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I first read Outlander as a young mom almost 30 years ago. Okay....I didn't just read it, I devoured it 5 or 6 times. Every year or so during that time, I checked to see if it was being made for the screen. FINALLY two miracles appeared and their names were Ron D. Moore and Maril Davis and they have made all my Outlander dreams come true!

As a solo act, I write this blog designed to make you laugh, think & get through the scary parts which seem much easier to read than to watch.

My husband, Richard, is now hooked on Outlander almost as much as I am.  I write the re-caps and design the memes and he builds them (every once in a while he even does it wearing a kilt!!)  We're on Twitter: @Gracesmom48 (Melissa) and @OutmanderArtist (Richard) We're on Facebook too, right here:

We've got two gorgeous grown children (who both married last year!) and a rambunctious Havanese puppy named Taffy.  We are semi-retired and recently moved to New England to live in a quiet, peaceful area of the country.

Tulach Ard Y'all!!!


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