Outlander Mini Re-cap, Epi 301, ‘We’ve All Got the Sadz and Who’s Your Daddy?’

Quick housekeeping note.  I’ll no longer be doing long re-caps on a steady basis for various reasons.  You can read about that here: 


When the mood strikes, I may be writing mini-recaps that can be done quickly.  Here comes one now.

I understand the first six episodes will be divided between Jamie’s time in 1700’s Scotland and Claire’s time in late 1940’s through the 1960’s.  This episode flashed back between them and we open with Jamie in Culloden, a time the British should not be proud of.  There’s a lot of violence, waiting around, sadness and annoying people…not unlike my honeymoon. (Hey Prince Charles, ya big loser…)

We pop over to Boston where Frank #sigh and Claire check out an apartment that looks like my college dorm.  #ShoutOutToBeaconStreetYo  Claire is having difficulty keeping the stove lit, much less cooking on it.


She decides to run out and buy some wood and cook in her fireplace.  She meets the neighborhood Chatty Cathy/Stepford Wife whose outlook depresses the hell out of me.

The highlanders are caught in the small house on the edge of Culloden Field where 99.9% of them meet their maker.  They contemplate making a run for it, but decide there’s no point.

Claire attends a Harvard faculty meeting with Frank and must subject herself to his boss, a blustering, pompous buffoon whose douchebaggery makes me carsick.  She bites her tongue and doesn’t poison his drink so I put this one down as a plus in the victory column.


Back in Culloden, Jamie asks if anyone knows what happened to Murtagh.  (Please baby Jesus/Ron Moore, let him show up next season, I beg you.)  The British come into the house and let them know they’ll be killing them all.  Lord Melton, a.k.a. sibling of Lord John, is in charge of the murders.  Other than that, he seems like a nice guy Mrs. Lincoln


Back in Boston, Claire springs it on Frank that she wants to become an American citizen.  The cozy breakfast conversation devolves into her throwing an ashtray at his head, something I’m not too proud to admit I’ve done before. #GeminiProblems



We’re back at Culloden which = Murder and Sadness.  The British kill a bunch of innocent people and I’m getting cranky.

Frank is sleeping on the Castro Convertible when Claire hobbles out to say her water has broken.

In Culloden House, Lord Melton discovers his prisoner is JAMMF and he’s in a pickle because he can’t murder him since Jamie spared his brother’s life. They decide to stick him in a hay wagon and take him to Lallybroch. Poor Rupert is executed and I’m beside myself.  I’d hoped they might keep him alive since we all love him so much and I must remind myself it’s only a tv show.



Frank and Claire hightail it to the hospital where she must endure another mysoginistic twit of a man who delivers the baby.  Side note: Most realistic labor I’ve ever seen.

Jamie wakes up and he’s at Lallybroch with Jenny and Ian over him.  Claire wakes up and Frank carries red-headed Brianna into the room. They kiss and make up. Frank is sweet.  I still want JAMMF.





  • Yr Obt Svt
    Posted 0Likes

    And then comes the AWKWARD moment when the nurse asks about the baby’s red hair. OOOPS!

    Love all of the above. I watched for the 3rd time today and got very choked up when Jamie was crying over Rupert. Pass me a hanky, ‘k?

  • Molly Shannon, MS, OTR/L, ATP
    Posted 0Likes

    I couldn’t make out what Jamie said after Rupert was shot? Could tou?

    • Shelley Reback
      Posted 0Likes

      Apparently, it’s Gaelic. I read a translation but don’t recall exactly. Something like “Rest well, Rupert.” That might not be it exactly, but it’s that sentiment.

    • Victoria Cox
      Posted 0Likes

      Jamie was speaking Gaelic.

  • Paige
    Posted 0Likes

    Tough to watch!

  • cbmccurdy
    Posted 0Likes

    Did you read all the Outlander series?

    Clark B McCurdy
    (603) 431-7928

  • Joyce Johnston
    Posted 0Likes

    Thank You It really was a wonderful episode! I am only sorry that in Canada the show airs on the W Network while it is a premium channel which we pay to get 15 minutes of commercials is a bit much. When is the dvd release?????

  • dot65jean
    Posted 0Likes

    Thrilled to hear from you today! I needed some comment after last night’s tragic season content. Stay with us, please.?

  • Peigi
    Posted 0Likes

    So glad that I have watched the splendid series Call the Midwife. Though it shows a more economically challenged population, it gives a general context of the time.
    I suppose that Claire and Frank would want and could afford the latest of medical technology, which came with ‘doctor knows best’ control issues. Good for Claire for trying to resist.

  • Merry Miller Moon
    Posted 0Likes

    Thank you for this recap! Loved the ‘Who’s your daddy?’ at the end! And I’m going to miss my tv boyfriend, Rupert like crazy!!!! Still crying over here about that one…

  • Kim Talley
    Posted 0Likes

    Shout out to the writers, directors, actors, costume dept. … because I have to keep reminding myself it’s just a tv show too!!!?‍♀️
    Love your posts Melissa!

  • hakulani
    Posted 0Likes

    Thank you~

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