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#OutlanderFinale #Re-cap, #413 #Brianna gives birth, #JamieAndClaire Return and Where's #Roger?

The Dirty 4th Dozen arrive in the Mohawk Village, emphasis on ‘dirty’…what I wouldn’t give to treat Claire to a spa day, as the Fraser's half-way finish their Roadtrip From Hell. The Mohawk secretly watch them arrive and surround them as Jamie says they’ve come to trade. Ian chimes in that btw they’d like to have Roger back and they can have his necklace in return. They’re all ‘take me to your leader’ and it looks like they might have a deal until they see the stone Claire is wearing, then all bets are off.

Guess who’s coming to dinner at River Run? Why it’s Uncle Murty who’s just back from his jail break. Jocasta knows he was in the slammer and that he’s involved with the Regulators. She doesn't approve and she tells him she doesn’t want him to stay long. He says he’s there to check on Brianna and then he’ll skedaddle. Jocasta shares the news that Bree's engaged to Lord John Grey and Murtagh’s blood pressure goes through the roof. She leaves Murtagh alone in the dining room to ponder his life choices as Ulysees escorts her from the room.


Jamie tells Claire he’s going back after dark to rescue Roger. Suddenly they’re surrounded and attacked by some random Mohawk who say they’ve come for Claire’s stone. The woman, Wahkatiiosta tells them the story of Otter Tooth and we have a video sequence that I shall entitle 'The Reeeeally Long Adventures of Ottertooth.' Claire tells her she once saw Otter Tooth when she was lost in a storm. Jamie and Claire say they’ll give the Mohawk the stone if they help them free Roger.


Uncle Murty talks to Brianna who admits that she wasn’t going to marry Lord John no matter how gorgeous he is (or that might just be what I was thinking) and that it was a ruse to buy her time till Roger returned. She says she has forgiven #PsychoPirate and that she’s already forgiven Jamie for his part in selling Roger to the indians.

Later that evening, the Mohawk and the Fraser Bunch sneak back into the Indian Village to spring poor Roger from the slammer. A humongous kebbee lebbee, complete with karate chops and twirling ensues and the other Mohawk catch them and the jig is up. As punishment for her part in the caper, the Mohawk women, Wahkatiiosta, is banished from the village which seems a little over the top. Why not just make her do random chores for a week. It’s not like they have a lot of extra women around the place.


The Mohawk tell Jamie, they won’t give him Roger so as Jamie is the brave and selfless King of Men, he volunteers to trade his life for Roger’s. The Indians accept this offer and hand Roger over when suddenly Ian jumps in and says he wants to stay instead. I’m sort of okay with it, until I realize they’re keeping Rollo too and I’m definitely not okay with that as I want him to come live with me instead and now I'm sad.


At River Run, Uncle Murty the Silver Fox, is sipping whisky with Jocasta in front of a romantic fire. Jocasta’s trying to convince Murtagh not to go back to fight with the Regulators. They’re arguing like the Bickerson’s and he tells her she sounds like a lunatic and she says she never liked him anyway and then she throws a drink in his face. I’m wondering if this is hate or sexual tension or a combo of the two when suddenly we end up with a mini hot senior love sesh that I and millions of other women stamp with our Bad Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  PS  Looks like Murtagh is now playing the part of Duncan Innes.  That wee change also has my Seal of Approval.


Jamie, Claire and Roger are recapping the days events in a bucolic wooded setting, when Roger’s pent-up emotional pot suddenly boils over and he lands a sucker punch across Jamie’s face. At the same time, Ian is being forced to run the Mohawk gauntlet where he proves himself a warrior with some dynamic Crouching Murray Hidden Badass moves and the Indians say "Dude, you're one of us" and Ian seems really happy about it.


Roger demands to know where Brianna is and Jamie's all sorry, my bad for beating and selling you, it was a simple case of mistaken identity and Claire tells him about #PsychoPirate raping Bree. Jamie who's never very far from his Jump To Conclusion mat,  shouts at Roger that he left her alone, implying it's his fault. Then Roger says he left because she told him too and PS there's a stone circle in North Carolina and that he wants to take Bree back to the 1970’s, but they tell him that she’s pregnant and it may not be his. Jamie is an even worse future father-in-law than Robert DeNiro was to Ben Stiller in Meet The Parents and I’m shouting at my tv that they should all calm the heck down but nobody is listening! Roger says he needs time to think about it so they ditch him right there in the woods without so much as a roadmap home or a trail of breadcrumbs and I’m worried because what if he has a lousy sense of direction cuz I certainly do!!


At River Run, with help from Phaedre, Lizzie/Gladys and Jocasta, Bree gives birth to her son.  Two months later, Jamie and Claire arrive home and Bree discovers Roger's alive but he didn't come back with them.  Later inside the house, Claire is holding the baby and she thanks Jocasta for all she has done. Claire hands the baby to Jocasta(!)... and goes upstairs to talk to Bree.  Jamie finds out (ish) what happened to Bonnet.  That night they're finally bathed and in clean clothes for the first time in almost a year and they settle down for dinner together and for a brief moment their lives are peaceful.


(I think) it's the next day when they're packing to leave for Fraser's Ridge, Bree looks outside and sees Roger riding up and she runs from the house, across the field and they jump into each other's arms.  They're officially back together and Roger says 'take me to see MY son' and I get little goosebumps on my arms.


As they turn to walk into the house a group of redcoats ride past them. Inside the house they see the redcoats coming and Murtagh and Jocasta embrace, while Jamie throws up a little in his mouth and Ulysees hides Murtagh.  The redcoats give Jamie a letter from Governor Tryon that states he needs to muster troops to form a militia to fight the Regulators and capture and kill Murtagh.


Post Scriptum: So that's all folks!  It's over.  The end.  I'm usually very sad when the season is over and it's not like I'm doing a can can dance in my kitchen today, but I've decided to be thankful for what we've been given rather than be sad about waiting for what we don't have yet.

Also, I'll be writing a blog post about my adventures at Thru The Stones, Outlander event I attended last November.  If you ever have the chance to meet your on-line Outlander friends, do not hesitate because I strongly believe, they are your (and my) people.


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