#Outlander, ep 409 bonus memes featuring the multi-talented #SophieSkelton… and my obsession with the lack of creature comforts on Fraser’s Ridge!

While watching #Outlander, I find myself expressing aloud (to my husband’s chagrin) my worries that always seem to have a specific theme.  Personal grooming, indoor lighting and BATHROOM ISSUES!!  I promise I’m not a wuss, my grandparents owned a cabin in the Maine wilderness so I’ve actually read books by candlelight and tinkled in the woods at 2 a.m. when the stinky outhouse was too far away and I was afraid of being attacked by  throngs of angry bears.

So let’s face facts. It’s probably my age and the fact that I view roughing it as having to stay at a crappy motel that causes my inner freak outs.  I was much more adaptable when I was Brianna’s age.


Having said that, in my opinion Sophie Skelton is absolutely killing it this season and I couldn’t be more proud of her if she was my own child.  Drums of Autumn has always been my favorite of all the books and when the writers stick to Diana Gabaldon’s story and use her words, it’s tv perfection.


You know those survey questions about what 3 items you’d take to a desert island? Tinted Chapstick is always at the top of my list and even taking into account the gorgeousness of Jamie Fraser, I don’t know if I could survive on the Ridge without it.  I’m sure Claire could probably cook some up with bear grease and food coloring though, but sadly, I’m not her.  Speaking of Claire, I was so obsessed with the lack of toilet paper and a clean water source when she and Geillis were thrown into that rat-infested hole at night during the witch trials, I couldn’t bear to think about it.


So, please delight in these bonus memes, while I go soak in my giant garden tub in my heated bathroom with my electric lights turned on and possibly scan our Insurance Company Provider List and seek professional help for my ‘issues’!  #IndoorPlumbingRules!


  • Cynthia
    Posted 0Likes

    Absolutely cringed when Jamie reached out and touched Bree’s face without washing his hands first. I know they didn’t have sinks or hand sanitizer, but……

  • Barbara W-M
    Posted 0Likes

    I feel your pain! My idea of roughing it is when room service answers on the third ring. ?

  • Kay Brown
    Posted 0Likes

    Cynthia, I thought the same thing. OMG he just took a pee and now he is touching her face!!!! I am with you Melissa. Roughing it is definitely not my thing. I wouldn’t make it past the first time I had to squat to pee and it got all over my feet. I did love this episode so much. It was perfection.

  • Silvana Puccioni- Oelsinger
    Posted 0Likes

    Lasses, I’m with you..but, let us rewatch the scene. I saw that Jamie closes his pants with the left hand and so I guess his right hand wasn’t involved as no man uses both hands to pee, right?

    • I’m no expert Silvana, but I’m married to one and gave birth to one, so I’ll review the situation and get back to you if they’ll answer me without excessive mockery. 😉

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