Ye Olde Strip Club, Murtagh and the Merry Maid & the Further Adventures of Jamie & Claire, #Outlander, Epi 203 Re-Cap

Claire wakes up as Jamie returns home; he and Charles pulled another allnighter and he tells her Charles wants a meeting with Duverney.  He refers to Charles as ‘that loon of a prince’ as well as making other indiscreet remarks in front of his servants which makes me uncomfortable because everyone knows it’s usually the Butler Who Does It and how does he or we know the servants are not spies. #IMayHaveReadTooMuchMissMarple He also tells Claire his Sawny snake is missing from his sporran (Scottish fanny pack) and asks her to have the servants keep an eye out for it.

Claire is bored silly playing cards with Louise and Mary as she’s a modern woman and needs to be fulfilled.  Mary blurts out that she cannot marry a French man because of the vile things they do in bed and Claire decides it’s time for a Nursery Rhyme Sex Ed Class as she needs to bring Mary up to speed.  Mary says men don’t do that in her hometown of Sussex and we strap in for a flashback from the time Frank told Claire about his Ancestry . com research when he discovered that his many times great grandmother was named Mary HawkinsClaire realizes that in order for Frank to be born, evil Jack Randall needs to stay alive for another year which is going to be a problem when Jamie finds out he’s not dead.

Claire arrives home to find her lady’s maid Suzette hasn’t mended her lace thingamajig and throws a hissy fit, charging into her room to find her in flagrante delicto with Murtagh and more power to him. I only hope he’s bathed as we know his grooming habits up till now have been less than stellar.  Murtagh and Claire argue and Claire apologizes and tells him about meeting Alex Randall and finding out that Black Jack is still alive and that she hasn’t told JamieMurtagh agrees that it’s right to shield him from the truth and then heads back to make Crepes with Suzette. MurtaghMaid

Jamie and Duverney are playing chess and Jamie asks him to tell Prince Charles that King Louis will not fund the rebellion. Jamie says Scotland is not ready to fight another war and he wants to wait until they are in a position to win.

Claire goes to see Master Raymond and she comes face to face with St. Germain as he’s leaving Le Drugstore. They swap the evil eye foreshadowing things to come. 

Claire asks Master Raymond for a morning after pill for Murtagh’s new friend.  Claire confesses to Monsieur Le Ribbet that she’s bored watching soap operas all day and longs for some Gloria Steinem style fulfillment.  He suggests she go see Mother Hildegarde, a multi-talented nun, and volunteer her skills at the Hospital.

Claire arrives at the Hospital with Murtagh who’s against this idea.  #SoWhatElseIsNew Mother Hildegarde is also less than enthusiastic about another upperclass do-gooder offering her services so she puts her to work emptying bed pans. Later on Mother H sees Claire diagnosing a case of diabetes by tasting the patient’s urine as I pause the tv and ralph into a bucket. Mother H, however, is impressed and agrees to let her do real medical work.

Since it’s a day that ends with Y, Jamie’s back at Ye Olde Strip Club with Prince Charles and Duverny talking bidness and watching MasterD hitting on the waitresses. Charles is bragging about his popularity and access to tons of cash and for a moment I think I’m watching Donald Trump and not the bonnie princeJamie and Duverney exchange looks when Charlie says England and France will form an alliance when King James is back on the throne. Duverney says he’ll speak to King Louis on his behalf.

Jamie hasn’t slept for days and he returns home looking for Claire who’s working at the hospital.  When she arrives home bubbling with enthusiasm about her new job, Jamie throws a wet blanket over her day and says their purpose is to stop the rebellion not for her to work in the hospital.  When he gets home at the end of a hard day, his wife should be wearing pearls and vacuuming the living room! Suzette, the maid, who’s a regular Chatty Cathy, spills the beans to Murtagh that Jamie and Claire are not ‘practicing the bagpipes’ at night and I really wish she’d shut it.


