#Outlander, madcap recap #Providence, ep 412 featuring #LordJohnGrey but no Gladys Kravitz and for that among other things, I weep.

The Shadowlake Welcoming Committee continues to beat the hell out of Roger.  In Wilmington, Fergus tells two random regulators that Murtagh’s been captured. They seem to be very concerned and decide to help rescue him.


At River Run, Lord John Grey tells Brianna that Stephen Bonnet has been captured and will hang the following week.  She asks LJG to take her to see him.  At first the idea  seems to appall him but after hearrrring Jamie Fraserrrrr’s voiceover reading a letter telling Bree to forrrrrgive Bonnet, LJG agrees to help her.  Personally, I could listen to Sam Heughan read the phone book, the contents of my recipe box, anything really.  He has a very soothing voice and I like when he rolls his RRRRrrrrrrrrs.


It’s just another manic Monday at the Indian’s Commune and it seems Roger has chores.  A nice Indian lady named Johiehon gives Roger leaves to chew for the pain.  LJG and Brianna arrive at the Wilmington jail, they talk about how they both miss her parents.  Kaheroton (I looked at the credits for both their names!)  asks Roger how he came to be an outcast by his people. Roger explains he’s in trouble and being punished because of a woman. Kaheroton seems disgusted, throws him some contemptuous side eye and tosses him in the clink.


Roger meets Father Alexandre Ferigault in the hut/jail, he finds out he’s in New York and the Indians name for him is Dogface.   In Wilmington, Fergus is hatching a Scooby Doo scheme to rescue Murtagh from jail.  Marsali pretends she’s cool with it because she wants to encourage him to be his own man.  She’s going to be Bonnie to his Clyde and the Random Regulators will help.  They will leave Wilmington after they spring Uncle Murty from the slammer and go live on the Ridge.  


Meanwhile in the Mohawk jail that really doesn’t look all that impenetrable, Roger listens to Father Alexandre share that he fell in love with a woman which he describes as ‘sin, impure and unholy.’  (Yeah? Well boys smell weird!) He and Johiehon had a child, the Mohawk welcomed the couple and child.  But since he’s refusing to baptize his baby because he feels his blessing will damn his child, the Mohawk are planning to kill him.  The indians take the priest away for a while and return him minus one ear. Roger, forgetting everything he’s ever known about  germs and sanitation, uses their drinking water to wash the blood off Father Alexandre’s ear.  Roger and the priest begin digging an escape route under the tent-jail.  


LJG and Brianna arrive at the jail to visit #PsychoPirate, Stephen Bonnet.  At the same time Fergus and the Regulators (which coincidentally sounds like an amazing indy rock band) arrive to break Murtagh out.

FergusRegulators2_memeMarsali is idling the horses in a no parking zone out front as she’s the getaway driver.  Brianna goes inside and confronts #PsychoPirate.  She tells him she’s pregnant.  He pulls a dirty, red jewel out of his mouth and puts it in her hand. #ImGladSheWoreGloves They all escape but before they do, they leave the keys to the cell on the floor within his reach insuring the escape of  #PsychoPirate.


Roger escapes and is almost safe but he can hear them torturing Father Alexandre.  Even knowing that Alexandre wanted to die, he does the Rogerest thing ever and turns around and runs back, flinging a cask of, I think some kind of booze, so there’s an explosion of fire and Father Alexandre dies immediately. Johiehon climbs up there and joins him in the fire and I’m sincerely grateful she didn’t take the baby with her because I don’t think I could stand watching that since I’ve already taken my earbuds out so I can’t hear the screaming.

Note:  While all this horrific action is taking place, they’re playing ‘Adagio for Strings’     which is my all-time favorite piece of music. I’m not sure why they deviated from the usual Bear McCreary music but I love that they used it. I first heard this piece when I was ten years old on a Saturday morning children’s concert on TV and I sat on my living room floor and cried.  My mother came rushing into the room concerned that I was hurt.  I said no, I loved this music so I didn’t know why I was sad and crying. I asked her to find out the name of the song for me.  I never forgot it.   


I didn’t really warm up to LJG in the books till MOBY but in the tv series I love Lord John Grey’s quiet command of every situation and David ‘Cutie-pie’ Berry is  acting the hell out of his character.  There are plenty of books written about LJG, and up until now, I’ve only read one.  Now because of Mr. Berry’s superb skilz, I’m going to go back and read them all.  Dude needs his own show!!


I’ve read the books many times each so I’m not sure how they plan to wrap it all up next week but knowing how the show runners do their thing, I trust they have a plan.  I do hope this plan includes Lizzie Wemyss/Gladys Kravitz because she is quickly becoming one of my top favorites on the show and I missed her awkward confusion this week.



  • @Yr_Obt_Svt
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    Scooby Doo scheme – LOL! Great job, AGAIN! MWAH!

  • Kay Brown
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    I am with you. Now that David Berry has put a face to LJG, I am going to go back and read those books. I read the Scottish Prisoner (not sure that is one of LJG series) but none of the rest of them. I love the character now. Also, I am worrying how in the world they will wrap up the rest of the book, but I trust they have it all figured out. Maybe last episode will be a little longer????

  • L C
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    I loved your comments on the brilliant decision by the production team to use Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings to close the final scene this week. I was older than ten when I discovered this soul-wrenching piece of music, but like you, it evokes strong emotions every time I hear it.

  • Merry Miller Moon
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    Yes-Dave Berry needs his own show-and I mean NOW! I was screaming at the tv that they didn’t throw that baby onto the burning pyre-THANK GOD! Great recap as always! I’m saddened that we only have one episode left. Have to go back and rewatch the whole season!

  • dot65jean
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    Thank you sincerely for giving me a few smiles about a particularly horrific episode. The storyline was almost too difficult for this old lady to endure this week. Sure hope the finali isn’t as dark. The acting was superb! Thank you for your commentary, as always.

  • charmingquilts
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    Were you being facetious when you said Father Fogden? It was Father Alexandre.

  • ayerishgrl
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    Just began reading your re-caps a short while ago and i love them! You are very witty-i’m always impressed by someone who wields the power of sarcasm as well as you. Thanks for the giggles. And i too have become a big fan of LJG and wouldn’t mind watching him in his own show.

  • Lynn
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    The music this season is excellent, Bear McCreary is doing a great job. Thank you for telling us it’s Adagio for Strings, I’ll listen closer the next time I watch this episode. I had the same reaction to Greensleeves when I was a kid, I couldn’t watch Lassie Come Home for the longest time.
    In the opening vignette they show an Indian ladling out what I’m pretty sure is whiskey, that’s what Roger threw on the fire. I had the same expression on my face as he did when Johiehon climbed into the fire.

  • Crystal
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    Not Father Fogden. Father Ferigault. 😉

  • joyce johnston
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    As always your words brighten my days. TY

  • Sandra Simon Curry
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    I think I like the TV production better than the book of “Drums of Autumn”. I know they have added and subtracted but I still like it. The acting is top notch.

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