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#Outlander, Season 7, Episode 1 "Fraser's vs. Browns,' #A Life Well Lost

Since last we met, I personally have painted both the exterior and interior of my new home, got a fluffy new puppy and am awaiting a new hip. But enough about me, let's get started.

Claire is on a scaffold with a noose around her neck, I’m trying to remember this part from the book, but PSYCH, Jamie’s havena verra bad dream.

Claire’s in jail sharing a cell with an old party gal Sadie who calls for Mrs. Tolliver, the jailer’s wife, cuz Sadie wants booze. Since Claire never passes up the chance to toss one back, she agrees to pay. Her fellow inmates seem more like the moms from my Bunco group than hardened criminals but what do I know.

Roger Mac and Briana have met up with Reverend MacMillan at a POW camp where Roger is auditioning to be a preacher man by bringing the word of the Lord to the Rebel-Patriot soldiers. The soldiers don’t seem impressed. Roger quotes Mohammed Ali and Wendigo Donner pops up like the Caddy Shack gopher and outs himself as a fellow traveler. He wants Roger’s help.

A pair of Redcoats storm into the jail looking for a healer. They grab Claire and haul her away. Meanwhile Ian and Jamie are galloping towards the town looking for Claire. When they hear the bad news she’s been taken away, Jamie gets hot under the collar demanding to know where she is.

Claire’s been taken to a ship anchored in the harbor to care for the pregnant wife of the Governor. Claire discovers the Gov’s wife has been taking some wacky potions that have done her no good and probably have made her sick. The Gov’s wife cattily says Claire doesn’t look respectable but I think it’s only cuz of Claire’s temporary resemblance to Carrot Top that makes the mean girl think so.

Briana is verra unhappy when she discovers Roger is going to help Wendigo Donner escape. Back on the ship Claire asks Governor Martin for more supplies to treat his wife. She makes a list and they send a messenger ashore. That dipstick Major McDonald arrives aboard ship and blabs to the Gov that Claire is a ‘murderess’ and her husband is a traitor. With friends like him, who needs enemies. For a man on the wrong side of history, the Governor seems to be a smart, level-headed guy.

Mr. Christie is handed Claire's shopping list and he gets it to Jamie and explains that Jamie is to take the supplies to her. Jamie goes to the ship and meets with the Governor. Jamie’s wily mind comes up with just about every reason for her release but the Governor is no slouch in the brain department either. When the Governor won’t give in, Jamie leaves the ship to go ashore and work on Plan B. Meanwhile at the beachfront POW Camp, Roger tells Briana he’s going to take a Pass on the Donner escape and pray for him instead.

Jamie and Ian are working on Plan B when they come upon Tom Christie who’s uncharacteristically day drinking. Mr. Christie tells Jamie his plan to confess to Malva’s murder. Jamie tells Tom all the ways he promised Claire he would protect her. When he gets to the part about protecting her with his hot bod(!), I feel tingling down to my toes and momentarily swoon and lose consciousness as do several thousand women across the world. I awaken to find Jamie agreeing to Mr. Christie’s plan. Turns out Tom Christie was a better man than we knew. Nowadays, he’d have counseling for his probable dysfunctional childhood and could’ve lived a happy life. Back then, he had no chance.

Aboard ship, Tom Christie meets with Claire and tells her his family history which sounds worse than a Jerry Springer episode and I’m really feeling bad for the guy. His wife was hanged for killing his brother, he took in their child and raised her as his own, then the child, Malva, turned into a spiteful ho. He tried everything to help her but failed. He tells Claire he loves her and gives her a letter of confession for the murder of Malva which he has also mailed to the newspaper. When he tells Claire he always gave his love to those who were not worthy, my heart broke for him. Claire begs him to rescind his confession but its a ‘No Go.’

Jamie’s at the dock pacing and being gorgeous when he sees a boat with Claire aboard gliding toward him. Back at their hotel, Jamie and Claire are pondering if Tom Christie really was guilty. I want to shout at the tv and tell them who the murderer is but I’m not sure if the culprit is a tv murderer or just a book murderer so I stay silent. Jamie pretends he’s sleeping and Claire nods off faster than my husband after Thanksgiving Dinner but I know he’s up to something because he’s tapping his finger so fast I think he’ll take flight.

Mr. Brown returns to his hotel room to discover Jamie sitting in the dark waiting for him. For the majority of us, this would be cause for new nighties and a celebration but for Mr. Brown, not so much. Brown offers him some booze, Jamie says he’d prefer to wait till after. Again, not a good thing. Jamie gives him the bad news that Ian and his Cherokee friends went to do away with Brown’s nasty family. ('It's' about freaking time!' I shout to no-one in particular) and Brown says ‘you wouldn’t hurt me, you’re a good and moral man.’ Jamie replies, ‘I’m also a violent man.’ I know this is a bad thing, but my tingles have tingles. Mr. Brown realizes it’s over as Jamie lunges for him.

A Wee Word: I've read the books since my daughter was a baby, she's 28 now and I've had a picture of Jamie in my head all that time. Caitriona Balfe is a wonderful actress and has received all the well-deserved accolades, but Sam Heughan, so far, has not. Never has Sam morphed more into Jamie Fraser than in this episode. Newcomers and naysayers may say he's just a gorgeous guy playing a gorgeous guy. But nope. If you've seen enough Sam interviews, his personality comes through. Sweet, shy, funny but NOT Jamie Fraser. That's called ACTING and he's really good at it!! So come on Emmy and Golden Globe voters, get with it. This guy has real acting chops and just keeps getting better. (Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.)


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