Jamie’s ticked off and, I believe sleep deprived, so he speeds off in his Ferrari leaving Claire  once again at home by herself. At Madame Elise’s House of Hoes he spots an adorable curly-haired, young lad pickpocketing the customers.  Jamie tries to talk to the boy who takes off running.  He catches him and the boy threatens to tell Claire that Jamie hangs with whores. Jamie counters he’ll tell Madame Elise that the boy is a thief.  They compromise and Jamie offers him a job stealing Charle’s letters for him.  He shakes down the boy and discovers that he stole his Sawny snake.

Claire is awakened by a loud noise and discovers the young French boy in her dining room.  Jamie explains the pickpocket formerly known as Claudel, now Fergus since it’s more manly, will be stealing letters for him so he can gather intel on the whys and whatfors of the Prince’s machinations.  Claire agrees that’s a good idea.

Jamie and Murtagh spend their days reading and copying the correspondence they steal and Jamie seems to be getting on Murtagh’s last nerve. Much of what they read is in a simple Hardy Boys style code but some of it is more difficult such as a code that’s hidden within a piece of music.  Murtagh tells Jamie that Mother Hildegarde is a Musical Nun and should be able to help him.


Back at the hospital, Bouton the dog, is sniffing out disease among the patients and Claire is pressing on gooey infections and slicing legs open when Jamie arrives, metaphorical hat in hand.


Mother Hildegard, runs a hospital, performs surgery, plays piano, speaks German, is a friend of Bach, and is able to help Jamie crack the code. (She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never, never let you forget you’re a man, cuz she’s a woman!!)

Later at home, Jamie and Claire are able to decipher the message from the Duke of Sandringham to Prince Charles and they discover Charles is securing 40,000 pounds to help fund the war.  Jamie wants to meet with the Duke and convince him it’s a bad investment.  Murtagh and Claire have a hurried confab and realize Claire needs to tell Jamie that Black Jack is still alive.  But Claire chickens out as she doesn’t want to hurt Jamie who’s celebrating his first small victory. All I can think is  ‘Oh What A Tangled Web We Weave….’


  • Iris
    Posted 0Likes

    Hey, I very much enjoyed reading your recap, very entertaining 😀 Thanks! As to the servants: I totally agree. Claire mentioned in the last episode that Jamie’s uncle selected the servants very carefully, so they can be trusted. But who ever trusts their servants??? 😉

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Jamie and Claire are being unusually block heided vis a vis the servants. My Miss Marple training tells me it’ll come back to haunt them. Thanks for commenting!

  • cbmccurdy
    Posted 0Likes

    I’m glad you’ve taken a liking to the Olde Scottish Tale, as it were……

    Clark B McCurdy


  • Rebecca T.
    Posted 0Likes

    Best lines: “sporran (Scottish fanny pack)” and “we strap in for a flashback from the time Frank told Claire about his research ” and “Mother H sees Claire diagnosing a case of diabetes by tasting the patient’s urine as I pause the tv and ralph into a bucket,” and “since it’s a day that ends with Y, Jamie’s back at Ye Olde Strip Club with Prince Charles and Duverny talking bidness and…”.
    Visual…the meme of yummy Le Comte and Bouton!

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Thanks Rebecca! I think I have an out of body type experience when I watch Outlander and this is the demented result!?

  • Diane
    Posted 0Likes

    This recap is the most hilarious of them all so far! You are amazing!

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      Thank you Diane! I was sort of hoping a blog or website might pick it up cuz I’m pretty fabulous right??

  • Leslie
    Posted 0Likes

    I love your recaps but am I the only one that saw the significance of Jamie’s shoulder roll when Sandringham introduced him to Alex Randall? His body language followed by his unemotional reply to Sandringham of being acquainted with Captain Randall was priceless! Jamie is certainly a man to fear!!! Melissa, I wish you had touched on this scene in your recap!!!

    • Melissa B
      Posted 0Likes

      I’ve heard quite a few people commenting on the shoulder roll. Young Mr. Heughan is a world class actor.?? And thanks for commenting!

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