The Sequel to “The Down Low on the Up Kilt of Sam Heughan’ or ‘Let’s All Take Advice from ‘The Tasteful Lady’

When I was simmering with outrage earlier this week and wrote my original blog ‘The Down Low on the Up Kilt of Sam Heughan’, I fully expected to be verbally pummeled by angry mobs calling for my head on a pike.  So imagine my surprise when the response was overwhelmingly positive.  I’ve been blogging for six months or so and my site has never seen so much action since the cold November day when the man himself tweeted me after the results of the auction of his Emulsion costume came in.

In my mind, I’ve begun to liken the actions of the Tacky Twitterers to that of any group of people who are behaving badly. Deep down they probably know it’s wrong, but they continue to do it because they are safe within a virtual mob and/or they think they’re being edgy and want the cool kids to like them.  Many times the rudest group is the one who’s being the loudest and those who are not, sit quietly and politely hope they will stop.

Among the many things I learned yesterday was that my point of view was not just mine, I am not alone, there are many people out there who agree and others out there who are writing about the same topic and with the same feelings of outrage that I had.  I also learned that just like me, other women were unhappy that they felt the need to preface their feelings by explaining they were not prudes.  When did courteous, respectful behavior begin to carry the label of prudishness?  I’m here to tell you that like former President Jimmy Carter, many of us have ‘lust in our hearts’, we just don’t feel the need to invasively lighten a photo, scramble up the nearest tree and spread it into the streets through a bullhorn.

This leads me to wonder how we can softly nudge our fellow man or woman when we see the conversation heading downhill fast vis-a-vis the Outlander cast.  But in a way that doesn’t accelerate the problem or throw verbal gas on the fire.  I know!  How about we accept some sage advice from my all-time favorite comedienne, Lily Tomlin, and all try to behave like ‘The Tasteful Lady’ her character who caused me to beg to stay up way past my bedtime a thousand years ago when I was but a wee lass.  If we all try to be more tasteful, I promise the world, especially, the on-line world will be a much better place and also we can wear hats.


NOTE: This is my first time to put a video in the blog and it may not work and you’ll have to copy and paste (see above.)  It’s only 15 seconds and I promise it’s worth it.


  • Lisa
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    I’m happy to say I didn’t see the lighted photo, I must be following the “tasteful” OL fans 😉 On another note that I have not seen articulated, What was STARZ thinking of posting that pic in the first place? Was it to whip up the fans a bit? Did Sam (his people) know about it? Starz needs to be tasteful too. Great blog Melissa!

    • Melissa B
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      I have no idea what they were thinking, maybe they have an intern doing their social media? #EverybodyIsCheap Thanks for writing! ❤️

  • nightshademary
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    No, I agree with you. At that panel where Diana told Sam he had a “fine ass” or whatever she said…I kind of cringed for him. Like, if Ron Moore turned to Cait and told her what a great rack she has. Would anyone find that cute? Or offensive?

    • Melissa B
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      I’m not offended by DG’s comment because they’re friends and she was being cheaky (holy crap, no pun intended). But you’re right, if RM had said it to Cait (which he never would, cuz he has a highly functioning brain), it would be offensive. Must sit awhile and examine my thoughts…

  • Kelly Cain
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    Totally agree, Melissa. After seeing some of the cringe-worthy posts made by some, it actually inspired me to write a novel about it. I say it’s Outlander-inspired, but it’s really Outlander Fandom-inspired. I just started writing less than a year ago (a different novel), but back in October (around all that Halloween madness), the idea just struck me and the words flew out of my brain onto the page. It really wrote itself by looking at the various posts on IG and Twitter. I’m glad to see I’m nowhere near alone in my thinking.

  • Heather
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    I do think Starz has been trying so hard to sell Outlander that they are creating some of this problem. I couldn’t believe when I saw someone post a photo of a bare butt ad on a bus?! I think even the network has crossed over the line from fun, edgy to cringeworthy. I love the show and the actors are fabulous. I think they should just let their work speak for itself.

    On a side not what happened to Graham? Please tell me someone did not lift up his kilt?!

    • Melissa B
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      I don’t remember hearing about a scandalous bus ad. How lovely. 🙁 I think this is new territory for all the people in charge especially in public relations, marketing and advertising. I can’t ever remember a tv show having such a huge, passionate following of women of a certain age (and by a certain age, I mean over 30, not old and crone-ish like me.) It’s possible to be edgy and not creepy, but it’s not easy, you have to walk a fine line and I don’t think anyone knows exactly how to sell to us so there’s a learning curve. I don’t know about Graham. He never calls, he never writes… 😉

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