The Exception To The Rule, Sam Heughan…in Black & White

I have this personal rule where I almost never create memes of actors when they’re out of character. But you know how sometimes you’ve just got to break your own rules, whether it’s making memes or being a sexy, tough guy in a photoshoot?


‘Oh, hi, yes, I wasn’t talking TO you as much as talking about you…very respectfully, I hope.’

But, back to you dear Readers.  I know that I randomly see things and I like them.  Whether it’s a sunset view with my husband, spending time in my flower garden…or browsing in a book store.  It’s not always easy to hold those feelings inside and the best thing is to just express them and tell the world how you feel about the things you like.


‘Lovely.  It seems like a very nice wall and you look lovely leaning on it. *Clears throat*

So I did just that I made some non-Outlander memes.  And I hope readers won’t only want to read my zany Outlander re-caps or laugh at my wack-a-doo Outlander memes.  I need to talk to someone about this or at the very least, I wish someone would ask me how I feel.


‘Thank you! Finally, someone cares enough to ask…..I’m very well, I’m having a nice day…had lunch with a neighbor, did a few chores around the house, etc……’

But the bottom line my friends is this.  It’s important to swing for the stars and go for what you want. Because no matter who you are, or where you start from, if you work really hard and don’t give up, there’s no telling where you can end up! Sometimes great things happen to great people. And sometime’s these people have fancy accents, lovely profiles and a strong jawline.


It’s good to aim high, but it will probably be acting awards and the Hollywood Walk of Fame which is like Mt. Rushmore for actors!  And I wish you the best as do thousands of other Outlander fans.  Now, go get some sleep, you look exhausted.  Very, very handsome, but exhausted.


  • OSuzyQuilts
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    My daughter is obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m like, say what? If I was 20 years younger… aw heck, who cares! Men date much younger women! And, at least he is older than my oldest son (my own rule). Nice pics. He does look kind of tired.

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      My daughter loves Cumberbatch too although she’s not obsessed. I think that’s good because it shows she values a person for their brains as much as their looks. I was much more shallow at her age, lol! As for me, other than my RL husband, Mr. George Clooney is my man…he’s the whole package and age appropriate for too!

      • OSuzyQuilts
        Posted 0Likes

        George is ok, but I’m partial to Brad Pitt, liked Kevin Kostner for a while, but still can’t get over Andy Garcia. Yum.

  • Mary Ann
    Posted 0Likes

    I did not care for these artsy photos, but your take on them made me smile. They were begging to be captioned! Wonder what was going thru Sam’s mind while shooting this?

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Thanks Mary Ann. If I had to guess what young Mr. Heughan was thinking (without knowing the guy), I would guess he was exhausted and giving it 100%. He always looks handsome and very likable even doing ‘artsy fartsy’ stuff.

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