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Despite all the Condescension and Insults, I Still Won't Watch 'Wentworth'.

A few days ago, I wrote a blog saying I would not watch the 'Wentworth' episode of Outlander.  I prefaced it by saying it was not my usual zany, wacky blog.  Many of you were supportive saying you felt the same way.  Many of you were supportive to those like me but said even though it would be upsetting, you were going to watch it anyway. Many of you were the opposite of supportive calling me a 'hand ringer', 'pearl clutcher', 'granny' and 'disloyal' to name a few.  I was told I was in a 'panic mode' and that it was 'just a tv show', and it was 'only acting'.  Note: The majority of my life's work was in television and professional (Broadway level) theatre so I. know. it's. acting.

People who can't handle it, go ahead and express yourselves.  But make sure to duck when you get the bible thrown at you like several people have as part of their lecture about why we should watch.   And, don't tell me I'll bring down a TV network (I'm one woman with a blog for heavens' sake) and don't tell me it's my duty to watch it because it's not. Most of us don't know really know each other on Twitter. We hide behind our best photos, funniest one-liners, our zingiest of zingers.  But when we feel strongly about a subject, such as 'Wentworth', the real people behind those facades come out.  And frankly, some of those people have not been nice. There are many viewers who do not want to watch 'Wentworth'.  You don't know their back story, and I don't know their back story.  What I do know is that it's their right not to watch it and it's their right to talk about not watching it. And no, it won't bring Starz to their knees, and no they won't cancel the show. I happen to love the book 'Outlander'.  And I adore the tv show 'Outlander' and all those involved.  It's brilliant.  The book has been one of my favorites for over 20 years and I've read and re-read many times. But guess what, in all those years I read the 'Wentworth' part only once until this past week, when I re-read it again.  It's horrible.  What happens to him. is. horrible.  I don't see any reason why I should watch it.  Just like I know everything that was done to the victims of Charles Manson because I read about it once.  But I see no reason to look at the pictures.  Because. I. Can't. Handle. It. So, don't tell me what's wrong with me and that I need to man up. Don't condescend to me and call me names.  You have no idea what my back story is, just as I have no idea about yours. I will still support 'Outlander'. I will still think Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan are two of the best actors I've seen in my lifetime and I'm forever grateful to them for bringing Claire and Jamie so perfectly to the screen.  I'm indebted to Ron Moore and his entire brilliant team. But I am NOT going to watch 'Wentworth' and all the condescension and misspelled insults in the world won't change my mind.


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