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#Outlander, Season 7, Ep 4: A Most Uncomfortable Woman or You Guys Better Get Used To It Cuz We'r...

It’s the late 1970’s and Roger and Brianna have been living in a camper/caravan outside Lallybroch for two years. As in every other rehab, the contractor has bad news. He needs more cash. Back in the 1770’s, Jamie, Claire and Young Ian have hit the road and Ian is still jumpy AF believing that Mr. Bug is behind every corner. Jamie tells him to try to cool down and that everything will be okay.

Back in Wilmington, William is trying to cheer up his vomiting cousin, meanwhile a group of Redcoats are acting like insufferable frat boys but even worse, one miserable SOB has set a Lady of the Evening on fire because she’s got VD. William is the only one who steps forward to try to put out the fire, but he is too late.

At Lallybroch, Roger is writing a book so their children will one day understand time travel, as one does, and he discovers the musket balls are really made of gold. Jem has dismantled their clock radio but he insists ‘the pixies came and took it apart.’

William is called before Captain Richardson who gives him a special assignment to travel to the Dismal Swamp. He gives him 3 names to remember and tells him to deliver a letter to each person. William is supposed to remember all 3 names without writing them down like a waiter in a fancy restaurant. Uhm what? Then he is to travel to New York and rejoin the troops.

Brianna has a job interview with a garden variety chauvinist pig. Although Brianna was top of her class at MIT, he wants her to sit at a desk and type his crap all day. Many if not all of us have come up against this kind of sexism on the job, so I thoroughly enjoyed watching her outsmart this mediocre, white man and leave with the job.

Back in the Great Dismal Swamp, William and his stunning jaw line are galloping through the woods when a snake frightens his horse and he’s thrown and lands on a spike of wood which then goes through his arm. No matter how many warnings I shout at the tv, William continues yanking on the stick until he pulls it out. He keeps shouting ’Jupiter' and it takes me a minute to understand Jupiter is the name of his horse and not some 1770’s expression of surprise.

Mr. Harnet grabs Jamie off the street and orders him to join the fight. Jamie tries to talk his way out of it but for once he does not succeed. He goes back to the well decorated inn where they’re staying and tells Claire and Ian he wants to postpone the trip to Scotland to fight for his family's future. When Jamie says he’s taking the ship to New Haven, I get excited cuz that’s only an hour drive from me but also 250 years give or take now that I think about it so I need to calm down. Claire is going with him to work as a physician and Ian is continuing on to help the Indians.

At Lallybroch, Eyeore, I mean Roger Mac is doing his house-husband chores when Brianna arrives back home to say she got the job. Roger is unenthusiastic about it because he wants to be the man of the family like Ward Cleaver. Ugh.

William staggers mumbling through the Great Dismal Swamp which reminds me of the Florin-Guilder Fire Swamp from Princess Bride and all that’s missing are the flames shooting up from the ground. Ian and Rollo stumble upon poor William and offer medical care by pulling the wood out of his arm which is accompanied by horrifying squishing sounds. (Well done Sound Engineer, I shall pause to vomit!)

In Wilmington, Claire bumps into Tom Christie who grabs her by the shoulders and lays one on her. They head over to the Inn and Tom catches her up on his life and once again declares his love for her. Tom reveals he was the one who placed the obituary in the paper. Claire for once is at a loss for words and I’ve got to confess, I detested book Tom but TV Tom has grown on me.

Back in their room, Jamie hears about the encounter with Tom and casually asks if he should go kill him likes he’s asking what's for breakfast in the morning. Then Jamie accurately tells her Tom’s feelings are legit and should be respected, this is followed by some excellent canoodling which I may have watched more than once.

Ian gets William to the HGTV-worthy cabin of Denzell and Rachel Hunter, a Quaker physician and his nurse-sister. Instead of amputating William's arm, they push some truly disgusting slime out of it and they're able to keep his arm! In the morning, Ian and Rachel have a ‘Meet Cute Again’ on the porch. Before Ian takes off, he leaves money for William to buy a horse.

At Lallybroch, Jem tells his parents the Nucklavee took their food because he said if he didn’t help him, he would take Mandy.

Back on the Hunter’s busy front porch, Rachel shaves William and they flirt using a few excessively large words. She tells him that the Quakers have ‘put them out of meeting’ which means they kicked them out due to their backing of the Continental Army so they’re leaving their home to join the troops to offer medical care. William says he will travel with them. As we close, Jamie, Claire and some soldiers I don't know have arrived at Ft. Ticonderoga.

Note: I think this is my favorite season since Season One. First of all I'm fascinated with the Revolutionary War and there are not many movies or documentaries about it and B. this season is VERY well done. I'm back to being excited for each episode like I was way back when this all first began. What do you all think?


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