What Is YOUR Outlander Strumpet Name?

I am happy to report, I heard from even more strumpets, and their names are added below.  Read the instructions and tell me YOUR #OutlanderStrumpetName cuz voting starts tomorrow!!

Round Two Strumpet Challenge:

@Kris Terpstra                  Mitzi Grant
@Mistress FitzB                Brandy Turnhout
@Lathomley                      Missy Wilford
@SharonValdez                Schottzie Park
@citymap                           Ginger Terrace

What a whirlwind year it’s been for us #Outlander fans.  We began last October with the notice from Starz about #OutlanderInvadesLA, and I messaged back approximately 37 seconds later.  “YES” I shouted via e-mail, put me down for TWO tickets STAT!  You might think by the ALLCAPS and exclamation points I was a bit overexcited and you’d be correct!

We flew to L.A. on Friday, I’d rarely been away from my husband and kids for an out-of-state trip before which is very pathetic I know, and the first night, I slept for TEN hours.  Feeling very rested on Saturday morning, my friend Cyd (a girl with a boy’s name) and I lined up at the Orpheum Theatre around 10 a.m and had a blast, meeting, laughing and gabbing with so many other Outlander fans from around the country.  You may have heard the lines were long and that would be an understatement.  I LOVE TO TALK, but even I exhausted every topic under the sun during our 7 hour wait, but suddenly inspiration struck and I suggested we all play the ‘Outlander Strumpet Game.’  You find your Strumpet name by combining that of your first or favorite pet with the street you grew up on and voila, you’ve got your #OutlanderStrumpetName.

A week or so ago, while mourning the loss of #Outlander until NEXT APRIL(!),  I was moping around the house and planning my re-entry into polite society, when suddenly I had an idea!   Why not play the game again?  So I made a meme and tweeted the #OutlanderStrumpetGame idea on my blog.  I am happy to report that many strumpets must read my blog because very funny, sometimes unbelievable names came pouring in.  I’m sharing those names here today and I want to open it up to more strumpets, I mean people to play.  I’ll compile them all and next Monday, Oct 20th,  I’ll tweet the list and we can vote on the best one.  For our grand prize, I will donate the #Outlander candles I won from Starz for my somewhat crazy wedding invitation.  The candles come in a very pretty package wrapped up with a bow and are Peppermint, Rosemary, Basil & Thyme.  FYI: My OutlanderStrumpetName is Cleo Coppermine and my husband’s is Blackie McCullough…….boys can be strumpets too, in fact most of them are 😉

Here are the #OutlanderStrumpetNames we have so far:

@Arbara0728B                       Tiffany Dresden
@pixietwit                                Elvis Church
@@pixietwit’s husband        Queenie Deersville
@LisaChalfant                        Bootsie Hearthstone
@Edie Savoy                           Pudgy Somerset
@ParmaGina63                     GuysieBarbie
@seassuns                              Lassie High
@patchsam68                        Coco Ruffin
@brigitte_jean                      Bunny Montald
@TracyMolnar                      Kitty Riverbend
@Tlutters                               Lacey Washington
@Hmbellew                           Midnight Heather
@CarrieMerrick                    Snuggles Wildwood
@henson_y                            Daisy Route 1
@RoFris                                  Kim Maarstrasse
mindy adams                         Bullet Rickson Cove (from blog entry)
Kelly                                         Sheba Deloris (from blog entry

Now Tweet your #OutlanderStrumpetName and get this party started!!


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