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#MenInKilts, Episode 2 #Recap, #ScottishSports with #SamHeughan and #GrahamMcTavish

I was thrilled to discover Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish's new show #MenInKilts which sparked me to begin recapping again. This episode truly provided some solid laughs after a year of hiding out from the Rona in my little house in the big woods in Connecticut.

This episode opens with a 'nudity and violence' warning which gives me a moment’s pause, and I wonder if they’re pranking us. I'm not really here for the violence but I'm definitely looking forward to the nudity as it’s been a loooong year in lockdown.

Sam and Graham are talking all things 'Scottish sports' as Sam continues to call Graham ‘bruh’ with his version of a Valley Girl accent and Graham’s rolling his eyes but he can’t fool me, I know he likes it. They show a little footage of our guys playing Shinty in an #Outlander episode and I seem to remember Sam and some of the other cast members saying this was one of their favorite episodes to film, probably because they’re guys and that’s how they do. Mr. Sportyman/Sam makes a bet with Graham that whoever loses the most competitions must skinny dip in the ocean. Sam tells us in his BBC radio announcer voice that he wants to ‘lift a stone.’

They meet with Peter Laurie at Balquhidder who teaches the guys about stone lifting. Sam dons his Outlander kilt, puts his back into it and lifts the stone while making a ‘That’s what she said’ joke. I guffaw and frighten my ginger cat, Mr. Pumpkin.

Next they travel to Braemar, home of the Highland Games where each year Scottish culture including music, dance and physical competitions are celebrated. A giant mountain of a man, Kyle Randall, shows up and explains his job is to run around Scotland each summer ‘throwing shit while in an entire state of pain and sadness.’ If that isn’t the greatest slogan for the Highland Games and the Scottish Tourism Board, then I don’t know what is. As fit and muscular as Graham is, he appears to have been happier in the previous Eating and Drinking episode. But despite all his fun-spirited whining, Graham has won! Sam pretends to hold back his tears and congratulates him.

We’re in St. Andrews at the world-renowned golf course with Fraser Riddler the Caddy Master who shares the history of the course.  Our heroes have changed into golf clothes and Sam looks like a Boston preppy and Graham looks like a dapper club member. They have a hitting (or whatever they call it) contest and Graham wins bringing us that much closer to seeing Sam in his birthday suit. 

We arrive at Murrayfield the home of Scotland’s National Rugby Team where the guys are greeted by rugby legends Al Kellock and Chris Paterson. I realize if I was Scottish, I’d be incredibly excited about this but I confess I’m clueless, and I'm simply a normal amount of excited, not an 'I'm seeing the Beatles in person kind of excited.' However, I can still appreciate their reputations and skill. Also these guys are hunks ‘o burnin love which continues to cement my unscientific theory about Scottish men and handsomeness. I’ve got to say though, after seeing this segment, I’d really like to watch a rugby match, while drinking an adult beverage in that stadium so sign me up! Sadly for Sam, but happily for us, he lost again.

The guys are driving to the seashore and it’s raining and drizzly and cold and there’s not enough money in the world to convince me to jump into that ocean. Graham hilariously taunts his pal as nekkid Sam runs full speed into the water hopping around like a perky frog and then back out again to the shore protectively hanging onto his Willis and Doodleberries. (And yes I think it's important to use correct medical terms for body parts. You're welcome.)

Thats 2 for 2 my friends as both episodes are hilarious and entertaining. I've got many more to go and will be re-capping them soon. However, after 16 months apart, our precious daughter is coming to visit (she is a front-line medical worker) so I may only get one more re-cap done until after her visit. Hubby @OutmanderArtist and I are jumping for joy to see our girl again. Thanks to all of you for sharing on Twitter and Facebook and for your lovely has been so much fun to interact with you all again!


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