likes

    Laughed Out Loud 4 times! Good one.

    But, “Half Pint”, really? I would have used “Nellie Olsen” because one is the bitch of Little House and the other is the bitch of Outlander. (I know, it was the Bonnet. #foreshadowing #notreally #IJustCouldntResist)

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      I thought about Nellie Olsen, but wasn’t sure how many would get the reference. We all loved to hate her too! Next time I’ll go with my first instinct Connie!

  • dot65jean
    Posted 0Likes

    I am also getting sad already, just knowing what is coming. Tragically, the battles really happened and the highlander culture was so painfully destroyed by the English. The books get very tragic for a while. I will need a case of Kleenex for the last 5 episodes this season.

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      I’m getting sad knowing that the season’s almost over. I have to keep reminding myself this was almost 300 years ago. Diana is brilliant and she really brings it alive doesn’t she? ❤️

  • Munumula
    Posted 0Likes

    Did anyone else think that Lord Lovatt looked like the guy from Men Without Hats in The Safety Dance video?

    • Lynn S.
      Posted 0Likes

      Not, really, no, but I looked up the singer’s picture and I can see a bit of a resemblance. I thought he looked like Ian McKellan with a nicer nose. Anyone who thought he looked like Bryndan Tully (The Blackfish) from Game of Thrones wins.

  • Brandy
    Posted 0Likes

    I wanted to throw a major tantrum when the almost-love-scene faded to black. Um, seeing Jamie’s knees a couple times is NOT sufficient. This is Starz. I want more love scenes, less rape scenes or I’m off this train! Anyway… So glad to see Scotland but sad for what’s coming. I didn’t like the Laoghaire changes at all. I love Jenny! (more than Claire?, with Rebecca on that one!)

  • Jodi
    Posted 0Likes

    Yes, but did you smell the shirt, first?

  • 26LettersAK
    Posted 0Likes

    ‘Claire wakes to discover unlike most men, Jamie doesn’t sleep like the dead after le bonkadebonk instead he’s on the couch holding one of Jenny’s 12 babies. I swear if I owned a working uterus, I might spontaneously impregnate watching Jamie Fraser, with his cute toes sticking out of his plaid, jabbering to a baby.’ LOVED rhis Melissa and how true! Appreciate your commentary as you usually get a few chuckles if not outright laughs out of me and this season is a pretty tough one to watch. Keep up the great work and again – thanks.

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      It really stands out to me that he doesn’t sleep like the dead after le bonkadebonk, not that I’m an expert but isn’t that a thing?!? So glad I made you ‘outright laugh’ tho I’m aiming for guffaws. Sadly, not a lot of guffaws coming up.?

  • Norma D
    Posted 0Likes

    This is a riot! Perfect recap!

  • celticdreamz
    Posted 0Likes

    You are too right about Jenny! Not really like the book Jenny I know. At least not until later. I’d say my #GotTums reference is quite appropriate! Glad I could help! About fell off my chair (Even though I was standing up) when you referenced Half Pint! Great recap Melissa!

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Thanks Kris, man oh man I loved Little House! You can talk in front of me anytime, just know I’ll steal anything you say if it’s the least bit funny…which it was!???

  • Munumula
    Posted 0Likes

    My personal favorite, “Leghair”. LOLZ!

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      ‘Leghair’ is the only thing in the blog that I didn’t write, lol! I dinna ken who came up with that.?

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