#Outlander re-cap, Ep 308: First Wives Club, Kebbie Lebbies and Jenny from the Broch is still a B. PS Retweets always welcome!

Jamie, Claire and young Ian gallop home and Jenny ‘Grumpyface’ Murray is NOT happy to see them. The Ingrates of Lallybroch give Jamie holy hell, but let’s peruse a partial list of what he’s done for them over the years, shall we?

1) Turned himself in and gone to prison, so they could have the reward money.
2) Sent most of his money home from his English indentured servitude.
3) Sent most of his money home from the Printshop.
4) Had Claire tell them to plant potatoes to survive the famine. 

Jamie and Ian have a bro moment that warms the cockles of my heart. Jenny gives Claire shite for being away 20 years. Jenny gives Jamie shite for marrying LaoghaireJenny gives Jamie shite for not sharing his grief with her.  Jenny has no more shite to give.
Jamie and Claire are in their room and he tells her about going to Silkie Island years ago and discovering the fortune which catches up the non-obsessive viewers/normal people on the plot. Jamie says he must tell her a secret but before he can, the door flies open ‘All My Children’ style and two girls demand to know who Claire is. She flips out to discover Jamie’s married L’eery, there’s a shouting match and everyone except Claire goes downstairs where Jamie sweetly explains to his red-headed step child that he loves her and will always take care of her. #ImNotCryingYoureCryingCentralHeat_meme
Jamie tells Claire he’s not the girls’ father and there are a whole lot of red heads in Scotland which she’d know if she ever bothered to go on one of those Outlander tours that are gaining popularity. He says the sweetest thing to her, followed up with ‘even though you left me…’   Dude!  We were all there…you literally dragged her to those stones!!! Footnote: They used SO much of Diana Gabaldon’s ACTUAL WORDS FROM THE BOOK, I jumped up and danced around the room. Note to writers:  DO THIS EVERY TIME!!!
Claire finds out Jenny sent her daughter to get Laoghaire which started the wee ‘kebbie lebbie’ an expression which I’m now going to casually use in every day conversation.  She tells Jenny she had another husband in America and came to visit Jamie’s grave after her husband died.  #WhiteLie  Jenny responds with her classic nasty gal BS. UnFun Fact: From first grade through high school, I was bullied by the meanest witch ever created and even I gave her a fake smile at our high school reunion and asked about her kids…and she wasn’t even family! Try to be nice, Jenny!!!
Claire tries to leave Lallybroch and Jamie stops her.  Laoghaire shows up, accidentally shoots Jamie and takes off. Claire gives Jamie some magical whisky that knocks him out long enough for surgery. Where can I get some of THAT?
Jamie recuperates in the dining room and tells Claire how he ended up married to Laoghaire.
My one true love, Ned Gowan shows up and tells Jamie how much dough Laoghaire wants for a settlement.  Jamie decides to go to Silkie Island and get the coins to pay her off.
Young Ian volunteers to swim to the island and afterwards Jamie will take him to Paris  to exchange the coins for cash. Ian retrieves the box but the ‘Perfect Timing Pirate Ship’ arrives and they kidnap Ian and steal the treasure. 

 I don’t want to be there when Jenny finds out. #ShesScarierThanThePirates






  • Joan Tinnin
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    Thank you for your insight and your gloriously hilarious delivery. I laughed and almost cried reading your words. Enjoy you so much!!!

  • Cecilia A Casey
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    Ok..am probably the only human who hasn’t read the books….BUT am a solid fan of everything OUTLANDER….And this episode was one of the best!….Dang that Jenny can hold a grudge….and of course seeing my favourite lawyer again was sweeet!
    Bravo to all..

  • Mary Ann Roath
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    Absolutely love your recap, I laughed out loud . Keep up the great Work!

  • Donna Dilbeck
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    I’m cracking up here ! Love your post !

  • Connie
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    Priceless! I adore you! #ScarierThanPirates is going to be my new basis of comparison.

  • Ann
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    Love lebbie kebbie lol, your recaps are fantastic. When I rewatch episodes i laugh thinking of you recaps. Keep it up ?

  • Lynn Conroy
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    Loved loved your recap.

  • Nell Kahil
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    The recap was wonderful. You are so darn funny! I am willing to go smack that bully…and not ask about her kids.

  • Susan Tankersley
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    Priceless! And yes, I jump for joy when the writers use the words from thebook and yes, out of the obsessive/normal, I belong to the first! I love this!

  • Jill
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    Well done, lassie…..really well done! ?

  • Gina (@Lotti_Tx)
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    Snorted my coffee on this one. Hilarious recap!

  • ivonne
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    Yes lady, you got it all squared down. I have always taught how fun it would be to watch the show with other fans… would be nice to have you there to recap 😉 lol

  • Carrie
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    You’re awesome! Loved the recap and now will forever have those quips in my head every time I watch this episode. So loved the bit about you smiling at your school witch! You’re a classy lassie!

  • Barbara
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    Hysterical, what a great way to start my day! Thank you Melissa.

  • katydid56
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    You are freaking hilarious. Loved this!!

  • Tammy Godwin
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    Your recaps are great fun! I look forward to them after every episode! Keep up the good work!

  • Donna Whitesell
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    I like your “wording” ingrates indeed!

