#Outlander, ep 410, #TheDeepHeartsCore re-cap featuring #RogerMacKenzie covered with boo boos is ready for your enjoyment!

On the Ridge, Jamie and Brianna are making up for lost years and getting to know each other. Jamie tells her he knows that she was raped in Wilmington and they go for a walk to talk about it.  Brianna tells him she blames herself for following #PsychoPirate into a dark room and not fighting him hard enough.  And although I’m sure there’ll be all sorts of #OutlanderWhining about this scene, they keep it just as written by Diana Gabaldon and when Jamie can’t make her understand she’s not at fault by reasoning with her, he physically overpowers her and she finally understands and forgives herself.   


Meanwhile Roger and a random captive are on a forced march by the Mohawk. (Note:  Every time there’s a wide shot, I check the sky for jet trails and sadly don’t see any.  I’ll keep trying)  That night Roger and random captive sit and talk under a tree while the Indians share stories around the fire which is their version of playing video games in case you didn’t know. Rog vows to escape and get back to Brianna.


Back at the Ridge, Claire explains to Brianna that she can terminate the pregnancy but they need to do it soon and it will be painful.  Women really get the short end of the stick in life don’t they?  They discuss that the baby could be Roger’s even though he used the withdrawal method.  They also discuss the problems of time travel with a baby in her arms and I personally wouldn’t recommend traveling while holding a full set of Ginsu knives either unless you’re feeling adventurous.  


At the Ridge, Ian is very solicitous of Brianna and Jamie goes all hillbilly and suggests they get hitched.  They talk about how Claire loves being in her garden with her plants, her hands in the soil… that it’s kind of her thang.  It’s so heartwarming to see them getting to know and love each other that I almost forget this is Outlander, so the happiness won’t last cuz where would the fun be in that? 


Time passes and there’s lots of B roll including Indians coming to visit and Murtagh and the entire family joyfully gathering around the table.  It reminds me of back when I used to watch All My Children after school and whenever Erica Kane was finally happy, every time the doorbell rang, she’d run and open it with a big grin on her face and find out her latest husband had overshot the curve on a mountain road and they just found his car upside down in a ravine so I just can’t relax. To this day I cringe when the doorbell rings.  Claire and Brianna reminisce about the things they miss back in the 1960’s and 70’s.  


Brianna has a nightmare about Bonnet and Lizzie Wemyss/Gladys Kravitz spills the beans and they figure out that Jamie half murdered Roger and not Stephen Bonnet which would have been so much better and bonus, Ian sold him to the Mohawk.  Bree has a conniption and lets Jamie have it, and then Claire shows them the ring and Ian and Jamie find out #PsychoPirate raped her.   


The Dysfunctional Frasers decide Jamie, Ian and Claire will go find Roger.  Brianna, Murtagh and Gladys will go to Aunt Jocasta’s plantation where Bree will be safe during her pregnancy.  Ian says the Mohawk are fair and adopt people into their tribe to replace those who die of sickness but I’d like to see how they treat people they don’t like.  Brianna tells Claire she’s keeping the baby because it might be Roger’s.  Even if it’s not, she will love it anyway.  And now those damn onions I chopped in my kitchen an hour ago are making my eyes water again.  Jamie asks Murtagh to find Bonnet and bring him back so he can killl him.

Brianna sketches a near perfect likeness of Roger to help find him, and I’m so glad they threw her art skills into the mix.  I thought we were skipping that part, but okay cool.  They have a tearful goodbye and head out.  


Next day the Mohawk hit the trail with Roger at the wrong end of a rope.  He falls down a ravine, does a Houdini trick,  and the Minister’s cat is hauling ass through the countryside and escapes.  He loses the indians in the woods and ends up at some buzzing standing stones.  If I were Roger, I’d fling myself as hard as I could against those rocks and get back to 1972 with its penicillin and psychotherapy and leave that crazy Fraser family behind, but I bet you $5 he doesn’t. 


Murtagh, Bree and Gladys arrive at River Run and Murtagh and Bree are taken in to see Jocasta by Ulysses who 200 years later would probably be working at NASA instead of as their waaaay over-qualified butler. For some reason, they leave Gladys out on the sidewalk, maybe they give her a People mag to read while she waits.  Jocasta and Murtagh have a flirt fest and I’m wondering if he’s going to take the place of the one who shall not be named mostly cuz I can’t remember his name and I’m too lazy to look it up.  One thing’s for sure, we should know a lot more three weeks from now, because that’s all that’s left of this season and I’m trying not to be sad about that.



  • Jill
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    Most excellent!

  • eataylo1
    Posted 0Likes

    Once again, a laugh riot and I needed that because ep10 was another disappointment leaving out key lines and substituting others changing relationships as characterized in the book. Disappointing….but loved your recap. Thanks!!

    • I’ve read all the books so many times over the years that I’m at the point where they run together and I don’t remember what they’ve left out. I do know when they add unnecessary stuff like the 40 minutes of a one hour episode at Leghair’s House. ??‍♀️ And thanks for enjoying the re-cap!

  • Laura Wilson Ortiz
    Posted 0Likes

    I LOL’d all through your recap. You’re very funny, thanks for adding to the Outlander experience.

  • Kay Brown
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    Thanks for the morning laugh.

  • Joan Tinnin
    Posted 0Likes

    Thanks for the laughs on this episode. I actually enjoyed/appreciated the episode. I was happy they left in the Jamie/Bree lesson. In the books and the show I hated the piling on Jamie for the Roger thing. He and Ian were the LAST people to blame. Bree said horrible things to him. Thank you for saving me with the ”Fronk” comment. Regarding Roger’s forever in TV time journey, I wonder if this was the same writer that spent forever following Claire through the jungle. I was waiting for an out of place python…
    I will eagerly await your next gem. Love your writing!

    • Thanks Joan. I’m so glad they left the Jamie-Brianna scene in too. She learned a lesson in 2 minutes that might’ve taken 5 years on a therapist’s couch.

    • Annie
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      No this writer didnt have her wandering on the island. That writer had Claire wandering on the island and Bree wandering the Scotish highlands too.

  • joyce johnston
    Posted 0Likes

    Thanks as always ! i did miss Jamie’s flashback to BJR & the Wentworth trauma . Diana’s words spoken by BJR to Jamie where so horrific over 20years later

  • Kat
    Posted 0Likes

    I love reading your interpretations of each episode. They are my favorite of everyone’s I have on Facebook. Please keep it up as we go forward. You make me laugh. Espically when you said I can’t remember his name and too lazy to get up. Good honest truth in fun.

    • Lol, Kat. I had a long weekend and ran out of energy to do one. more. thing and just couldn’t force myself to look it up!?

  • Nell Kahil
    Posted 0Likes

    I think his name was Duncan Innes, but I’m also too lazy to look it up 🙂 I know for sure it was one of those Scottish type names.

  • Joan LaFever
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    I needed a laugh tonight. So glad I clicked on your recap, Melissa! I read recaps to get a little humor – picked a winner tonight!? You made Roger hauling ass come to life.?

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