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#Outlander, Season 7, Ep 5 Recap: Singapore or The Fragile Male Egos Are Going To Kill Us All & T...

Brianna discovers Mandy and Jem are playing in the graveyard because Mandy goes there to talk to Grand-da. I’ve got all the feels for Brianna, cuz she saw her parents a couple years ago and now they’ve been dead for 200!  She and Roger open her parents' next letter to find they’re at Ft. Ticonderoga.   Claire is working in the field hospital under Lt. Stacktoe, an incompetent chauvinist pig.  Ian has returned to them after gathering intel from the Indians. Jamie is reporting to the French General Fermoy who’s a garden variety know-it-all.  Jamie who is much more experienced, intelligent AND a strategic thinker, tries to warn Fermoy, but he will not listen.  

William is escorting Denzell and Rachel part way to Albany when they meet a man outside his home who says they took a wrong turn and then invites them in for a meal and to spend the night.  They sit down for a dinner of dead gophers or rats with the hair still on.  And I thought I was a so-so cook, at least I take the hair off my gophers!!

Roger and Brianna are flirting and smooching the morning of her first day at work. He seems to have perked up since last week and left his Eyore personality behind.  Brianna’s boss takes her out to where they’re replacing a turbine and she meets the men who’ll be working for her.  (If you were in the workplace in the 1970’s/80’s and prior, I don’t have to tell you what her reception was like.  If you never experienced the BS of those times, I’m thrilled for you, but I, Brianna and hundreds of thousands of others were not so lucky.)   Of course, Rob Cameron and another goon lock her in the tunnel. But, Brianna is smarter than the average bear and is out of there in no time flat.  

Ian who’s working as an Indian scout is being sent to Shadow Lake to deliver a letter. He thinks he may see his former wife, Emily, so he’s reluctant to go.  He talks to Claire and asks her to explain why his wife couldn’t carry his child.  She assures him there’s every chance he will have a baby with another woman in the future.  He is greatly relieved. When he arrives, he immediately sees Emily who is happy to see him.  He meets her son who kind of looks like him and Ian is allowed to name him. He gives him the name ‘Ian James’ and I’m wondering how that’s going to go over at dinner.  

After eating a couple of those hairy gophers for dinner, William wakes up needing some Mylanta.  Turns out that’s a good thing because just as he wakes up, their psycho hosts are heading downstairs to murder them.  William kills the husband then punches out the wife.  Apparently their lucrative side hustle is killing and robbing travelers. Rachel consoles William who feels terrible about killing the disgusting murderer.  

Jamie is canny enough to know the British troops will attack Ticonderoga from the mountain. Jamie sends his men and a cannon to the mountain top so he can show Fermoy that a highlander is essentially a kilt-wearing goat who can make the climb.  Jamie’s men climb the mountain and shoot a cannon that lands near the fort wall.  Fermoy and his tiny pee pee have a hissy and threaten Jamie and then they both follow up by completely disregarding Jamie’s demonstration/warning.

William parts ways with the Hunters and tells them that if they have a problem, demand to speak to Harold Grey, the Duke of Pardloe cuz he’s kinfolk to William. (Hint: He’s his uncle)  He gives them Ian’s money but keeps the crucifix.  Rachel has the feels for William and he seems to have some for her too. #WarSucks  

Jemmy gets home from school and the little cutie-pie tells Roger he got in trouble at school for speaking Gaelic and his teacher grabbed his ear and shook him, so he swore at her using a curse word he heard Jamie use and then they whipped him with a belt.  Roger tells him he’s not in trouble. Let me tell you if that happened to my child, you can bet there’d be hell to pay and I don't care that it was the 1970s.  Roger notices there’s mysterious litter on the ground. 

The pompous Dr. Stacktoe is shouting at Dr. Hunter.  He’s going to amputate Walter Woodcock’s leg and Stacktoe is acting like a Crazy Karen bellowing for the manager.   Dr. Hunter is correct because he has an actual education and critical thinking skills and Dr. Stacktoe is a glorified barber.  Claire teaches Dr. Hunter about sterilization and he’s immediately receptive. Stacktoe takes his nasty instruments and storms off in a huff. Mr. Woodcock gets through his surgery and is healing well.

Rachel meets up with Ian again at Ticonderoga.  Sparks are flying and the attraction is so apparent, I expect bluebirds to burst into song while twittering above their heads. 

Brianna tells Roger about her co-workers with the small penises/fragile egos and their treatment of her.  Roger shows Brianna a hidden drawer in his desk. #Foreshadow Mandy screams because she saw the NucklaveeRoger goes outside to investigate.  Brianna goes into town to confront her co-workers in their pub.  Most of the them seem friendlier but just for emphasis she goes all Gloria Steinem on Rob Cameron's azz and tells him if they do something like that again, she’ll fire them all.

Fermoy sees the Redcoats who have indeed scaled the mountain with their cannons.  The brown-noser wails to his boss no-one could’ve foreseen it! Jamie, who has foreseen it, pipes up and says his men have already commandeered boats and are prepared to evacuate everyone.  Claire has to tell Mr. Woodcock that it’s too soon after surgery to transport him and he takes it like a champ. Jamie evacuates the majority of the people from the Fort and saves the day.   

The episode closes as Brianna goes into the graveyard and sees where Jemmy has been making a pile of stones for Granda-da/Jamie.  She 'talks' to Jamie and catches him up on her life.  Question:  Weren’t edgers and power washers invented back then?  How about a lawn mower and a bucket of water?   If that was my family, I’d sure take care of the private cemetery!!

A Wee Word:  If I was in Brianna’s situation, I would immediately open every letter.  I would go over every detail and highlight the important parts like I was studying for the Bar. Then I’d get out history books and read everything I could find about Jamie and Claire.  I don’t know how she puts the letters aside and reads them one by one.  Probably just to drive the plot, but still, it’s making me cray cray.


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