Outlander Fan Recruitment, Wine with a Bestie & Tight Bodices

This past Friday night, one of my *besties…..let’s call her ‘V’ came over with a bottle of wine for a much needed catch-up visit filled with laughter and crazy conversation.  I was simultaneously cooking and gabbing and as we sat down to eat, I casually asked, ‘have you watched Outlander yet?’   Since she knows it’s my obsession, she sheepishly replied ‘No, but I’ve read your blog and it’s hilarious.‘  My response was ‘How can it be hilarious if you don’t know the characters?’  Her reply ‘You’re so funny, with some of it I didn’t need to know.’

So then this conversation happened:

Me:  So why haven’t you watched it?

V:  I don’t think I’d like it.

Me:  What do you think it’s about?

V:  I dunno.  People walking around in old-timey clothes talking about Medieval shit?  You know like (says with bad English accent)  ‘I’ve got my bodice strapped up way too tight tonight.’

Granted we had just killed a bottle of wine, but her response was enough to knock me off my chair and laugh till I couldn’t breathe.  So when I finally gained control of myself and most of my bladder, I said, ‘tell me how you think the show begins.’

V:  I dunno.  Episode One begins in the Stone Age?

So, after we laughed our asses off again and I googled Medieval and Stone Age and clarified both, I convinced her to watch one episode.  My hubby arrived home from work, poured some wine and he joined us in the living room.

Here are their comments:

Scene:  Frank and Claire are jumping on the bed.

V:  (With bad English accent)  ‘I really want you to screw me, but it’s back in the day when we’re not supposed to say those things.’

Scene:  Frank says, ‘Claire?’

Husband:  (With bad English accent), ‘I don’t have a penis anymore.’

Scene:  Frank and Claire are at Castle Leoch and Frank can’t open the door.

V:  (With terrible accent)
‘You’re a wimp, so I’m just gonna bust on through for you’.
Then V looks at me and says:  ‘I bet she’s looking for a bed.  Oops there’s a table.  I was right! There she goes!’
Then Frank goes ‘downtown’ and V shouts:  ‘Oh my God, is this on cable?!?!”

Scene:  Frank and Claire are at The Reverend’s manse.

Mrs. Graham:  ‘Would you like to join me in the kitchen?’

V:  (Looks at me): She’s gonna school her on how NOT to use the table.

As happens with other people I’ve invited/forced to watch Outlander, she LOVED it and watched the entire episode and stopped with the crazy comments.  As for me, it’s become increasingly obvious that I’m going to have to go door-to-door with my DVD and recruit new fans.  Who’s with me?

  • V’s identity hidden by Plaid Witness Protection square.  She crazy. 😉
  • And here’s what happened when my 27-year old son watched Outlander:  https://melissasobservations.wordpress.com/2014/12/30/with-a-nod-to-thats-normals-hunky-blurtlander-heres-our-27-year-old-sons-outlander-thoughts-episode-two/?preview=true&preview_id=334&preview_nonce=1d2e771c35&post_format=image


  • Susan Jolitz
    Posted 0Likes

    I think I’ve just created a monster. Hubby watched episode one with me last night and was blown away. He’s a photographer and has worked on set before, as a disclaimer. But he totally loved it. Still talking about it today. Hmmmm. Now he wants to watch the whole DVD. Wow! Totally surprised me.

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Every guy I’ve talked into watching the show has loved it. My hubby is hooked too. Our son is a film editor and he loved the visuals too, i.e., ‘damn, that green is Green!’

      • Susan Jolitz
        Posted 0Likes

        And now the hubby is recommending Outlander to everyone, who knew.

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