My #Outlander, Ep 408 Re-Cap: Everyone’s in #Wilmington, Roger’s Got Chest Hair, #StephenBonnet Must Die and I Love #SophieSkelton.

As I sat down to work on this episode, I asked myself the same question I asked when re-capping the Black Jack-Jamie rape episode.  Why did I think it was such a great idea to write COMEDY RE-CAPS OF OUTLANDER?!?  But I don’t ever plan on running from a challenge, so here we go.

It’s 1769 and Roger is in Wilmington going person to person with the drawing of Brianna, but nobody has seen her.  He even asks Fergus as he’s coming out of the Wilmington Gazzette, but he hasn’t seen her either.  Fergus and Marsali have house guests, as Jamie and Claire are visiting their new grandson.  Marsali shares how much she loves her baby and that she’d die before she’d let anyone hurt him.


Roger mopes across the road to drown his sorrows at the local Inn.  He gets up to leave and sees Brianna talking to the bartender.  They embrace, he takes her hand and pulls her outside.  Lizzie Weymuss, the Gladys Kravitz of Wilmington, peers out the window misunderstanding everything she sees. Roger and Brianna go into a tack or storage room where someone has left a fire burning and begin an epic make out sesh, they decide to marry by hand fasting.  



Jamie and Claire attend the theatre with Governor Tryon and his trophy wife and meet Mr. Fanning, who’s quite the little brown noser judging by all the fancy jobs the Gov has given him. Mr. Fanning has more than a good job though; he’s also got a sharp pain in his ‘groinial area.’ I can tell Claire would like to yank his pants straight down to his ankles, fraternity-prank style, and get a closer look but she resists temptation.  Mrs. Tryon introduces Claire to a nice Virginia couple at the party named George and Martha Washington.  Claire is star struck and all kinds of awkward while talking to the Washingtons.  



Roger and Brianna conduct their hand fast ceremony in the building of mysterious origins and I really wish the writers had established whose place it is so I can relax.  Lizzie is worried about Brianna who still hasn’t returned.

Meanwhile at the theatre, Governor Tryon spills the beans and tells Jamie that his redcoats are going after the leader of the Regulators, Murtagh Fitzgibbons.  

Roger and Bree are making themselves at home like Goldilocks and her hirsute lover.  I want to know if everyone in their family does the deed the same, exact way cuz there’s something verra familiar about this scene.  Rog caresses her face with his dirty thumb and now I’m worried she’s going to catch something. They undress and Roger’s magnificent chest hair is revealed in all its glory cuz manscaping wasn’t invented yet.


Jamie’s got ants in his pants, squirming in his seat mentally hatching a plan to get the hell out of there to warn Uncle Murty.  He ‘accidentally’ smacks poor Mr. Fanning in the gut sending the man into paroxysms of pain.  Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman quickly gets the gist of the situation from Jamie and vows to save Fanning while giving Jamie enough time to warn Murtagh.   George and Martha offer Jamie a lift home.  


The menfolk are freaked out by Claire cuz they aren’t used to her Gloria Steinem attitude. As Jamie heads outside I notice the streets of Wilmington are a glossy wet like the driveway at the beginning of each season of The Bachelor and for a moment I’m looking for the first limousine.  Some crabby, old doctors have arrived and are mansplaining how to treat a hernia by blowing smoke up Fanning’s ass.  


Out on the roadside, Murtagh is on the verge of robbing the coach when Fergus pops out of the woods warning him that he has a spy in his camp and it’s a trap.  Murtagh whistles and they call off the caper.  

Back at the love shack, Roger and Bree get into a humongous kerfuffle when she realizes he kept the news of the fire from her.  The Bickersons break up an hour or so after their wedding/honeymoon and he leaves. 


Bree walks back to the Inn where she encounters Stephen Bonnet playing cards.  She sees her mother’s ring on his finger and goes into the back room with him intending to buy it back.  Instead he blocks the door and rapes her while everyone back in the bar ignores her screams. 


Author’s Comment:  The final scene was extremely upsetting, and I had to watch it with the volume down.  I’m not sure if other people are like me, but I can tolerate reading something horrifying easier than watching it happen.

Again this week, Sophie Skelton brings it and I hope the Mean Girl Bloggers are eating their words.  #BringSophieAllTheAwards



  • tabby1249
    Posted 0Likes

    I’m like you and did a squinty-eyed watch of the rape scene with my finger on the channel change button. I worried we’d be ‘treated’ to a graphic rendering of that scene but fortunately that was not the case. Hearing her screams through the doors was bad enough.

    I will admit that I was not overly fond of Sophie Skelton in previous seasons but she seems to be hitting her stride and her portrayal of Brianna is growing on me. I can’t wait to see what if Bonnet gets the comeuppance he deserves and I hope it is as written in the books.

    As always thank you for taking time to do these recaps. I look forward to them each week.

    • I hope Bonnet gets an even worse comeuppance, I can’t stand him so I guess the actor’s doing his job.

  • Beth Ely
    Posted 0Likes

    Love your humor. Sophie did a great job tonight and Roger is being a shirt. For me it was the best episode since, season 2

  • Kay Brown
    Posted 0Likes

    You always make me laugh. Totally agree that Sophie is wonderful, as are all of the actors. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • dot65jean
    Posted 0Likes

    Is it only my opinion, but should they not have shown this episode right at Christmas? (71-yr. old lady from Ohio)

    • I wondered about that too but maybe they needed to keep to a schedule to start another show in the time slot when this one is finished airing. It was hard to watch though.

  • Chas
    Posted 0Likes

    Thank you Mel & Richard!!!

  • Joyce Johnston
    Posted 0Likes

    Well done you! Merry Christmas and Thank You for all your work on the blog. I appreaciate it so much jj

    • Thank you so much Joyce, I loooove writing the blog more and more with each episode! Merry Christmas to you and yours.???

  • @Yr_Obt_Svt
    Posted 0Likes

    I appreciate the non-manscaping of it all! Good job observing, lass! MWAH!

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