Why I Wish I Was in Prague Because That’s Where All The Outlander Fun Is.

There have been so many fan photos from the ‘Paris’ set of Outlander in the last week or so.  Whether we should see them or not, I still feel guilty and feel the need to confess something and I’m not even Catholic, I’m Presbyterian like Roger Mac.  What I’m confessing is that Prague looks like a whole lot of fun and I wish I were there.  These photos are getting me all revved up for Season 2 and I don’t even know when that will be.  Himself, Ron D. Moore, said on Twitter we should look to March or April of 2016 so I know I should tap the brakes, but it’s verra difficult to do so. I was SO revved up a while back that I even cast the show myself…but it appears the actual casting executives did a better job than I.


Here are the top reasons I wish I were in Prague:

1)  Sam and Cait are walking the streets!  Not in ‘street walker’ fashion, but from trailer to set and we get to see them!  They have been so open and friendly with the fans and I want to be there, because I know they’d want to hang out with me due to the fact that I’m mostly not annoying and always good for a laugh!  Cait and I could paint each other’s nails and I could bake cupcakes shaped like Craig Na Dun for Sam!  Fun Fact: At the first ‘Outlander Invades L.A.’ event at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles 2014, a chatty usher told me where Sam and Cait would enter and exit the building, but I didn’t go because I didn’t want to ‘bother’ them.  Raise your hand if you think I’m an idiot!!  *I’m definitely raising my hand!


2)  It’s Paris in the 1700’s y’all!  Like most Outlander book readers, I’ve been picturing the locations in my head for years!   L’Hopital des Anges! Uncle Jared’s stately manor! The streets of Paree!  And we finally get to see it. As part of the movie magic, Prague is standing in for Paris.   How did I not know the buildings and streets of Prague are so beautiful? I’m  embarrassed to say I had to look it up on a map.  I should’ve paid more attention when my son was watching Carmen San Diego. I might’ve learned something.  Now that I think about it, my high school Geography teacher should send himself to time out and stay there until I give him the ‘all clear’.

Screen shot 2015-09-18 at 1.34.58 AM

3)  The costumes.  In a tweet convo with Outlander Costume Director,  Terry Dresbach, I told her I felt so guilty seeing photos of the costumes prior to the show, as it was like accidentally seeing my presents before Christmas.  I know I shouldn’t see it, but I’m so thrilled with what I saw.  She Lol’d at me. Fun Fact: We are SO lucky to have her sharing so much information with us and educating us about the importance of costumes in telling the story.  Everything I’ve seen so far has been beyond my expectations…Jamie, Claire, Murtagh and all the extras have bowled me over.  But I’ll tell you one thing.  If we accidentally see ‘the red dress’, I shall weep because that’s one costume I don’t want to see before it’s time.

4)  The sets.  Bails of hay and old wooden barrels in the streets.  The gardens and remarkably preserved old buildings!  I love the look of old french decorating.  In fact, I looked around my home recently and noticed I have quite a bit of decor that would look right at home during that time period.  In fact, the photos below are from my home. Three words:  Garage Sales Baby!

Screen shot 2015-09-18 at 9.43.44 AM

5) Studly Murtagh!  Don’t look now, but I think they may have bathed my favorite honorary godfather and dressed him up in fancy French frockery.  This is one change from the book you’ll never hear me whining about.  In the glimpses I’ve seen of him, he looks handsome and nothing like the dried up old geezer who’s been in my mind for years.  If they give him a love interest, I’ll be verra happy for him!  Show of hands if you think Murtagh needs to get some lovin?

The Thing That’s Not in Prague that I Can’t Wait For?

The Music.  Bear McCreary is a genius.  Yes that word gets bandied about too often, but I feel it’s more than reasonable to use it here.  Where does a talent like his come from? How does it form? Does he have a special section in his brain that’s constantly composing music? The music from Season One blew me away and the music from the first half of Season Two will be completely different.  I read somewhere Bear said he’s learning a lot about 18th century French harpsichord music. I love baroque music and can’t wait to hear it, but I hope he throws in a little bit of Django-esque sounds in some of the street scenes even though it would be an anachronism.  Either way, I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with, I know it’ll be fabulous.

That’s all my whining and Outlander Prague yearnings for now, but I will share this final thought.  If the show goes on for another ten years or so, I hope the changes to the story include scenes filmed in Texas because I, for one, will be waiting in the street wearing a plaid cowgal hat, holding nail polish in one hand and cupcakes in another with my mostly ‘not annoying’ personality and hoping for the chance to hang with Sam and Cait.


  • Cynthia Franzen
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    I’ll be right beside you with my famous peanut butter fudge! Is fudge gluten free?

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      C’mon, we’ll have a party! I think by the time Outlander makes it to America, gluten will be good for us again, lol! ?

  • Kathy Callianiotis
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    Melissa, thank you. From your words to mine. Outlander and Prague….what a combination. I’ve waited so long like so many others for Diana’s books to come to fruition and now I find myself looking for your observations because you put the words and feelings together for me. Unfortunately Australia does not show up in Outlander but we can be there in spirit for you.

    • Melissa B
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      Wow, Kathy thank you…that’s such a nice compliment! If you’re in Australia does that mean you have one of those cool, fancy accents? I’m a big fan of accents, lol!
      By the way, with all the changes to the script (not that I object) who knows, Jamie and Claire might just end up Down Under!

  • Kathy Callianiotis
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    Melissa our accent does sound strange but I have to add no stranger than other people’s accents do to us. For example Hi Yall. I would love a move to Australia for Jamie and Claire but historically speaking we weren’t discovered till the late seventeen hundreds. Still whatever the changes Ron makes I agree with you they will be good even if alien to original Galbadonians.Please keep up your observations as they make my day more interesting.

  • Sue Richardson
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    I love the faux reel the DIA Bunch! Hilarious! Hey, if Tobias can play two roles, why can’t Sam? I’m in a Firey Cross reread, and most of what she says about Bree is how much she’s like her father, so that one’s a no-brainer. And Kermie as Master Raymond? Genius! Ron needs to put you on the payroll!

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Thanks Sue! I love the DIA Bunch, we had lots of laughs over that one. The actor they found to play Master Raymond was a miracle, he DOES look like a frog! Thanks for writing!

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