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#Outlander recap Ep 707: A Practical Guide For Time Travelers or War Sucks Even If It's On TV

Bree is reading a letter from Claire written from a tiny, adorable desk in Saratoga, when she hears Roger shouting for her using her full name and anyone who’s been married longer than five minutes knows that he means business. He brings forward a Hagrid-looking man and introduces him as Buck Mackenzie aka the man who hanged him in 17-something. Buck explains that he and his wife Morag and children were at Craigh Na Dun when he was accidentally propelled forward to 1980.

The Redcoats are in Stillwater, NY and William and his friend Lt. Cutie-Pie/Sandy Hammond are listening to Generals Burgoyne and Fraser bloviating in the officers tent. Suddenly Michael J. Redcoat appears with a note for the Generals who think kick the younger officers out. Lt. Cutie-pie swipes champagne and he and William head outside. Captain Richardson approaches William as he wants him to be a courier again, but Willie is not happy about it.

Meanwhile Uncle Buck is shoveling PB & J sandwiches in as fast as possible. He tells them he joined the Regulators and that’s where he met Roger who he claims hit on his wife. Roger tells him Morag is his 5/6 times Great-grandmother and Buck is his just as many times Grand-da so cut it out. Buck requests whisky to help him digest that little piece of info AND the peanut butter. Roger sees on the family tree that Buck is going to die in 1778 but doesn’t tell him.

The Uninvited Misogynist Rob Cameron shows up for dinner so they hide Buck in the priest hole. Roger leaves Rob alone to look at ‘hymnals’ in his office (where he also keeps Jamie and Claire’s letters and the Guide for Time Traveler’s) and comes back out to check on Buck.

Jamie arrives back at Camp dressed like a sexy Davy Crockett and gives Claire a book he found by the creek. Claire has trouble reading the 'small type' and Jamie mentions it’s 12 point Caslin and my charming husband who’s worked as graphic designer with printers for 1,000 years (and who makes these memes) sits up and says ‘How the F does he know that?' I remind him about A. Malcom Printer and he sits back in his chair satisfied with my answer. Jamie announces he’ll buy her new glasses in Scotland. Boy does he know how to romance a gal.

General Fraser gives William and Sandy a strangely poetic pep talk and Willie takes the opportunity to ask the General if he can stay and fight instead of being a delivery boy. The Fraser says yes.

Roger and Brianna remain extremely patient even though the Uninvited Misogynist Rob Cameron simply will not leave. This reminds me of a high school friend who told me when company overstayed their welcome, her father would start yawning and quietly passing ultra fragrant gas until the company ran for the door. This story semi-traumatized me but it was effective and I wish I could tell Roger and Brianna. Rob invites Jemmy to go to the movies with he and Bobby the next night and FINALLY leaves.

Roger freaks out cuz he can't find Buck, but eventually locates him in the trailer where he's watching Buck Rogers with the kids. Brianna says she’ll take Buck to work with her on Friday and on Saturday, they’ll take him back to the Stones. The next day at work, Buck meets Rob Cameron and immediately takes a disliking to him and warns Roger (who IMO should wear that blue sweater/kilt outfit every day) not to trust him. Roger tells Buck the date of his death.

That night in the trailer, Brianna and Roger have some naughty, naughty married sex and I can’t help but be distracted when Brianna removes her blue and white floral blouse because my Aunt Helen had curtains made of that same material.

A Redcoat desserter arrives in camp and tells them the British battle plan. Morgan’s rifleman (that means Jamie!) will lead the charge. Jamie and Claire kiss goodbye and he’s off to battle leaving her behind in the tent.

William and Sandy and the redcoats are in formation with fixed bayonets. Sandy as usual is making funny comments which make William laugh. As someone who always uses humor to break the tension, Sandy is one of my favorites. Suddenly Sandy gets shot in the head and William and I and many other viewers are very unhappy about it. I should’ve known they were making me like this character only to personally hurt my feelings when they killed him off just like all of Little Joe's girlfriends on Bonanza including the time he married a sweet girl played by Bonnie Bedelia! Suddenly William unsheaths his sword and runs into the battle like a crazed warrior not unlike his bio-dad Jamie.

Back in the trailer, Roger wakes up and goes to his office. He realizes The Misogynist Rob Cameron has read the letters. Mandy screams and tells her parents that Jem is gone. Brianna calls Bobby’s mom (without looking up the number…I still don’t know my own daughter’s phone number that she’s had for 6 years) and find out Rob Cameron has kidnapped him. Roger and Buck speed to the Stones and find Jem’s Tufty Club scarf. Buck looks like he’d rip Rob Cameron apart with his own hands. I like Buck.

Back on the battlefield they’ve gathered the dead and the soldiers are complaining about digging holes. William orders them to dig a deeper hole. He rips off his coat and begins digging along with them. The camera pans further and we see Jamie laying unconscious on the battlefield.

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