  • DJ Fleischaker
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    you are so funny I love reading your observations thank you

    Debbie Fleischaker

    Debbie Fleischaker PhD Santa Fe NM 87505

    On Sun, Nov 5, 2017 at 7:25 PM, melissasobservations wrote:

    > MelissasObservations posted: “Jamie, Claire and young Ian gallop home and > Jenny ‘Grumpyface’ Murray is NOT happy to see them. The Ingrates of > Lallybroch give Jamie holy hell, but let’s peruse a partial list of what > he’s done for them over the years, shall we? 1) Turned himself in and” >

    • Nancy Ferrer
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      Hilarious recap!! Maybe I need to rewatch but I don’t recall Jenny giving Jamie shite for marrying L’eery. I thought she was all for it. Also the photo captions are hysterically funny!

  • Lorene
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    Love your comments, hon. Keep them coming.

  • Joyce Johnston
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    Spot on as usual Melissa Thanks so much!

  • Elizabeth Tivnan
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    Verify witty! A fun read! Love your take and agree 100%.

  • elizabethconnell2013
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    Keep up the irony, we need some in the swoony Outlander world. Surely Jamie could have found someone more his level, even if he was suffering PTSD. He must ahve been really depressed. Interfering Jenny, who also has limited horizons, is somewhat to blame. BTW Jamie left the whole family estate to her family! This galled me until I realized it was never going to be a love nest for him and Claire, plot wise someone had to look after it.Contemplating these two women, one sees how appealing Claire is, not only a woman of rare beauty, and a healer, but refined and educate, someone to plumb the depths with. I will be glad to see Claire tousled and tossed on board the ship, freed from her stitched up (literally) Mary Poppins outfit—well they both sort of fell out of the sky…and her rather tense moralistic persona at present. meanwhile Jamie has dropped his game with the honour, he seems morally a bit sloppy at present. They both need to work on each other. I’d like to see Claire soften a little, show a little tenderness.

  • Jo
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    OMG, red headed step child. She is Literally a red headed step child. How did I miss that? I laughed so loud I think I scared my cat. Thank you so much for the great recap

  • Sharon McKendrick
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    This is my first visit and read of your post Melissa. You have a knack of seeing the truth in a lighthearted fun way. Love your take on everything Outlander. I will definitely be back for more!

  • Len
    Posted 0Likes

    I just bookmarked you:) You are hilarious and I can’t wait for the next recap. “Dude! We were all there! You literally dragged her to those stones!” So true??? Kept rereading that part- exactly what I was thinking:)

    • Ooh! I don’t know if I’ve ever been bookmarked before…it sounds verra official. Thank you!!

  • susan glennis
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    As always, loved your recap. I too want magic whiskey. Ned is my boyfriend – you can’t have him. Leg-hair is a pain in the ass. I can’t believe Jamie married her and didn’t even get a decent boink out of it. This episode was a little different from the book but I liked it a lot – on the upswing from last week’s Claire-being-a-B debacle. We are back to Jenny-being-a-B. Much better. Keep writing, Sistah. This is great!

    • Susan Glennis, Ned is mine, you canna have him as we handfasted under a bonnie wee haggis tree followed by a night of passion in the Cranesmuir Hoor House where he keeps a room. You may have young Geordie from the Printshop as I’ve heard he’s available and on the prowl. ?

  • lori5424
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    Hilarious, once again a superb recap. Love the personal asides, the captions on the photos, really everything! Only complaint, too short, LOL

  • Angela Rioux
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    Glad I found your blog; you make me laugh AND post lovely pix…

  • Lindsey
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    You are freakin hilarious!
    That. It. All.

    • I. Know. Right??

      • Lindsey
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        Let’s catch up after those two lovebirds set sail this weekend.

  • Laine Andrews
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    Melissa, I like your ability to pick up on what other sites seem to miss, this time the unfairness of the Lallybroch crew towards their prime benefactor Jamie. Forget Ned Gowan. You should be his lawyer and would have driven a much better bargain with Laoghaire to boot instead of crippling Jamie financially. She should have been threatened with a charge of attempted manslaughter instead of rewarded with alimony for her dog in the manger craziness. Jamie is just a wallet to everybody.

    He technically owes Lallybroch tenants nothing any longer as he is not the laird anymore, having signed over his birthright to the Murrays’ eldest son so it wouldn’t be confiscated by the English after Colloden as a rebel’s property. He lives such a spartan life himself the printing business would be sufficient. The smuggling and the risks associated with it are undertaken solely to keep Jenny and company in the manner to which they’ve become accustomed. Not that they show proper gratitude as you point out. Why would a “loving” sister not cut a brother whose suffering she’s seen and knows of first hand some slack instead of getting snippy about her chronic runaway son? Is it Jamie’s fault she can’t keep Ian Jr. down on the farm once he’s seen Paree…um, Edinburgh? And why sic Laoghaire on her brother to chase away Claire, instead of letting him work things out quietly to his own advantage? Jenny knew the second marriage she’d pushed him into was a bust. Book Jenny was even worse, not sending for Claire when Jamie was on his deathbed. With a sister like that, who needs enemies?

    • Joan Tinnin
      Posted 0Likes

      Laine, Jaime definitely needs Melissa as his lawyer. I was bothered by this even in the books. Jaime rarely has two pennies to rub together thanks to his family and Laoghire. Very bothered. He has an enormous sense of honor, which I get as my husband (Scottish descendant) also has. That sense of honor takes those who have it pretty darn far sometimes. I liked your words.

    • ? agree!

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